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Oh my gosh! I finally got this to work!

Alrighty...anyway, my name's Fae Thatcher: (I'd fetch yourself a refreshment before you start reading this)

Hmm...what can I tell you?

I was born in Maine, in the United States.

I just had my sixteenth birthday in December, but still haven't had a birthday cake for it.

Here are some things I love:

I love love love love love reading and I think I like writing a titchy bit more. My favorite books include: Harry Potter, The Luxe Series, the Gemma Doyle Trilogy, the Gallagher Girls Books, The Series of Unfortunate Events, the Twilight books (Jacob is the BOMB), the Blue Bloods novels, and the Hunger Games series.

I love to laugh. And I love Dane Cook (not recommended for people under sixteen. Seriously, I don't want to get in trouble for signing you up to listen to him, but if you get a chance, he's hilarious.)

I love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Period. That's it. They are the best thing ever. Ever. Ever. Did I mention I like those movies?

I love the television shows: Drake and Josh (yeah, it's for kids but who cares. I love the Backyardigans, too :D), CSI Miami, Scrubs, Friends. OH!! And I love Criminal Minds! YAY!! (for any of you that are confused at this sudden outburst, I just discovered this show, and am completely in love with one of the characters. His name's Reid.) Yeah, watch that.

I love survival shows, too. I can survive in the Amazon in like, nine different ways. If you're going, you should take me with you.

I love movie theaters. Some people think they're weird and gross. I think they're awesome. Sorry.

I love big dresses, like old-time stuff, as in Marie Antoinette, Elizabeth I...yeah.

I love Christmas! YAY!

I love Halloween too, I still go trick-or-treating, and I think it is an absolute blast.

I love Walt Disney World. It really is the happiest place on earth.

I love London. I have never been there. I really, really, want to. If someone has some tickets to London just lying around, feel free to send them to me!

I love Google. Forget Bing. Google is my love.

I love Calvin and Hobbes comics!! They are so cute and funny!

Hmm...I think that's all. I would also love if you could check out my story. There's just one, but oh well!


Alright, I just saw that people are actually looking at my profile, so I am going to take a small opportunity to update and write some more stuff! Ha ha! Power! Right, well. I don't know if any of your noticed my Avatar is of the Boston Red Sox? If you're from America, you might understand, but Japan and the Caribbean are really only the other BIG baseball fandoms I know of (if I just offended anyone, I am soooo sorry, I can be naive at times) So, yeah, I love the Red Sox. I love baseball. Maybe I'll just talk about sports I love today? Alright.

Here's to reaching out to all of you people who I know love this sport: Soccer/football. Yeah, I play a little bit. It's pretty cool. Right wing is my usual position...yeah! defense AND offense! It's so versatile, just like me! ;D I wish I knew some teams to I could blog about them and some of you could either feel deeply connected to me or deep hatred towards me (does soccer have big rivalries? I don't know...someone should enlighten me!) but I don't, so I apologise.

I also love American football, big fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I know that will cause some deep-seeded hatred. Sorry guys.

I think rugby is cool, I have a lot of respect for people who play basketball, because I can't. At all. No, really. Get that orange ball away from me. No joshing you. Stop it. I think golf is lame, which is completely hypocritical because I can't play to save my life. Sad, I know. So I think it's lame but I have respect for people that play? Yeah, that should save some feelings.

And I like baseball. I may have mentioned it before. Anyone who is not acquainted with that sport is missing out. It rocks. I play softball, which, as a female is about as close to the actual thing as I can get...when I was little I wanted to be the first girl on an MLB team. Ha ha...he he...nervous laugh.

Hey, and as an ending note, I know a lot of you get on here because of my Marauder story, so I wanted to tell you that at www.deviantart.com there is an artist doing some really great stuff with the Marauders, so you should go check her out. (that's her gallery. Go. Look. enjoy. Leave little comments and maybe send her hints that she should draw a pic of Sam and Sirius together. Ha ha, this has no personal motive for me at all, I'm sure you all can see ;D)

Love you all!


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