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Author has written 11 stories for Alice, 2009, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Primeval, Stargate: SG-1, Doctor Who, X-Men: The Movie, Alphas, Being Human, and New Adventures of Robin Hood.

The unthinkable has happened again. I now have cancer. I have ten novels that I am going to try to get published before I go. I have three novels that are vampire/ghost hunter series. Eight novels that start out with goblins, griffins, and fairies and ends up in ancient China. With Robin Hood fighting as a warrior for a Chinese emperor. The first book is called, Blood and Ashes. It's now on sale at Amazon.Here is a link to the sites.

Book and kindle

The unthinkable has happened. I lost my beautiful, wonderful twin sister. She was brave to the very end, I only hope I am as graceful as she was when she left this world. It's been six months now, and still I am finding it hard to continue with my writing. Deep inside I know she would want me to continue. She was my biggest supporter and cheerleader. Once I finished with Being human I had planned on writing another Alice and Hatter, as well as Primeval. I don't know if I can my dear readers. I miss my twin so much. I just know somehow I will find inspiration to write again, just as Mr. Porretta, and Mr. Potts did for me. Hopefully I will be able to sit in front of the computer again and continue to bring the crazy stories that I write and hope you all love.

Hi, I'm the Lady in Waiting, and I LOVE to write. I have the great actor Matthew Porretta to thank for that. I never knew I could write until the day I saw him in The New Adventures of Robin Hood. I started with a few fanfics. Since then I've written several books. Still not published but one can hope. Vampires, fairies, Robin Hood and Griffins come alive within my stories. Unfortunately I had a bad scare that stopped me from writing. I found out I had Breast cancer. I lost that spark that burned so brightly. It took a Welsh actor in a cable movie to light that spark again. Thanks, Andrew Lee Potts!! I'll try to write a chapter a day for my stories, but sometimes I have good days and bad.

Just to let you all know, I write on the fly. In other words, I have a concept for the story as I begin writing, but once I start I have no idea where I'm going. Most of you writers out there will know what I mean when I say, the story writes itself. I have as much fun writing it as you do reading it. I hope you all enjoy what my crazy mind comes up with, and thanks for taking the plunge into my world.

Fell totally in love with Mr. Potts Hatter. Just had to write a fanfic with him as star. Thanks ALP, your wonderful smile managed to ignite that spark again.

I want to thank everyone that has taken their time to write a review of what I've written so far. I'm just glad I have a place I can share what I write with others. Thanks sooo much for taking your time to read something created by my crazy imagination. Just wanted to apologize for the bad grammar. That has always been my kryptonite. But I love to write so much, I didn't want to let it stop me.

All right, totally LOVED the X-men; First Class movie. Published the last chapter to Winds of Change. I truly enjoyed writing this story. I have to say I changed the ending about a million times. I hope you all like the one I finally decided on.

Finished my Alphas story. I began watching it after a certain character was killed off on Bones. Yes, I mean Ryan Cartwright. I hope I can do justice for Ryan's Gary Bell. He's a very complicated character, and I will try to stay true to his wonderful interpretation. The story is called, "Child's Play"

Finished my story with one of my favorite TV shows, Being Human. Mine is the US version. Lots planned for Josh, Sally, and Aidan. Please enjoy my new story, Mother knows Best.

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When Will my Death Begin? reviews
Mother is on the rampage, she grounds Aidan and now his friends have become fugitives, a humiliation to the vampire community that Mother wants to fix. Running into a powerful enemy of Mother, they soon find themselves caught between two powerful foes bent on destroying each other, and anything that gets in their way. A sequel to 'Mother Knows Best'
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