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Hi, I'm (obviously) Serra Williams. I've written three stories so far for Fanfic: Obi-Wan Kenobi's Long-Lost Journal, Sidious' Journal and Last Sacrifice. I'm hoping to update Obi-Wan's Journal and Last Sacrifice and to add a few more stories within the next few months. Unfortunately for those of you that like Sidious' Journal, I won't be continuing it. I'm not very good at writing about Sidious and I just don't have the time or the enthusiasm to continue what I think is a dead story anyway. If you want it to keep going, send me a message and if I feel so inclined, I may write a chapter or two more.

Thanks everybody for your reviews, they really help. There's nothing quite like knowing someone enjoys your creations, whether they be stories, artwork, music or anything.

I can't remember a time when I wasn't a Star Wars fan. My parents liked the Original Trilogy and brought it home to watch a lot, so I got to know the original characters quite well. Then, when the Prequel trilogy began to come out, I found some characters that I liked better than those I already knew so well. Suffice it to say, I am always finding a new character to love, a new character to hate and something that inspires me. Really, it was the Expanded Universe books from after the Original Trilogy that got me into writing Obi-Wan's Lost Journal, as well as the few books set before the Prequels. I wanted to get a feel for how Obi-Wan perceives events and how he felt and what he had to endure across the term of his life AND his death. I thought he was a really interesting character to get to know and find out why he did certain things. That and, I love seeing his reactions to questions about a woman he loved, Siri Tachi.

But I love a lot more stuff than just Star Wars. There's the Vampire Academy series (don't judge me like I'm a Twi-Hard cause I'm not), Supernatural series and lots more. I've added my Vampire Academy story, well at least the first chapter, and...I hope you like it. I'll be adding to it once a week, so, keep an eye out. And here's a hint: if you like the Supernatural series with Sam and Dean Winchester like me, keep a look out for a new story here about it and have a look in the new story ideas forum topic in the link below. I should be writing something about them, and if you hated it when Jo Harvelle died, you'll love my story.

If you've got any questions you wanna ask, but don't want to use the public domain of the forums, send me an email here: Don't try adding me on MSN: my computer won't accept the program and I just don't have the time to be on MSN anyway.

So, I've got a few forum topics and here's the link:

Check it out to find out my new ideas and stories coming soon. You can also talk about stories I've already published. If you have any requests or questions, email me at the address above. I'm happy to write a few chapters about almost anything, as long as its reasonable and I don't feel uncomfortable writing about it. Even if you don't have requests or questions, send me an email to say hi.

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