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The Simple Slash Contest
January 5th – April 1st

Teen writers (or anyone in the world), this one is for you. Instead of those slash/femslash contests that consist of lemons and smut, now is your chance to write the many splendors and genders of love. We all know that love and relationships can be more than just sex. Love is a powerful thing, and for some it may be harder to find. Or maybe not the concept of love, but maybe a concept of coming out with someone by your side?

IChimpz and Zombie’s Run This Town invite you to write a totally smut free, anonymous oneshot about same sex relationships, heartbreaks, laughs, or anything and everything in between. It doesn’t matter if it’s boy/boy or girl/girl. Love is love and we’d simply adore to see it written by you.

We know you can do it.

Rules –

- Anonymous: You cannot submit your oneshot to your personal account until after the contest is over. During the time of the contest you also cannot say what contests is yours or promote yourself. You can say you’ve entered the contest, but you can’t say which one.

- Can be rated anything. We will not accept stories that feature smut related actions or sex related things.

- Must be a oneshot. Can be continued only after the contest is over.

- May be a crossover.

- Must be at least 2,000 words or more.

- Any pairing, any genre, all human, alternative universe; but must be either boy/boy or girl/girl.

- Love triangles of any sex are allowed.

- Collaborations are allowed.

- A person can enter a minimum of three times if they’d like.

- You do not have to be a teen to enter. We accept anyone with any ages to write in this contest.

- Your oneshot does not have to be about love. It can be about anything you want.

- Must be beta’d. We will not accept any entries if they have not been run through by a beta. We will let some mistakes slide, but more than three and we will send them back. If you need a beta, the admins of the contest are willing. If you would like someone else, we recommend Project Team Beta. (Your beta must also keep information of your entry under wraps.)

(Simple Rules: Write about anything you want, just as long as their are no smut/lemons and it's slash.)

Voting -

Public - April 2nd – 15th
Judging – April 16th - 25th
Winners Announced via Midnight Eclipse Newsletter May 1st

Prizes -

Voters Choice:

1st place – Banner, Promotion, Very Special Midnight Eclipse Newsletter Feature

2nd place – Banner, Promotion, Feature on Newsletter

3rd place – Promotion, Feature on Newsletter

Judges' Choice:

1st place – Banner, Promotion, Very Special Midnight Eclipse Newsletter Feature

(Any story entered into the contest may get featured onto the Newsletter.)

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Submission –

All entries must be sent to by April 1st, midnight MST time. Any entries sent after that date will not be accepted into the contest. When submitting your oneshot you must include the following format in your story.

Story Title:



Word Count:



Your penname will be taken off for disclosed purposes. No author’s notes allowed. Your oneshot must be included in an attachment or else we will send it back to you. Your oneshot will be posted to fanfiction using this account. Any questions feel free to email or PM.

Judges –


Example story: Coffee Break by IChimpz and Zombie's Run This Town
Example oneshot: Right Beside You by IChimpz

Good Luck!

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