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!IMPORTANT NOTE: Recently I have become the victim of an internet fanworks theif. This person used my name for a deviant art account where she posted stolen fanart. I have nothing to do with this person or her theivery.

This same person has also been claiming my story "The New Students" as her own under the name YamiSetoKaiba (a name which I also believe is stolen). The person shamelessly copied my story word for word, even author notes, replacing only the name. This only reflects her total lack of morals and lack of writing skills. Apparently, this person is too inept to get off her arse and write or draw something for herself.

Please be aware that the only sites which I am actively involved in currently are fanfiction . net, Kokorononaka, and Millennium Library. These are the sites you should go to for updates. I NEVER post under any name other than White Angel or WhiteAngelChan.

Malik: I was really hoping she’d given up.

Yami Bakura: No such luck.

WA: Did you guys really think that I would quit?

Malik: We were under the belief that you had left us for another series.

Yami Bakura: I considered feeling rejected. But then I was overcome by joy at the thought that you would then be someone else’s problem.

WA: What gave you the idea that I was leaving you for another series.

Yami Bakura: Maybe it was the hours on end you spent watching that Saiyuki…

Malik: And all those wallscrolls of what’s his name…That nerd with the monocle. And that psycho priest.

Yami Malik: Don’t forget all the time she spent reading pervy fanficion…

WA: Hey! I told you not to dig in my website history!

Yami Malik: (snicker)

WA: So I’ve gotten into a new series, so what? YOUR series is over. I still need something new.

Malik: Are you trying to say we cease to excite?

WA: Well…

Yami Bakura: Okay, now I am insulted…

WA: It’s not that.

Yami Malik: Do you find these new men sexier than us?

WA: …

Yami Malik: Ha! I knew it! Wench!

WA: All this is well beside the point.

Yami Bakura: There’s a point?

WA: Yes…The story. The one you’re all here for? To inspire me? Remember?

Yami Bakura: Oh yeah…We still doing that one?

WA: Yes!

Malik: The lameo crossover?

WA: It is not lame!

Yami Bakura: You actually going to get somewhere with it this time? 38 chapters and I for one have yet to see any real plot development.

WA: That just means you’re not doing your job, MUSE…

Yami Bakura: Humph…I know the kind of misery you’re planning on putting me through. The embarrassment! I’m not about to hurry that along.

Malik: You’re complaining? I’m going to get stuck in –

WA: Enough! You’re not giving anything away.

Yami Malik: I-

WA: Nothing out of you either.

Yami Malik: (pout)

Malik: Well can we get this all over with? Where are the other Bakurae?

Yami Bakura: (glare)

WA: Off to get your wardrobe.

Yami Bakura: Oh, not the robes again! Those things are hot and ichy.

WA: Would you prefer something light and skimpy? I could arrange some silk and a Greek theme…

Yami Bakura: Robes will be fine…

If you want to keep updated on my progress (as well as listen to my excusses) feel free to check out my blog. http:///users/whiteangel_chan/

Pay no attention to the review count gives you. According to my sources, it's exagerating by about 40 reviews on "The New Students."

Interested in some custom anime works? Go to http:///tsuki/ The webmistress is a good friend of mine.

BIO Gender: Female Age: 18 Location: Southeast Louisiana Fav Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh! subtitled version only! I shall never forgive the dub for Malik's dub voice or the way they ruined his plotline! I am also becoming fond of Yu Yu Hakusho. Kurama's so cool!

Fav Color: White

Fav Bishounen: Ryou-chan! glomps Muses: Ryou-chan, Yami Bakura, Malik, Yami Malik... And Thief King Bakura

Future Fics: All in the making

The New Students: HP/YGO crossover. Began posting.

Millennium Switch 2: Good Gods, Not Again... Sequel Time! Malik needs help. Unfortunatly, the only one who can help him is Yami Bakura, and he needs someone to watch Yami Malik for the time being. Here we go again...

Lemon Fever White Angel is seriously considering writing a lemon, though under a different name so as not to get myself deleted. Storyline: A strange epidemic is passing through the town of Domino, and it's making many of the locals act VERY out of character. Mainly my excuse to write strange pairings and have the quiet ones act steamy. Pairings I'm thinking of: Yugi X Mai (maybe Yami instead of Yugi. Let's face it, Yugi is borderline child porn), Ryou X Isis, Shizuka X Malik, Seto X Anzu. Sorry, no yaoi this time.

Blood Lust: Seto and Bakura (not SetoXBakura) fic. Seto's absorbed in work, stressed, and someone who knows him from his past in Egypt offers him a way out, but at a cost, and she may have more on her mind than simply helping him out. Yami Bakura alone knows what she wants, but will Seto listen to him before it's too late...for him, or Bakura?

The Gravekeeper's Son: Malik fic. Story of Malik's tragic childhood from the point of view of him and his family.

Yu-Gi-Oh and Juliet: Parody. Self explanitory.

Hell Hath No Fury: The underworld has had it with Yami Bakura. He's escaped too many times, and the devil decides to intervene by making Yami Bakura an offer: A body all his own and a fresh start at the millennium items. The catch is, if Yami Bakura dies before suceeding, the devil gets his soul. But of course, that's not all the devil has up his sleeve to make Yami Bakura's task as difficult as possible. No one ever specified the details of his new body... (Yeah! White Angel gets to do a gender-bender! )

WA: And, since one of the largest obstacles in the way of writing recently has been my strong desire to play the video games that had been collecting dust on my cabinet (since I couldn’t touch them for four months…), the gang will be cosplaying video game characters between chapters. On the catwalk now, is Ryou, who is cosplaying Gennis from Tales of Symphonia!

Ryou: (emerges from curtain) …I think I’m a little too tall for these shorts.

WA: Nonsense. You look great!

Ryou: (blush )The blue is kinda pretty.

WA: Up next is Yami Malik, who is cosplaying Cloud from Final Fantasy VII.

Yami Malik: (walks through curtain) Heh…Big sword…I like. (swing, swing)

WA: (ducks) Stop that! The only reason you’re Cloud is cuz you’re the only one with hair spiky enough.

Yami Malik: I’ll have none of your negativity. Leave me to bask in the glory of my enormous sword.

WA: Yeah, yeah…Next is…um… Malik, yes? Yes, Malik who is cosplaying Link from Legend of Zelda.

Malik: (emerges, frowning) These ears are annoying. The skirt and tights, however, are disturbingly comfortable.

Yami Malik: I have a bigger sword than you Malik!

Malik: Let’s see you with tights on. Then we’ll compare.

WA: (rubs temples and tries to ignore them) Next is Thief King Bakura, who is Sephiroth, also from FFVII.

TKB: (emerges) Remind me why I’m in these clothes again? So much…black and…straps…and a really long sword.

Yami Malik: Mine’s still bigger.

WA: Video Game cosplay, Thief.

TKB: What’s a video game?

Yami Malik: Hey…You’re the villain from my game. (brandishes sword) You and I must fight!

TKB: Annoying…

WA: Lastly, Yami Bakura as-

Yami Bakura: I am not coming out!

WA: Yes you are.

Yami Bakura: No.

WA: If you don’t, I’ll send Yami Malik back there.

Yami Bakura: Damnit….

WA: As I was saying, Yami Bakura as Dark Riku from Kingdom Hearts!

Yami Bakura: (reluctantly emerges)


(insane laughter from most parties involved)

Yami Bakura: (glowers) I hate you all. These clothes leave absolutely nothing to the imagination… And what is with this grass skirt looking thing!

WA: Come, now. (snicker) You look great.

Yami Bakura: I look like the bastard child of Squaresoft and Disney.

Malik: You character is a bastard child of Squaresoft and Disney.

Yami Bakura: (sighs) I know…

Meanwhile, Yami Malik is still trying to get Thief King Bakura to fight him

Yami Malik: Face me, Fiend! Or I shall be forced to show you no mercy! (slams sword on TKB’s head. Sword promptly breaks in half. Yami Malik appears crestfallen) What happened!

TKB: (annoyance has increased and glares at Yami Malik)

WA: Damnit, Yami Malik. I spent hours on that!

Yami Malik: Well, you did a crappy job! It broke!

WA: You didn’t really think you were swinging around a real sword that big so easily. It’s mostly paper Mache and metallic paint. Or at least it was…

Yami Malik: Awww…

Malik: (snickers) Hey, yami! Your sword broke! Now mine’s bigger!

Yami Malik: Shut up, fairy boy…

Random moment:

Yami Malik sits at a table across from three men in suits with his arms crossed and a angry look on his face.

"You understand the circumstances," said the first man.

"Our clients are not going to press charges yet. This is your warning to cease your copyright infringment," said the second man.

"Have a nice day," said the third man.

The suits leave. Yami Bakura had been watching from a distance and his interest perked. He wanders over to where Yami Malik is still sitting. "Who the Hell was that?" asked Yami Bakura.

Yami Malik frowns. "The Dragonball Z lawyers. Apparently my hair style is copyrighted by the super saiyans..."

This has been a White Angel random moment...

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