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Hello and welcome to my profile! If you've made it this far I congratulate you for defeating the dragon, manticore, chimera, basilisk and gopher army!

First off just let me say that I am a 22 year old guy who loves the original Chipmunks (Though I've seen the new CGI movies.)!

Currently working on The Big Black Book, We Three Kings and Their Brides.

Third thing to remember! I like the original pairings, but you must remember. THEY CAN ONLY GO SO FAR!! So, I'm here to say that I like the mixed couples, because a lot more can be done with them. So all you haters out there?! I don't, as long as you enjoy reading, I don't think it really matters about the pairing. The CONTENT is the big picture here peepz!

I'd just like to say, i am now accepting commission stories, you send me the pairing and the basic idea... I'll write it. Just PM the info to me!

Rules To Write ChipmunkFanfics: According to ChipmunkLover and Kitty Seville

1) They are brothers, nothing else.
Brothers can be enemies, brothers can be lovers, it's up to the Author to decide

2) They must always live with Dave.
Not really, College?

3) They must always end up with the Chipettes. Alvin can hit on other girls, but he must end up with Brittany.
Alvin can end up with Brittany... he can also end up with Eleanor and Jeanette and even Simon.

4) They cannot die.
So... being a chipmunks is the secret to immortality?

5) They can have superpowers, but the color of the magic/ mystical zone has to be the same color as they're signature colors.
Their magic will be any color i dang well please

6) They can't die.
are you mocking me?

7) They can't be severly injured.
First story they were in a car crash. that's not allowed.

8) There cannot be any OCs. Only the Chipmunks, Dave, and the characters created my the Bagdasarians.
Forget that, there's more people in the world than the 10 in the series or movie

9) The Chipettes HAVE to live with Miss Miller.
we covered this with the chipmunks

10) If you kill them, thus violating numbers 4 and 6, you must bring them back. Also making it a horror story.
They're immortal so... they were already ghosts?

11) They can't be in horror stories

Wait a minute!!

12) You must have at least three jokes/gags in a chapter.
is one SUPER long gag enough?

13) If you do a Chipmunk crossover, it must be with some other cartoon. Not live action.
You just killed dreams man

14) If you have songs, they have to fit in the story. Not just be random.
hmm... already broke that one

15) The Chipmunks do not work for free. If you use them you must send Ross Bagdasarian 100 dollars by the end of the month, or else you'll die instantly.
I'll just turn into a chipmunk, apparently they're invincible

16) Don't talk about the rules, don't tell people about the rules, don't even think about the rules

ummm... ook, you just opened like 31246093865.69 paradoxes, good job

If you have ever broken or are planning to break any of these rules, then copy and paste them into your profile!

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