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Welcome to BeansAndBondageChairs...featuring the exciting crack!fic adventures of ConfusedinTime and LiteratiAngel!

03.04.10. IMPORTANT NOTICE: 'Doctor Who: After Dark' premieres tonight to coincide with the British screening of 'Eleventh Hour'! Our target is one chapter per week but it might end up being two depending on who is responsible for that particular chapter and how much of a bitch it has decided to be. Love to you all! BeansAndBondageChairs xxx

25.05.10. IMPORTANT NOTICE: 'Doctor Who: After Dark' is currently on hiatus due to LiteratiAngel's exams and the fact that ConfusedinTime's computer decided to give up the ghost...Hoping to be up and running with more chapter uploads soon! Love to you all! BeansAndBondageChairs xxx

10.07.10. IMPORTANT NOTICE: 'Doctor Who: After Dark' returns tonight! Love to you all! BeansAndBondageChairs xxx

So one fine day (well, it's more of a snow day, actually), myself and my dear little Ianto (or Vicky as she's more commonly known to people with a vaguely normal sense of humour) sat down to create a crack!fic series about what exactly would happen if all the dark, smutty, silly and sometimes just plain insane fanfiction ideas for Doctor Who were put into a tv show, entitled Doctor Who: After Dark and it amused us so much that we decided we had to do it! Unfortunately, neither of us have a huge tv studio, or David Tennant's mobile number -sigh- to hand, so we're posting it on here instead!

Contained in this series (for your viewing pleasure):

-The Ninth Doctor

-The Tenth Doctor


-The Eleventh Doctor


-The Master

-Rose Tyler

-Donna Noble

-Martha Jones

-Amy Pond

-Mickey Smith

-Jackie Tyler

-Sarah-Jane Smith

-Luke Smith


-Mr Smith

-Capt. Jack Harkness and the entire cast of Torchwood (including Myfanwy and Janet!)

-Capt. John Hart

-Wilf Mott and Rhys Williams: Slash-fighting duo extraordinaire

-Russell T. Davies




-Adipose (drunk or otherwise)


-The Supreme Dalek

-Dalek Caan


-Rassilon's Dribble of Doom

-A wedding

-Mistaken Identity

-An April Fools joke

-Pink hair and a Rastafarian hat

-A random Slitheen

-The sonic screwdriver

-A random, and very geek Harry Potter fan

-A parachute

-An insane amount of running

-A handy spare hand

-Blatant flirting


-A Bondage!Chair

-And anything else you luverly readers would like to throw at us!

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