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Wow. I don't know how long it's been since I've updated my profile but here I go~!

My pen/typing name is Clumsy Clicker. The reason for this name is because while I love to write, and have been told I'm pretty good at it, I'm terrible at spelling and when my thoughts are racing with what to write for my stories my hands just can't seem to keep up and so my fingers tend to slip.

So you'll have to forgive me ahead of time for any spelling mistakes. Please try to ignore them. -_-

And that brings me to my stories! As of right now I'm only writing for Danny Phantom, things from fluff to suspense and everything in-between! These stories will mainly center around Danny and Vlad as they are my favorite characters and they're so much fun to torture. I mean write about! Yeah, that sounds better. ^-^

Ummm, and now some pointless info about me:

I'm a girl (hopefully if you've read any of my stories you've been able to guess this)

I'm 17 (which means my stories are not professional, be easy on me and give me constructive criticism)

Ummm, I'll tell you my first name so long as you promise not to try and hunt me down for whatever reason. Ashleigh. Not Ashley, Ashleigh. Sounds ordinary but when you look closer it's a little unique.

I live in America. That's all you need to know and like I said please don't hunt me down!

I have long dark brown hair with golden strands mixed in. But I am NOT dirty blonde! I am brunette! The few blonde hairs I have are only noticable in good lighting and YES it is my natural hair color. I don't know if that's important but I'll say it anyway!

I also have dark brown eyes, not black, just dark brown along with long eyelashes. I do wear glasses though which either makes me look like an intelligent young lady or a nerd. Or both. ^_^

I'm also very fair skinned. Actually let's just face it, I'm pale and I like it that way. I can't get tan, I just burn and I don't look good as lobster.

And now for the not so pretty:

I have a scar under my chin from when I was little and tripped trying to jump off a wall. You can only see the scar though when I look straight up.

I also have a scar on my left knee from when I was running in the rain. I slipped on the sidewalk and took a small chunk out of my knee. (Praise the Lord I didn't break my kneecap!)

I also have other small rips and tears from just everyday life. I'm no porcelain doll but I've often been told I look like my mother which means my face must still look pretty good. Or just pretty... I'm still being called cute and I'm almost an adult... *blushes*

And now that I've bored you let's go back to my stories!

You have a crush on YOU? ! - Yes, I am still working on it. The last chapter just threw me off a little. Poor Danny *blushes* He's gonna need some therapy after that. Let's just hope everything works out and that Ember's song doesn't make Danny hate Vlad MORE in the end. He was kinda tricked and forced into everything when you think about it.

Oh well. He'll get over it. XD

I'm sorry - Probably one of my better stories. Real plot and everything! Danny starts to realize being a hero means a little more than just beating up the bad guy. Sometimes it means giving them a second chance. But how does Vlad feel about all of this? Will the two halfa's really be able to forgive and forget? Stay tuned to find out!

Terrible Dream - It's already over to be honest. Just a disturbing little one-shot that has lead way to a lot more. Please feel free to come back and read this one any time you want to get the chills.

Tragedy - Still don't know what possessed me to write this one, or if I'm going to continue it. I probably will. I'll feel guilty if I don't but you'll have to give me some time as I try to keep up with my other stories. Vlad seems to have won and he's already holding the prize he's desired for so long. But when Danny learns the truth Vlad's gonna learn he got a lot more than he bargained for...

Daniel in the Lions Den - Sort of on hold at the moment. I'm really sorry but don't worry I do have a story line in mind for this. I won't leave it here.

Waking Dream - I'm working on it. A LOT. I have this whole story planned out PERFECTLY! You guys are in for a real treat! Many twists and surprises are in store! Still kinda dark but with pure hearted intent.

Too Close For Comfort - You all know about this one don't you! *wink, wink* I'm very excited about it too! I thought it was only going to be a one-shot deal but like I said, once I saw Kvalificatsia's work on Deviantart! I simply had to write a story around it. But for now you must wait and see what Vlad has planned for Danny for the following week.

Lot's of choas, insults, witty banter, and hopefully some pure hearted moments in between.

Well, that's all my stories! I hope you enjoy them all and as always feel free to drop a review or private message me if you have any questions.

Sincerely, -C.C.

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