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Author has written 6 stories for True Blood, and Alice in Wonderland, 2010.


I used to write a lot of True Blood fanfic as Wicked Swann, and if you're looking that, it is still here. Meanwhile, I've moved on to writing Alice in Wonderland and Mad T Party fanfic. Many of these stories are older and I am going to be moving them here from my Tumblr for ease of reading. I have left my old profile below for convenience of the awesome True Blood fans who still read me.

Welcome to my Wonderland.

Elrohare is my tumblr name, if you are looking for my previous fiction. I tried to post a link but couldn't get it to display. You can always PM me for the link if you need it.


Well, hey there! Thanks for stopping by my page. My fic here is set in the True Blood universe, but also pays homage to the Sookieverse rules set forth in the Southern Vampire Mysteries. I am a huge fan of Charlaine Harris and have tried to be respectful of her in my writing and borrowing of her characters. In fact, if there are any of her books you haven't read, you should really go do that instead of reading my stories!

I have taken poetic license with some things as necessary to the story. I have added my own cast of original characters, though the heroes of the stories are really Sam Merlotte and Eric Northman. (Well, Sam is the hero and Eric is the anti-hero.) The reason I have chosen to write fanfic at all is so that I can be in the stories myself (as Eric's love interest "Margaret," along with my best friend, Sam's girl "Anne Marie.") These are basically hard core self-insertion romance fics -- "Mary Sue" if you want to call it that, though I have tried to give both female leads enough flaws to make them interesting and sympathetic. I make no attempt to cover this up!

Because Charlaine Harris writes mysteries, I have woven mysteries into my stories as well to give you more than just a straightforward romance... though the romance is really the whole point. I just really love Eric! I also hope you will find the stories somewhat funny. I do like to include ridiculous situations designed to make you laugh. Absolutely none of this is to be taken seriously... well, you know, except my devotion to Eric.

The other characters you will find in my stories include of course, Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton, and Vampire Pam as major characters. To a minor degree I feature Sophie-Anne Leclerq (and Andre, from the books) and Lafayette Reynolds (he has a bigger part in my third story "Til Death Do Us Part" than in the other two.) There are cameos from Jason, Tara, Arlene, Terry and other Bon Temps regulars.

"Breakfast at Merlotte's" starts somewhere towards the end of Season Two of HBO's True Blood. You should have seen both seasons before you read it, but don't necessarily need to have read the books to enjoy it (though I often give little nods to them, especially in the later two stories. I read the books after I started writing Breakfast.) It is told in the third person from the points of view of Sam, Margaret ("Peggy"), and occasionally Sookie. The characters of Anne Marie and of course Eric are meant to be more mysterious so I have not written from their vantage. In the two sequels to Breakfast, I have written exclusively in Margaret and Sam's point of view. I adore Sam Merlotte and think he's a wonderful hero, and I hope you will love him just as much in the way that I've chosen to present him.

Two of the stories (the sequels) are set primarily in New Orleans because I used to live there and it is one of my favorite places on earth (or any other planet.) Almost all of the locations in that city which the characters travel to are real places (the main exception being Bloody Mary's Bar.) The vampire Christopher R. Santiago is my own and hopefully one day will have his own story.

I had only intended to write one story, but the wonderful feedback I've gotten from Breakfast and the enthusiasm of some of you for Anne Marie in particular inspired me to keep going with the series. Good or bad, short or long, I hope that if you read these tales, you will leave me a little message and let me know what you thought. I especially like to know if something made you laugh (or cry.) For those of you who have left so many comments already, I truly appreciate you. These stories are yours as much as mine.

Thanks! Here's to anticipating Season Three on HBO!

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