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Hello everybody. I'm a big fan of Yu-Gi-Oh and currently will be writing stories based around Yu-Gi-Oh (mainly Marik and Yami Bakura, and perhaps some Yami Yugi.) I am now starting to focus on writing star wars and the star wars clone wars, and maybe some harry potter

My Yu-Gi-Oh story:

I was introduced to Yu-Gi-Oh when the card game came out, my best friend Ian had given me cards and told me of the show, the first episode i watched was episode 13, i immediately fell in love with the Yami's. It took a while for me to understand the show because i had missed the first 12 episodes, however my parents would not get cable so i would run down to his house every saturday to watch it, however it was put to a stop shortly afterwards and he would record it for me and let me borrow the tapes. Season 2 i fell in love with Marik, he was my favorite character for a long time, that was the first season i actually finished, season 3 was tricky i watched very little of Noah's world and Ian's tv broke down, i resumed watching it when they were back for the tournament. Season 4 was also a fun time for me, I would actually go to another friend of mine and we would watch it while i slept over, she too recorded it for me and let me borrow the tape, season 5 was very tricky for me to watch and finish, my parents finally got cable and i would watch it sometimes however we moved, and i missed a couple of weeks. However i loved how Yami Bakura was involved and a thief at the time. I should also mention there was one year i was on vacation and finally watched the season 3 all the way through becuause they had a marathon and if it kept me and my brothers quiet we were allowed to watch it. My parents didn't and still dont exactly approve Yu-Gi-Oh (the show or the manga) and they don't know i have a fanfiction sight and i want to keep it that way.

About me:

I have short reddish brown hair, blue green eyes, about 5'5, with a pale complexion. i am kind of thin as my mom had gone on a diet and i was forced to go on it too. i am of medium height and all and all a average person. I strive to get good grades and study hard, i am interested in the medical field but i'm in college on a music scholarship and i'm aiming for a degree in that. I have ADHD and am also in a depression, however my moods switch from sad to mad to numb within seconds. I am very quiet and don't speak too much, if you could picture in school im the one that sits in the corner of the cafeteria with either a book or a notepad, while the people i sit with talk amongst themselves and i sit there and stare at them quietly. the only special thing about myself i consider is that i am a talented pianist. I was selected to play keyboard for pep band, synthenizer for both the school show choir and musical, i play keyboard for jazz band as well and i was in the top jazz band, i also play the organ for my church (tho im not exactly religious, i go cuz im forced into it) i've been playing for nearly eleven years,

Dislikes: insecure people, bright colors, sweet food ( i know odd huh?) and the heat. I hate math and government as classes, while it may be useful i dislike it intensely, i don't like to babysit or do chores, i also dislike loud noises and being ignored and many disney movies. I also don't like to dress formally, or put on makeup, i am content with myself.

Likes: Manga, Marvel movies, horror and mystery movies, music, converse, and comfortable clothes. I like salty and bittersweet foods and dehydrated fruit. I also like learning Latin, Dr. Pepper is my favorite soda followed by vanilla coke. My favorite classes are English, pyschology, medical biology, and Latin. Earlier i said i did not like to put on makeup, well i forgot that i like to put on eyeliner, i only put on black eyeliner tho. My favorite colors are purple and black,

Fun Facts:

I can pass as Emo or Goth, although i am neither one, i just dress in black or dark colors and usually have a blank face or scowling.) i have lots of siblings, I write exceptionally well for a person my age, all the tests i've taken say that my writing and reading skills are very high for a high school student so i will write well for my fanficitons and not have lower case i's like i did in here and such.

I'm in band and the show choirs synthenizer, however i do not participate in activites unless im force to. I actually have stopped liking band becuase my director can be a jerk and i dislike many of the students. I've never gotten into a car accident and i've been driving for nearly 3 years. I also can keep my cool and i don't freak out as easily unless if im in one of my fits of rage. in my 17 years of life i've had many obsessions, yugioh, starwars, spiderman, teen titans, kim possible, scooby doo, batman, yugioh abridged, and Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter and it's magical world, Harry Potter is one of my favorite things on earth. and i look at the half empty cup side of life.

My stories so far:

Under the moonlight: Bakura is a vampire who forces Alice to be a vampire with him. inspired by All Hallows Eve from Goddess of the black moon, however i have changed it a bit so i don't break copy right laws. this is an obsession and i will try to write it as best as i can.

Egyptian Wish: Abbey is kidnapped by Marik, idk i love Marik and i wanted to write a fanfic about him. like most marik/oc fanfics the girl gets kidnapped. Abbey's life is based on mine almost, i dont have adopted siblings, but i've had a hard time with relationships and friendships and a difficult time with my parents.

Don't be Afraid of the Dark: inspired by a song from Starmites (a musical my school did) Yami Marik wins the final duel and conquers the earth. To weaken his hikari Y. Marik turns him into his ten year old self and Y.Yugi uses his last magic to save the child. Hannah the only survivor in Chicago, Illinois struggles to retain a normal life and finds the ten year old Marik (Malik) who has no memories of his past or why he's there. Malik cannot live in Y.Marik's new dark world. He's TERRIFIED of the dark so Hannah does her best to protect the two of them. But sometimes you have to overcome your fears to save the ones you love.

Fanfics I plan to write about:

Thief Bakura,

Yami Bakura


Yami Marik

Yami Yugi




I also plan on writing a Yami Marik/OC story, a horror story too cuz marik finds it extremely hard to love, ive got a few conversations and chapters in mind but i have to plan it out better.

If you know of any of the above characters for OC fics please let me know, i love OC stories.

Thanks for reading my profile :)

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