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Hey cyberspace.

I'm Artemis (real name's kicking around one of my stories somewhere), I'm a 21 year old history student with an overactive imagination, not enough time on my hands as I used to. Sometimes, when I've had enough of everything, I go "Fuck it, I'm moving to Austria!" Why Austria? Because only there is it acceptable to express anger publicly with Chopin...though I'll have to learn the piano first...and German

Sections I'm usually on: Hetalia, Hellsing, Batman begins/Dark Knight...that's about it really.

Everything I read, I review. I like to think I'm constructive and encouraging, been writing on this site for nearly a year so I like to think I'm able to give advice (you'd think I've been on here for ages I'd find time to tidy up my first fics...thank god I sorted the formatting issues out).

If you're writing a fic, my main advice is: Write what you want. If you find something funny, write it down (some will get it, some won't), if you'd react like a certain way, write it down. Don't copy scripts from films and just slot your OC's in there and if you don't know about something, don't write about it...or do some research first. I'm not adverse to OC's, I'm a big perp on them anyway,but there are rules you have to follow (coming from reading countless stories). Common theme in my stories is that the character is always English...why? Because I'm hardly going to pretend she's a small town girl from Kentucky when I'm not actually sure if thats how you spell Kentucky and the character turns round and calls someone a tosser. Stick to what you know, it'll add more weight to the story and make it more believable.

UPDATE ON ME: Finish university in 2 months. Expect updates to start again soon

PS: I got bored one night and for shits and giggles and on a dare from a friend on facebook, I created a facebook account for my main character in my stories Cat Adams. There's some artwork uploaded there (and a few Hetalia pics thankyou very much Decepti-Kitty) and I use it as a think tank for future storylines to see if they'd fit in character. FB Catherine Adams if you fancy it (There's also Chloe Mandelson up there and Shyera Nygma if anyone's a fan of them)

My Fanfics:

Psyche:Batman Begins/Dark Knight -The dark and twisted tale of the romance between a Scarecrow and his mistress of fear, Psyche, The Real Mistress of Fear. Documents the start of their relationship and will go on to detail her new life of crime, partially narrated by an aged Bruce Wayne to his protegee years from now. COMPLETE

The Game: A future storyline in the sequel to Psyche. 8 girls wake up in a labrynth of a warehouse where they are forced to participate in the most soul destroying and twisted psychological experiment in the world, watched over by The Scarecrow & The Riddler. In a game such as this, don't trust anyone and never fall in love, nothing is as it seems. IN PROGRESS

Melinoe: The Sequel to Psyche. Follows Cat throughtout her life; shows exactly what consequences she must face with accepting a world which isn't excepting at the best of times ON HIATUS WHIST I FINISH THE GAME (READ THE GAME FIRST X)

Goodbye My Lover: Based on the Tudors- An alternative take on Showtime's the Tudors and the scene when Mary and Chapuys say goodbye. Will they finally admit their true feelings before they lose each other forever? ABANDONED

What Really Happened At the Morgue?: Based on Batman Arkham Asylum-A very silly fic written in ten minutes before I left the house just begging the question: WHY THE HELL OPEN THE THIRD BODYBAG?- COMPLETE

COMING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As yet untitled (well it is only in the pipeline folks): Batman comic arch: Hannah and Irina don't get on. However, each have seen just how human behaviour can destroy. One night, an escaped convict from Arkham breaks in to the elderly Hannah's house to hide from the cops. Killer Croc and possible OC romance

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If you went to see Inception just because you saw on the posters that Cillian Murphy was in it, copy and paste to your profile

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The Game reviews
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She was nothing, just a random girl who was kidnapped to help him escape Batman. Who could imagine that'd he'd break her mind and she'd give up everything for him? Forget Becky Albright, meet Psyche, the real Mistress of Fear. JC/OC Nolanverse
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