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My profile picture was made by the supremely talented DonttGettMeUpsett, and all credit/praise/thanks goes to her. Isn't it pretty?!

I've finally gone and got myself a Twitter account specifically for fanfiction! Come follow me: @_Jeakat_ (Please?!)

I have a new account - I'll be posting all my stories for the Angel Burn series here. Seriously, read this book (just called Angel in the UK) by L.A. Weatherly, it's awesome. I'll still be posting all my Twilight stories here.


Pitch Black is still on hold for the forseeable future. I haven't forgotten about it and I'm still going to finish it. I'm just really struggling to find the motivation at the moment. I think it's because Pitch Black has a special place in my heart and I really want to make sure my wiritng is the absolute best before continuing.

Updates for Bite Me will continue to be pretty sporadic (sorry), but they will keep coming.

About me:

Okay, where to start!

I'm Jen, I'm a 24 year old journalism graduate and I'm currently searching for a job in the magazine industry. I've always wanted to be a writer, but I'm more directed towards journalism than becoming an author (mainly because I just don't have the patience or the ideas!). I used to read books all the time but I had to cut down because I get far too into them and can't put them down until I've finished (I read the whole Twilight Saga in a week).

I love Twilight. I only got into it about a year and a half ago after much badgering from my sister and sister-in-law. I instantly fell in love. I'm ashamed to admit that the first time I read the Saga I hated Jacob with an unyeilding passion. It was only after re-reading the books that I realised my problems were actually better directed towards Bella and how she handles herself.

I'm team Edward all the way for Bella but for me personally it's gotta be team Jacob! Personally I can't stand the thought of Bella with Jacob, he deserves so much more, plus for me, Bella and Edward are kind of a package deal.

I think I'm probably the only person in the world who loves both Jacob and Nessie and Blackwater.

My fav characters:

Jacob, Leah, Edward, Charlie, Billy, Alice, Emmett and Nessie

Jacob: An all round nice guy, who's passionate about what he believes in. Too passionate sometimes but he's a naive sixteen- year-old boy who's had to grow up too quickly.

Leah: Such an underused and underestimated character. She's been through so much and although she hasn't exactly handled it in the best way, I think that deep down she's a generally good person.

Edward: I love his sense of humour. He's a bit too intense but I think he's a saint for putting up with Bella during Eclipse.

Charlie: He comes across as overbearing in the books but he's actually not, considering how strict he could have been with Bella. I feel sorry for him, just getting his daughter back and then she keeps running off. He annoyed me to no end over his reaction to Jacob kissing Bella, but other than that I think he's pretty understanding.

Billy: Just seems like a totally cool dad.

Alice: I love her for too many reasons to list here.

Emmett: The Seth of the vampire world! He just takes whatever life throws at him, including Rosalie, with a smile on his face. I don't believe he's an idiot either, he just views things in a very straight forward way.

Nessie: Just seems so sweet. Whether BD was ruined by Jacob imprinting on her for you or not, she seems like a great character to work with.

My not-so-fav characters

Bella: I don't hate Bella but I'm not her biggest fan either.

I think she made a lot of mistakes, and although she thought she was thinking of others, she was actually pretty selfish, hurting both Jacob and Edward in the process. But I reason, what 17/18 year old doesn't make mistakes? Yeah, she ended up getting exactly what she wanted and more, but that's the way the cookie crumbles, some people have all the luck.

Bella realises (though not fully) at the end of Eclipse that she's really screwed up. Finally! I thought I'd like her more in BD as a result but then she just falls into the same trap all over again by sucking Jacob back in. I don't believe that it was Nessie keeping him coming back to Bella during her pregnancy, I think it was just speculation by Jacob and Bella.

My thoughts on Imprinting:

I think imprinting is possibly the most interesting subject matter in all of the books, it divides opinions so much.

Personally I only find the fact that Jacob imprinted on Nessie a bit weird merely because she's the daughter of his former love interest. I don't agree that Jacob never wanted to imprint, after all he does drive to Seattle and physically tries to imprint. Not only that, but it's mentioned somewhere in the books that he tries to imprint on Bella when he carries her to the campsite. The only reason Jacob doesn't want to imprint is because he's in love with Bella, not because he hates the whole idea of imprinting.

I also don't see it as weird that Nessie's a baby. The books clearly state on numerous occasions that there's nothing creepy about it and that the wolves don't see their imprints in that light at all. Yes in a normal world it would be considered extremely wrong (and rightfully so) but the world of Twilight is not normal.

I also don't think it's really fair to judge Nessie. After all, her character isn't explored too much and she still has a hell of a lot of growing to do, so who knows what kind of person she'll be when she's older. I seriously doubt (and hope) that she'll turn out anything like her mother!

I don't think it would have been fair to make Jake imprint on a normal person, it would have just been as boring as hell, and since he hadn't imprinted on Leah then that only left Nessie.


Aside from Jake/Nessie there's also other characters to consider. Leah, for example, is shaped and changed so much by imprinting. She definitely wouldn't be the same strong girl at the end of BD if imprinting didn't exist. The feeling I get is that when her and Sam were together she depended on him too much. That their relationship was easy on both of them until he first phased. She didn't have a chance to find out her own strength until the whole series of bad events unfolded.

One of the main reasons I dislike Bella so much is from book three in BD when she mentions that the only bad thing about her new life is the visits Leah makes to her Alpha. I think she refers to her a dark cloud or something. Bella, having been through what she went through during new moon should have much more sympathy for Leah. Edward left her and she completely fell apart, relying on someone else to put her back together again. Leah was not only dumped by Sam but she still has to see him around, happily in love with her cousin. If Edward had dumped Bella and then stayed in Forks, flaunting his new relationship Bella would've coped even worse.

Not only that but Leah's dad dies and she becomes a wolf, having to be in Sam's head all the time and follow his orders. Then, although she hadn't really considered having kids beforehand she finds out that she can't. Then she learns that a vampire, having been dead ffor almost a century can have kids. Yeah sure, Leah's a bitch but I still think she handles her situation better than anyone else would have if they were in her shoes.

When I was reading BD I was getting all excited at the prospect of Jake/Leah romance. Not only because they were both broken hearted but they also seemed to suit each other very well. I know that SM has said that there was no romantic feelings between the two of them but I personally think that she hinted at it just to throw people off the scent that Jacob may imprint. I'm mean, come on, Jake refers to Leah's looks three different times at least. I was disappointed when Jake imprinted, I had hoped to read about him and Leah running off together. That's why I like Blackwater so much, even though I like Nessie.

The Wolf Pack:

I think they're fab. There's such a unique dynamic to them and I think they're perfect for fanfiction because, for the most part, their characters are so under-developed. To be honest I can kind of understand why SM didn't focus on them further, just because the Saga is in Bella's POV and it's kind of clear from reading it that she doesn't really care about the pack (other than to idly gossip about!)

My fav's are obviously Jacob and Leah (either together or separate) but I love Embry, Quil and Paul too. And of course I've got a little soft spot for Seth (who the hell doesn't!) He just seems like a real cutie.


Christmas Tree came second in the JBNP One-Shot contest 'All I want for Christmas...'

Bite Me was runner up in the JBNP Winter Awards 2011 in the Best Blackwater category.

Christmas Tree was nominated for a Single Shot Award (Best non-canon couple).

It means so much that people enjoy my stories and take the time to either nom or vote for them. I heart you all, big time!

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