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Author has written 6 stories for Fruits Basket, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Skip Beat!, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Hello Fellow Fanwriters!

Message to my readers: I am trying to wrap up all the stories I've started on here and from then one I am going to mostly start writing on my personal blog only to try to develop myself more as a writer. When that happens, if you are interested in reading my stories there, my blog is msnlitadventures.wordpress.com. You can just click on the stories tab to be taken to my stories there. So far only Ebony Black is there, which you can also find on here.

About me:

Basically I'm a huge anime/manga and disney fan!

Favorite Anime/Mangas:

Sailor Moon: Grew up with it! I haven't read the mangas, but I've seen most of the anime. Unfortunately the last season wasn't translated and adjusting to the different voices and watching the Japanese versions with subtitles was too weird for me. Favorite scout: Pluto of course! She is so mysterious yet full of pure awesomeness!

Fruits Basket: Really fun and interesting manga/anime. I wish the anime went longer though :( Read the manga three times already x]

Skip Beat!: Kyoko is my favorite manga character ever! She's so awesome! Can't wait till she becomes a SUPERSTAR! ;D

I also really like Yotsuba!, Kobato, Maid-Sama, Heart No Kuni No Alice, and Kitchen Princess

Favorite Disney Movies:

Mulan: This movie is so inspirational! :)

Tangled: This movie has a little bit of everything in it. I love the horse!

Also like Beauty and the Beast, Enchanted, and pretty much all of Pixar.

Aside from Manga and Disney, I also love the Harry Potter franchise. I own the entire movie series. I just started playing Pottermore xD The sorting hat actually asked me if I would rather be in HufflePuff or Slytherin. I picked HufflePuff, but now I'm thinking maybe I should have gone with the dark and mysterious Slytherin, but ehh, what's done is done. I kind of thought it was strange since HufflePuff and Slytherin seem so different, but I guess the sorting hat thinks I have a split personality. I wanted Gryffindor, but I'll carry my Badger status with pride ;) Ok, enough with my rambling!

I'm also a fan of Marvel and many of the other superhero franchises. X-men and Hulk are pretty up there in my favorites!

I'm also a fan of the InkHeart series, but the movie was terrible. Don't Watch It! Totally ruined the book! I'm trying to find time to read the last book, but so far it's not going so well.

Aside from Harry Potter and Inkheart, I like reading murder mysteries in general, but I don't think I could ever pull off writing one of my own, but we'll see. Maybe I'll try it. I'm working on trying to read the full collection of Sherlock Homes, too. I bought a collectors edition with all of them in it, but it's at least 1000 pages so I keep holding it off :(

As for TV shows, I don't really watch any other than Once Upon a Time. That show is AMAZING! Too bad I missed some of the beginning episodes :( I'm also into Indian Soaps and Bollywood Movies, but haven't been watching much lately.

On another note: If anyone reads my stories please give me some sort of feedback. I post stories here to let my imagination flow, but I also post them so I can find out how I'm doing as a writer. If no one tells me anything then I might as well stop posting here and just start working on my original works. Please help a fellow writer out and leave a review, no matter how small. I'd appreciate it :) And sorry if I keep any readers waiting. I would love to update every single day, but simply don't have the time to do it. And I go into a writer's block whenever I do find time and I don't want to force out a chapter because I know it won't be any good that way. I have so many stories in my head right now that they've started leaking into my dreams. Hopefully I'll get a chance to finally get them down on paper and put them up soon.

Completed Stories:

Empty (This is a story about Momiji. I never liked how they left his story so incomplete at the end and wanted to show him find eventual happiness. It turned out slightly different than intended, but as my first story on here, I really liked how it turned out.)

I need a Hero (This was a random story I wrote out of nowhere after I watched Shrek 2 and got the song shown in the story stuck in my head. It was not planned and was actually originally a one-shot. When I went back and read it though I realized how completely ridiculous and incomplete the story was and ended up turning it into a longer story and removed the first original story. It's still not a story I'm proud of, and I did find plenty of grammar mistakes afterwards, but for those who like princessy fairy tale stories, it may be one for you, especially if you like the idea of Kyo as a prince.)

Current Stories:

Kyoko in Wonderland (This is currently my primary focus story, but I apologize for my late updates. I just don't want to rush a chapter and have the story end up really boring and poorly written)

A Flash Through Time (I'll be honest, I've lost my motivation for this story due to the lack of response I have gotten for it, but that by no means will make me give this story any less importance than any other story. I will still give my all for each chapter and I do promise to complete it as soon as I can)

Transformations (This is just a bunch of random occurrences that I come up with when I'm bored. I may continue it once I finish with all the characters. I may not finish with all the characters. I'll just see how it goes. No promises. This is just a series of drabbles to relieve my own stress)

Ebony Black (This is a story I've been contemplating on writing for a while, but never got around to actually working on it until now. It's something that I want to write for myself. Regardless of what the reaction to it is from readers. It's an idea I've played with for a long time and I'm happy to present it to the world. It's my take on Snow White and I hope everyone likes it)

Future Stories:

-Story of Cain Heel and Setsuka Heel as real siblings. I am now up to date with the manga and am itching to start putting chapters up. This will not follow any plotline from the manga but I will attempt to portray the characters with the same persona as in the manga. This story is already under works and I can't wait to share with everyone! I will not do so though until my other two stories are completed.

-An original story but with a Disney-like plotline (you'll see what I mean if I actually get to writing it, but I'm not giving away any details yet)

-A rewrite of a Zee TV Indian Serial called Tum Bin Jaaoon Kahaan produced by Aroona Irani based on Al Raines' book November Rain. The beginning of the story (first half or so) will be nearly identical to the show from what I can remember from it (this is from 8-9 years ago so I don't remember all the details) with some changes here and there, but the later part will be different as the plot just took a weird turn for me half way through and the ending didn't seem to do justice to the rest of the story. Still it was a great show so I want to recreate it with a different ending.

-I hope to sometime write a sailor moon fanfic, but I'm just scared I won't do it any justice... It took me a lot of guts to write for Skip Beat! I have a hard time capturing the characters' essence :(

-Anything you guys request from me :)

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