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Yo guys! I thought that I'd better update my profile, seeing as I previously had no info about myself.

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Youtube: Pokexplosion21 (Check out some of my vids)

Deviantart: I have two. First off is Pokexplosion21, on which the only useful picture is a map of Bronko from Aura Adventure. My new account, Animaster2195, is much more useful, as it has the character designs for my Naruto fic, Nindo: Shinobi Heart. Started an account on this recently. The only story I have published on it is my guide to getting rid of bad dreams. Give it a read, it's not bad. Pokexplosion21

I think that's all of the important ones.


A lazy world is my utopia...

Name: All I'll tell you is that my first name is Cory. There's no way you're getting my last name, in case there's any pedofiles out there.

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: I am the most go-with-the-flow person in the world. If any of my friends says something like "Do ya wanna come with me to the..." I'm happy to go. It pains me to see someone get bullied, and many people say that I'm a nice guy. I have been described by my friends as "A big bag of happiness, with not a single sad or angry bone in it", referencing the fact that most of my friends have never even seen me get mad, unhappy or even irritated.

I suppose you could say that I have more than one personality; but different. I can switch between them at will, so they're more like moods than personalities. Still; I'm rather unique compared to others. I see absolutely no point in conflict or arguments. This makes it rather difficult at times; I'm like the glue that holds all of my friends together, as they all have their friends and enemies amongst the group. Indeed, whenever I'm away from school I get back to find them all waiting for me, as it is apparently "very boring" without me. I find it hilarious watching people argue.

I feel immense guilt at slight things. If I say something that offends someone, I feel terrible. Whenever someone puts themself down, I'll go out of my way to correct them, as I believe that everybody is special and unique in their own way, despite what people think.

Well, those are the good things. Since I don't want to make myself seem too good, I suppose I'd better list my flaws. First of all, as much as I hate it, I can be pretty damned arrogant. That's definitely my major flaw, and I hate it. Oh well, can't win 'em all. As well as arrogance, I dwell too much on my own (forgive me) rather high intelligence (there's that arrogance again), and although I don't admit it, I sometimes get jealous when people beat me in area I'm skilled in, except for things like writing. I can't stand being bested in spelling though; I usually put on an impressed I-don't-mind mood, but inside there's that twinge of jealousy; I hate it, but it's there.

Also, I'm incredibly unreliable, which always cracks me up when everyone I know thinks they can trust me to do things for them. Little do they know, that request will likely never be fulfilled. Only a few people have realised this, but they still ask me for stuff for some reason...oh well, that's their problem. They can trust me with secrets, though; I never spill secrets, unless it doesn't really matter if they know or not. Half the time I forget what the secret is anyway, or it's so irrelevant to me that I simply don't bother to remember it. Lucky you!

And, unfortunately, I have a morbid fear of pretty much every creature on the planet. Well, not all of them; here's the things I've got a phobia of: Spiders, cockroachs, spider-like insects, insects in general (that's more of a dislike than a fear though), snakes, any lizard bigger than a gecko - except for kimodo dragons, they're badass, and crocodiles/alligators, I like them - every other reptile, toads, ugly fish, whales (I know, weird fear, but have you heard their whale-cry? Creepiest thing on earth. Also, watch Finding Nemo again. That whale is the Big Bad as far as I'm concerned), Moray Eels, most sea creatures - I just hate underwater sealife - and of course, heights.

However, I love furry things like kittens, puppies and ponies. Mainly dogs though, not to keen on cats. Dogs are awesome, though. And Wombats. Frickin' badass.

Books and literature is a major part of my life. My friends joke that I have a "book fetish", and the librarian at school says that my borrowing list is the longest of anyone in the school. That pleases me...MWAHAHA! While I love movies and TV Shows, I enjoy books more. Although I believe in the phrase "A picture paints a thousand words", I also believe that a word paints a thousand pictures. I visit an online thesaurus almost daily, and have an enormous vocabulary. My friends have a few "affectionate" nicknames for me, a few being "walking dictionary", "walking thesaurus", and "human calculator".

Most people seem to agree that the word to describe me would be "quirky". Some people find me weird and eccentric; in reply, I thank them for their opinion, as it always makes me feel fuzzy inside when people describe me like that. I'm a proud Australian who loves the dangerous reputation of our native wildlife. Seriously, everything here is trying to kill you, even the kangaroos if you get too close and the koalas are frickin' psycho if you're not trained in how to handle them.

Oh, and I'm incredibly frickin' lazy. As in, I've had a few minor depression spells because I hate living in a world where you have to work your arse off just to live. I'd much rather sit around all day and do nothing. A lazy world is my utopia. I'm like Shikamaru.

School: You're not getting my school. I once heard about this pedo who found out a girl's school and name, so he flew from Perth to Melbourne just to kidnap her.

Address: Do you honestly think you'll get where I live? All you get is that I'm in Australia, my absolute favourite country in the world.

Favourite Words: Antithesis, huzzah, surreptitiousness, cromulent, redundant, willpower, shadow, cellar-door, retard, badass, wicked-ass, dumbass, various other ass words, Sh*t, crap, frickin', no, Suiyoubi (Japanese for Wednesday), Kinyoubi (Friday), faggot, douche-fag,

Favourite Show: I don't really have one. So many shows can be considered my favourite, so I'll just give you a few shows that I really like: The Simpsons, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon (Old Series), Yu-Gi-Oh, Death Note, Friends, Seinfeld, Futurama, NCIS, Naruto, Hellsing Ultimate, Elfen Lied, Code Geass, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Fairy Tail, Baccano!

Favourite Movie: Same situation as the shows. Here goes: The Lion King, The Dark Knight Trilogy, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, all six Star Wars Movies, V for Vendetta, Shrek 1 & 2, all the old Pixar movies (especially A Bug's Life), The Grinch, A Series of Unfortunate Events, all of the Pokemon movies (but in particular #1, 2, 8, 10, and 12), the Rebuild of Evangelion series, and I'm sure there's still many others.

Favourite Characters from those shows and movies: OK, this'll be a big one. Prepare yourself:

The Simpsons: The one and only Sideshow Bob, Groundskeeper Willy, and the Evil Krusty Doll Salesman (AKA, the Frogurt Guy)

Dragon Ball Z: Bardock, Nail, Pikkon, Videl, Cell

Pokemon (Old Series): Blaine (and his Magmar), Giovanni, Jessie, James, Meowth, Professor Oak

Yu-Gi-Oh: Yami Bakura, Normal Marik

Death Note: L (who else!), Soichiro, Matsuda

Friends: Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Ugly Naked Guy, Mr. Heckles

Seinfeld: Newman, Frank Costanza, Kenny Bania, and all of the bosses (eg. Steinbrenner and Kruger)

Futurama: Nibbler, Zoidberg, and Farnsworth

NCIS: Gibbs (no question there; everybody loves Gibbs), McGee, Fornell

Naruto: Shikamaru, Gaara, Kankuro, Temari, Rock Lee, Might Guy, Iruka, Kakashi, Neji, Shizune, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Minato, Tobi

Hellsing Ultimate: Alucard (well, duh), Alexander Anderson, Walter, Schrodinger

Elfen Lied: Lucy, Kurama, Bandou, and not Mayu (I hate her with a passion)

Code Geass: Suzaku, Kallen, Jeremiah "Orange" Gottwald, Lloyd, C.C., Rivalz

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Toji, Kaworu of course, Asuka, Gendo, and Misato. Oh, and Yui too.

Fairy Tail: ERZA, Natsu, Gray, Makarov, Cana, Sho, Jellal, Alzack

Baccano!: Firo Prochainezo (OMG, he's so damn classy and awesome (*) ), Jacuzzi, Isaac and Miria, Ladd, Chane.

The Lion King: Scar, Rafiki, Mufasa, Zazu

The Dark Knight Trilogy: The Joker, Gordon, Alfred, Ra's Al Ghul, BANE! LIKE, HOLY CRAP!

Lord of the Rings: Gandalf, Theoden, and Grima Wormtongue

Star Yars: Yoda, Chancellor Palpatine/Emperor

V for Vendetta: V, Finch

Shrek 1 & 2: King Harold, Faarkwaad (or however you spell it)

Bug's Life: Hopper, Slim

Monsters Inc: Randall

The Grinch: The Grinch

Series of Unfortunate Events: Count Olaf

Pokemon Movies: Mewtwo, Lugia, Entei, Annie and Oakley, Deoxys, Rayquaza, Lucario, Sir Aaron, Ranger Jackie, Darkrai, Arceus, Damos

Rebuild of Evangelion: Toji, Kaworu, Gendo, Mari, and Kaji.

Favourite Books: Oh-hooooooooooh, boy, this'll be big. Let's go; Lord of the Rings series (J.R.R. Tolkien), Harry Potter series (J.K. Rowling), CHERUB series (Robert Muchamore), Deltora Quest series (Emily Rodda), Alex Rider series (Anthony Horowitz), The Power of Five series (Anthony Horowitz) Seven Ancient Wonders/Six Sacred Stones/Five Greatest Warriors (Matthew Reilly), Contest (Matthew Reilly), Artemis Fowl series (Eoin Colfer), Half-Moon Investigations (Eoin Colfer), Sherlock Holmes books (Arthur Conan Doyle), A Series of Unfortunate Events series (Lemony Snicket/Daniel Handler), Keys to the Kingdom series (Garth Nix), Selby the Talking Dog series (Duncan Ball), Specky Magee series (Felice Arena), Inheritance series (Christopher Paolini), Skulduggery Pleasant (Derek Landy)...

I'm sure there're several more, but those are the ones I can think of right now as I lie here on my bed...

Now for the characters:

Lord of the Rings (Book): Gandalf, Bilbo Baggins, Saruman

Harry Potter: Snape, Voldemort, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Regulus Black.

CHERUB: Rat, Lauren, Zara

Deltora Quest: Doom, Tom

Alex Rider: Smithers, Jack

Power of Five: Matt, Richard, Fabian, Professor Chambers (She was BADASS).

Seven Ancient Wonders/Six Sacred Stones/Five Greatest Warriors: Wolf, Jack, Wizard

Contest: Swain, Selexin

Artemis Fowl: Artemis, Butler, Commander Root, Foaly, Spiro

Half-Moon Investigations: Red, Genie, April

Sherlock Holmes: Watson

Series of Unfortunate Events: Olaf, Dewey Denouement, Jerome Squalor

Keys to the Kingdom: Lord Sunday, Dr Scamandros, The Old One

Selby the Talking Dog: Dr Trifle, Aunt Jetty

Specky Magee: Danny, Brian, Grub, Alice

Inheritance: Brom, Murtagh, Ra'zac

Skulduggery Pleasant: Skulduggery (duh), Mr Bliss, Vaurien Scapegrace/The Killer Supreme (lolz), Billy-Ray Sanguine, Fletcher, Ghastly


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If you have ever just wanted to SLAP someone, copy this onto your profile.

93 percent of American teens would have a severe emotional breakdown if someone called them a freak. If you're a part of the 7 percent who would ask the person, "What was your first clue?", copy this into your profile.

If you've ever been obsessed with something even if it gave you horrifying nightmares, copy and paste this to your profile.

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Favourite Quotes:

Alright, I'm gonna list someone of my favourite quotes from various movies, TV Shows, books, games, and even ads on TV. At the end of every quote will be the name of the show, movie, etc and the name of characters who said the quotes in "italics and quotation marks".

"Summon your Egyptian God Card, you fool!" "Seto Kaiba, Yu-Gi-Oh"

"Stop it, both of you! All this fighting, I might as well be back with my parents! Damn it George. I told you that if you didn't quit drinking, I'd leave you! Well, I guess that makes you a liar, because I'm as drunk as Hell and you're still here! Stop yelling, you're making Sheldon cry! I'll tell you what's making Sheldon cry...I LET YOU NAME HIM SHELDON!" "Sheldon Cooper, Big Bang Theory"

"Like Robert Oppenheimer, or Neil Armstrong, we need the appropriate words to mark this historic scientific event."

"How about...Die, Toaster, Die..." "Sheldon Cooper and Raj Koothrappali, Big Bang Theory"

Do it now!" "Sheldon Cooper, Big Bang Theory"

"Maybe, if it were 500x gravity you might have an advantage, but 10...I don't even feel it." "Vegeta, Dragon Ball Z"

"There's nothing I can't afford!" "Seto Kaiba, Yu-Gi-Oh"

You've won this duel, but I'll be back to take what is mine! MWAHAHAHA! Soon I shall control the world's greatest power!" "Bakura, Yu-Gi-Oh"

You draw power from the life force of a single human. My power comes from the very darkness itself!"

"Is that so? Then let me show you what the life force of a single human can do! Alright...take this! Exodia, OLITERATE!" "Zorc and Shimon, Yu-Gi-Oh"

This is a Super Saiyan. And what is known as a Super Saiyan that has ascended past a Super Saiyan. Or, you can just call this a Super Saiyan 2."

"Ho-hum. What a useless transformation. You've changed you hair, so what?"

"Hm...just wait."

"Has he really found a way to surpass an ascended saiyan? Is that possible?"

"He must be bluffing. I mean, what would that make him, double ascended?"

"And this..."

"Eh? What's he doing?"

" go...even further...beyond!" "Goku, Babidi, Piccolo, Krillin, Master Roshi, Dragon Ball Z"

No soup for you!" "The Soup Nazi, Seinfeld"

"Hey, check out my submarine. It's long and hard and full of sea-men!" "Dr Evil, Austin Powers in Goldmember"

That's the spirit, Android...NEVER SAY DIE!" "Vegeta, Dragon Ball Z"

"Luckily, after spending years of being hit in the face by pies by Krusty, my skin had developed an immunity to pain...or so I thought...*puts razor on face* AAARRGGGGHHH!" "Sideshow Bob, The Simpsons"

"Your mistletoe is no match for my T.O.W. Missile!" "Robot Santa, Futurama"

"You didn't have to shout in unison" "L, Death Note"

"Oh no, the symptons are starting!" "Ryuk, Death Note"

"Oh, Shifu. There is no good news or bad news. There is just news."

"But Master! Your vision came true! Tai Lung has broken out of prison...he's on his way!"

"That is bad news..." "Oogway and Shifu, Kung-Fu Panda"

"So you still think I'm bluffing!" "Vegeta, Dragon Ball Z"

I've got it! We'll put cement in the washing machine! It'll mix in with the water cycle, and by the time it's done it'll be a solid block!" "Kramer, Seinfeld"

"Oh, calm down, it's only a bit of poo." "Johnny English, Johnny English"

"So, what are you going to do, Johnny? Are you gonna sit in this grotty little flat feeling sorry for yourself, or are you going to get out there and save your country?"

"I'm gonna sit in the flat." "Lorna Campbell, Johnny English, Johnny English"

That's the spirit, Android...NEVER SAY DIE!" "Vegeta, Dragon Ball Z"

"There must be ten thousand of them!" "James, Pokemon"

"Basically every single quote from Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series, there's way too many to list." "Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series"

"I must admit, Jack, I thought I had you figured. But it turns out you're a hard man to predict."

"Me? I'm dishonest. And a dishonest man you can always trust be dishonest. Honestly, it's the honest ones you want to watch out for. You never know when they're going to do something incredibly...stupid." "Hector Barbossa, Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl"

Under this mask there is more than flesh. Under this mask is an idea, Mr Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof." "V, V for Vendetta"

"Where's your wine? GET OUT!" "George Costanza, Seinfeld"

"That's Numberwang!" "Numberwang Presenter - That Mitchell and Webb Look"

"We got cup, we got spoon, we got milk, we got sugar, we got water, we got fire, but we got no coffee!" "Precious - Come Fly With Me"

"I am shocked and chagrined! Mortified and stupefied!" "Jackie Chiles - Seinfeld"

"Madam, I need you to remain calm. And trust me, I'm a professional. Beneath this pillow lies the key to my release." "Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock Holmes (2009)

What a drag." "Shikamaru Nara, Naruto"

"Who are you?"

"Allies of the Leaf Village..."

"...We're Shinobi..."

"...of the Sand." "Kimimaro, Temari, Kankuro, Gaara - Naruto"

"Come on kid, you really think you can get through Gaara's defences just by dropping a couple of pounds of weight?" "Temari - Naruto"

"Maybe if I was to kill every important person in your life, everyone who's ever meant anything, maybe then I'd listen you , because maybe then you'd have some idea how I feel!"

Hmm...It's an interesting theory, but I'm afraid you're a little late to put it to the test...Everybody you're talking about has already been killed. I've been around longer than you have, kid, and I've seen my share of troubles. You're not the only one who knows what it's like to lose somebody. "Sasuke Uchiha, Kakashi Hatake - Naruto"

"The true power of the Sharingan...It belongs to me...Madara Uchiha!" "Tobi - Naruto Shippuden"

"In death I shall become art itself. No one's seen an explosion like this! One that shall leave behind a scar on the very Earth itself. And then...I'll receive more admiration for my art than anyone has ever seen before! *thinking* Sorry, Tobi...*thinking* But while I'll be admired, you'll most definitely be dead. This explosion will cover 10 kilometres. You can't run away from this one. Hn...tremble! Be afraid! Recoil in despair! Cower in awe! And cry your heart out...because my art...IS AN EXPLOSION!"Deidara - Naruto Shippuden"

"The Six Paths of Pain, in attendance!" "Pain, Naruto Shippuden"

"HAAAAAAALLLLLLLLOOO!" "White Zetsu - Naruto Shippuden"

"Yeeep, it's another win for the Sand Village. Just like you set it'd be."

"Well, of course, that's why I said it..." "Choji Akimichi, Shikamaru Nara - Naruto"

FAIRY TAIL HAS COME CALLING!" "Makarov - Fairy Tail"

Alright...who wants to play with FIRE?!" "Natsu - Fairy Tail"

"I'm gonna make you pay for messing with my friends. Messing with Fairy Tail was the biggest mistake you ever made!" "Natsu - Fairy Tail"

"You're through, Blacksteel!" "Natsu - Fairy Tail"

"Levy!...Jet!...Droy!...Nab!...Macao!...Gramps!...Erza!...*BAM*...AND LUCY!" "Natsu - Fairy Tail"

"I couldn't have done this without you, my children. Bless you all. Be proud, that you are members of FAIRY TAIL!" "Makarov - Fairy Tail"

"You'll never know what it means to be free. Not as long as you're possessed by that spirit! Why do you let him manipulate you? You can do it, Jellal...FREE YOURSELF!" "Natsu - Fairy Tail"

"Drip, drip, drop." "Juvia - Fairy Tail"


Now, as I always say, on with the chapter!

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Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 66 - Words: 553,348 - Reviews: 681 - Favs: 86 - Follows: 17 - Updated: 2/15/2007 - Published: 3/17/2006 - Complete
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Dragon Ball X: OVA 1: Kingdom Crushed reviews
The first Dragon Ball X Special. Set in the past, the Kingdom of Slavo is in the middle of a civil war, as the powerful Norr tribe rebels against the Slavoan King. And in the middle of it all, the darkest evil that Planet Haven has ever seen finds its way into the life of a small boy. Rated T for violence and general brutality. Lots of broken bones and blood. And explosions.
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Volume II of the Dragon Ball X Pentology. The Saiyans have found their home on Planet Haven, but after five years of peace, a sudden threat has once again arisen, and this time the stakes are even higher. An old enemy from the past has returned, and now the heroes of Haven will have to give everything they've got just to survive... Rated T for violence and somewhat course language
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Naruto: Comrades reviews
Under intel from Jiraiya about an Akatsuki member hiding in the Land of Grass, Kakashi departs to track them down. But he's not alone...Ryouka Momochi, former sworn enemy turned ally follows Kakashi to aid him in battle against the insane Yakunan of the Dreams. A one-shot for a friend of mine, taking place in between Part 1 and Shippuden. Rated T for a hell of a lot of violence.
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In the snowy region of Sinnoh, an ancient dark force slowly seeds its way through the world. In Jubilife City, a group of friends decide to leave their lives of repetition and boredom, to explore the land they live in. Journey fic, rated T just in case.
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Set between the original series and Shippuden, a new generation of Shinobi graduate from the Ninja Academy in Konoha. Placed in squads of three, they learn to walk the path of the ninja. Canon characters included. Rated T just in case.
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A look into Gaara's mind after Naruto defeated him, and what caused his apology to Temari and Kankuro. One-shot.
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Dragon Ball X: Volume I: Eternal Protectors reviews
Volume I of the Dragon Ball X Pentology. After narrowly escaping the wrath of Frieza upon Planet Vegeta, a team of Saiyans descends on Planet Haven to hide. But Haven isn't without problems of its own, and Blitzo, Rhuna, and Makurin - along with team mechanic and leader Zeang - quickly find themselves involved in a battle spanning generations. Completed.
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This is a story about a boy named Jaden who is warped to the world of Pokemon, after buying Pokemon Platinum. He appears in a new region named Bronko. There he gets his pokemon and pokedex, along with a change of attire, and he begins his journey!
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