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How to describe me... there are hardly enough words.

First off, I would like to say that I'm an introvert, mostly because talking to people requires a constant effort that I often lack. I am also extremely OCD; I am all about symmetry and even numbers and perfectness. It is a family joke to say that one day when I don't have everything perfect, my carefully built wall of sanity will come crashing down brick by brick; I told them that I will probably be the cause of this, because after the first brick falls, I would take out the others just for the sake of symmetry.

To explain my obsession with perfectness: I believe that you should always be the best you can be. And the best that anyone can be is perfect. So my reasoning is that the best I can be is perfect, so that is what I strive for. I know that I won't always get there, but I can always try.

I am also convinced that I have some sort of form of ADD. My brain is weird and it runs and jumps form track to track, so if you talk to me, you most likely will get a bunch of randomness added in to the point of our conversation.

As a result of my introvertedness, I like watching other people interact more than I like interacting. This can either be in real life or in movies/television. I am also an avid reader, but I mostly read fanfic.

I like the "Big Three", which is what I like to call Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock. I love Harry Potter as well, but unfortunately there isn't as much hype about it now that pretty much everything is done. (I'm still waiting for when the "19 Years Later" happens, which is in a few years I think.) But Harry Potter will always and forever be in my heart. To be honest, I really have never watched that much of Supernatural, but I understand the majority of what is going on through Tumblr.

I am OBSESSED with Doctor Who. I love it, got into it when Matt Smith started and I never looked back. I wished that I had a hoodie with suspenders and a bow tie and on the back it said cool, but I haven't even seen one of those. I wish they existed.

Here are some other loves of mine:

Chuck: I love Zachary Levi with a passion. He is one of my idols. I literally just want to go to Comic Con just to see him. (Well, maybe its a little bit of the other awesomeness, but mostly him)

Captain America: I love looking at the bea-utiful Chris Evans as much as the next girl, but I love Captain America as a character. First of all, he was given a serum that just makes him as perfect as a human being can be. The only other fancy thing he has is his indestructible shield. I love the fact that this guy is just such BAMF that he can defeat villains with their scary magical powers and shit with himself at the peak of physical fitness and a stinking shield! (While we're talking about superheroes, I also like Spiderman, just because he's so sassy!)

Grey's Anatomy: Although I am pretty nerdy, this is something I really like. I like getting lost in the stupidity of the show, and sometimes you just need to watch those kind of shows to unwind and relax. Also, Devious Maids is like that, but it is SO MUCH STUPIDER.

Music: I am open to listening to all types of music, but I don't like rap or country too much, so I won't know any of those unless I hear it on the radio and I like it or something. I am more into folky alternative, but I also like Alt Rock. For instance, I like Mumford and Sons, the Lumineers, of Monsters and Men, but also Spoon, Cake, Supergrass, The White Stripes, etc. I also like some sweet little pop songs, but not too many.

Star Trek: I love Star Trek. And I feel ashamed to say this, but unfortunately, I have only seen the reboot. But people consider themselves whovians only seeing the reboot of Doctor Who too! I know, I know. I feel bad, but I haven't seen the others.

Volleyball: Favorite sport. By far. Mainly because it doesn't involve too much running, which I'm thankful for because I really hate to run. I love setting, and just doing a perfect set gives me shivers and it makes me happy. Seeing other people do it too.

The Office: Another favorite show! If there is someone out there that doesn't think that Michael Scott is not funny, they haven't seen him yet. He is hilarious. Also, Mindy Kahling is my favorite! Her book was so funny, and her tv show is also really funny.

That's pretty much me. I know you are thinking, if she's so introverted, then why did she tell all this stuff? Well, I wanted to write this, and I don't want to interact with people. So there.

Have fun reading, and if I don't have any stories, have fun seeing what I like to read.

Adios! (Did I mention that I speak Spanish?)

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