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Well hello there!

Thanks for stopping by my profile! You can call me Dee. Well I'm from Virginia, USA, I just graduated from High School and am about to go to college, which I am VERY excited about! Anyways, I'm not a writer, and I don't plan on becoming one, I'm just writing for fun (I was never good at writing essays). I'm a pretty relaxed person whose just trying to find there purpose in life. I like to play soccer, though just for fun, and I love my teammates - there the best! I'm a pretty friendly person, and I like meeting new people. I love children (but I don't plan on having any soon, I'm only 18 :P ) and I babysit a lot. I am currently looking for a job because I'm paying for college on my own (I'm not an orphan or anything my parents just have a lot of kids, lol). I'm going to a private college but they offered me some cash money so it will cost a little less then a public school (yay for me). I plan on majoring in History, and my plan was to minor in Italian, but my school wont let me (of course they let you minor in just about every language BUT Italian). Here are some things you should know about me (although you don't really need to I just feel like expressing my views :P )

Religion: I'm just me and I believe in what I believe in. I don't conform to any set religion. (I was raised Roman Catholic). I currently attend a Unitarian Church - and I LOVE it! I really suggest trying it out; I have never been so excited about going to Church before! I don't believe in the Christian definition of God; I believe in a higher being/power/spirit that is undefinable and unsexed. I respect all religions (expect for Scientology b/c that shit is dumb). I believe in a lot of different things that I've learned from a lot of different religions. I believe Jesus was a very spiritual person/leader, but I DON'T believe he was the son of God in the sense that he is divine. I also believe that he was married to Mary Magdalene and had children (if you're interested you should watch Bloodline - it has really blown my mind!). I also believe that Mary Magdalene was NOT a slut (even the church recanted that) and that she was an apostle of Jesus, and she is even called the apostle of the apostles. I believe that Peter was sexist, which is why women didn't have a leading role in the Church, I think he really disliked women, especially Mary Magdalene since she was Jesus' favorite (you should read the Gospel of Mary, thats one way I came to that conclusion). There was a sort of rivalry between Peter and Mary and Peter harbored that and carried that on in his teachings and didn't allow women equality within the religion. The Bible is a book that teaches morals, etc, but I don't believe it should be taken literally and that it can be interpreted many ways (thats why there are so many sects of Christianity). I also believe in evolution. So...I think I hit just about everything...Oh! I guess one major reason why I turned away from the Catholic Church is that they have victimized so many people, such as Jews, people of color, women, and homosexuals. I am not gay/lesbian myself but I have respect for those who fight for what they believe in. Who am I to tell you what you're doing is wrong? As long as you're not hurting anyone, I say "GO FOR IT!" I guess I also just hate the dogma and doctrine of religion... ONE MAJOR THING YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ME IS THAT I BELIEVE THAT EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO THIER OPINION! DON'T CALL PEOPLE STUPID FOR BELIEVING IN SOMETHING THAT YOU DON'T!

Political Views: WHO CARES?! I vote (well i haven't voted yet b/c i just turned 18), but I don't stick to one party, I vote for people based on other things. I'm pro-choice (though I think people should just let someone adopt their kid unless, of course, there is some health risk to the baby or mother that would prevent the baby from living a normal happy life - i know a lot of if's, and's, and but's). I am definitely pro homosexual marriage - they aren't hurting anyone and love is love, right?

Favorite Movies: The Hangover (I know, I know, typical answer but hey - it's funny!), The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (the first movie was not very good in my opinion - it didn't do the books justice, the second was a little bit better), I have a few more, but I can't think of them right now :P

My Writing: Please feel free to leave me some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, I'd really appreciate it and would like to improve my writing as much as I can, but understand that I'm doing this as a hobby and am very busy preparing for college, and will be putting studying above FanFiction (most of the time XP ) so my stories wont be at their best, sorry!

Miscellaneous: I enjoy dumb blonde jokes (yes i am a blonde :P). I love inspiring stories/quotes. I'm addicted to Facebook games (I can't seem to stop!).

Clothing/Accessories from Life, Love, and the Mafia:

Chapter 2:

Bella's Outfit:

White Top:

Skinny Jeans:


Edward's Outfit:

Emerald Dress Shirt (no tie):

Black Slacks:

Black Dress Shoes:

Chapter 3:

Bella's Outfit:

Black and Gray Halter Dress:

Wavy Hair:

Gray Heels:

Edward's Outfit:

Gray Shirt:

Black Slacks:

Chapter 4:

Bella's Outfit:

High-waisted Jean Shorts and Yellow Top (from the Park):

Halter Dress (not polka dot) (from the dinner):

Edwards Outfit:

Black Dress Shirt:


Chapter 5:


Little Black Dress:

Club Outfit:

Bella's Lingerie:

First One:

Second One:



Chapter 6:

Bella's Outfit to Meet Masen's:

Yellow Strapless Dress:

White Flats:

Pearl Necklace:

Edward's Outfit:



Carlisle and Esme's House:

Bella's Lingerie:


Bella’s Ring:

Wedding dress: =



Bella’s Bouquet

Necklace from Esme

Earrings from Esme:

Bridesmaid Dresses:

Bridesmaid Bouquet:

Flower girl Dress:

Edward’s Tux:

Edward’s Ring:

Flower girl basket/Ring bearer pillow, etc.

Wedding Cake:

Reception: (replace gold with white)

Wedding Arbor:

Bella’s Hotel Room:

Reception Hall (Gotham Hall):

Private Jet:

Chapter 7:

Beloved Necklace (all silver, no gold):

Honeymoon House:

Golf Cart:

Edward and Bella's House:

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you like my stories!


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