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Author has written 4 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog.

I'm Courtney Bluestreak :)

Author of The Bluestreak Arch, part of the Sonic the Hedgehog FanFiction. I do not own any of the characters.

The Bluestreak Arch:

On the planet Mobius, humans and anthropomorphic beings live together peacefully. The humans, having no powers, came to Mobius ages ago, when their planet, Earth, became unstable with deadly viruses, war and an economic crash. The humans only brought the healthy and the rich since the poor could not afford to leave the planet and the sick were rejected to prevent another deadly string of viruses on their new planet. Therefore, leaving half of Earth's population to rot. Overtime, they repopulated on Mobius, signing a peace treaty with the anthropomorphic beings who lived there first. Yet unfortunately, humans are humans. Some still had a heartless desire for power.

The anthropomorphic beings on the other hand, were quite remarkable. Their races were of different animals or insects and had somehow learned to speak, dress, breed, build cities and socialize like humans before the humans came to Mobius.

But, although some anthropomorphic beings were just like the humans, others obtained a supernatural power. Some could run fast, like Sonic and his dad. Some were unnaturally strong. Others could set things on fire with the snap of their fingers or fly without wings.

These beings, having powers, usually decided to put them to good use by joining the Mobius militia, the A.P.M standing for Anthropoids Protecting Mobius.

In the year 3040, a human man by the name of Albert Robotnik gathered an army of humans and anthropomorphic beings and began a war. This forced the Mobius government to create a military in their defense and the A.P.M was initiated.

The heroes of Mobius, Race and Jewel the Hedgehog's, defeated Albert Robotnik before falling pregnant with their son...

Sonic the Hedgehog

From the time Sonic the Hedgehog was 7 years old, Sonic has been fighting the same evil that his parents fought only he fights Albert's son, Ivo Robotnik A.K.A Eggman. (PLEASE REFER TO "HIS WORLD" FAN FIC)

From here, we can assume, this is where all Sonic the Hedgehog games take place. Every game falls in order.

The Bluestreak Arch also allows the characters to be a little more mature than the games.

Every character has a unique ancestry, much like the games explain in Knuckles story. Knuckles ancestors have always guarded the Master Emerald.

The infamous gang of Freedom Fighters have specific love interests. The Bluestreak Arch is very pro SonAmy.

Dark Sonic also exists fully in the Bluestreak Arch although unlike some rumors stating that Dark Sonic is only what happens when Sonic uses the energy of fake emeralds, Dark Sonic in the Bluestreak Arch is actually a side of Sonic that comes out when Sonic becomes angry.


Sonic and Amy

Tails and Cream

Knuckles and Rouge

Shadow and Maria (therefore, he is single and although the feeling may not have been every mutual, he still loves her and holds on to the precious memory of her)

Vector and Vanilla (So...Weird)

Silver and Blaze


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