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I am one of the original anime lovers from when anime was "uncool" to those who didn't know any better! I am also an artist and crafter. I have always loved printed matter of almost any kind, enjoying books and stories of wild imagination best. I am particularly drawn to military fiction, mystery, and thriller types of writings.

The active part of me is happy to be a bit adventurous - I fear that I have itchy feet and like to travel; seeing and doing new things as often as I am able. Without family I would likely be a bit of a drifter, always looking for new views. Hence, I enjoy expedition biking - travelling by bicycle to new places and touring at that slower and more thorough pace.

Range shooting, archery and the Wii have reawakened my love for swords and I would love to take up fencing again. I make it a point to try one new thing each year, or sooner if possible. If I'm not growing, I feel that I am stagnating. Currently, I am studying the Amish people for the "Eulogy" and "Trouser Travails" story lines - and they are a fascinating group of people. Physically, I am now moving on to kettlebell weights. Not sure they are for me, but hey, I'll give them a try!

My two cats, Echo and Boaz, are delightful felines whose pictures you can find under my nom de plume on "Deviant Art." I do draw - especially with colored pencil and ink, but my time is rather limited as I am also in the field of medicine, which gobbles up great portions of my "free time." Since I now have a more demanding job than I even did before, writing is slower yet. This is something I want to fix!

My favs are: Anything in the Leijiverse, but my absolute favorite character is of course the good Captain, (Harlock is such an iconic character that I never tire of his complex multiple histories. You have to love that about Leiji - he's not bound by space or time... He HAS to be a fan of the string theory of everything!) Inuyasha, Bleach, Cowboy Bebop and others of that ilk. I like complex personalities and impossible situations, what can I say?

I had two stories fully planned out, but not completely written. One is lighter than the other, but both have many of the same characters and span about five years of the Captain's mission. I'm doing lots of research for them, so I'm not a fast writer. The two together give a continuity of their own, since Matsumoto-San seems to be a bit less concerned in that particular direction. (I'm afraid I'm a bit type A and need things wrapped up in neat little ribbons...) Now, it seems, my fertile imagination has branched into a little poetry and another tale or two... That is what happens when you network with other Matsumoto fans!

I hope that you enjoy my stories of the Captain and his crew aboard the Arcadia. They may differ from your thoughts of him, but I remain quite colored by the events of Arcadia of My Youth, as opposed to Space Pirate, since I saw MYIA first. To me, Harlock is full of honor and integrity, along with the soul-weight that he carries from his military days. He is also full of melancholy hope, stubborn to a fault, loves freedom for all people, and keeps all of his promises, even the little ones. I have thoughts on who he is patterned after, (With the clues we've been given, it seems somewhat obvious to me!) so I write with those things in mind, as well.

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