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(March 25, 2017) Just confirming that chapter 55 will be the final chapter of Ananke, so there will be three more chapters after the one I posted today.

Hello, I'm Eunike, and this is a worrying look into my damaged psyche my hobby.

Some random additional notes about my stories:

A Cats Mary Sue Parody (Cats):

This silly little story was one of the first stories I ever written, as the date and the quality implies. I can't say that it's worth the read (because it really isn't) but I like it how it reminds me of my dorky teenage self, which is why I don't have the heart to delete it.

Ananke (Harry Potter):

In this in-progress Severus/Lily fanfic, the nineteen-year-old Lily Evans travels accidentally forth in time and ends up in the year 1997, incidentally winding up at Severus Snape's place and lighting up is miserable life (or ruining it for good, depending on how you want to look at it). The story focuses on their difficult relationship while they slowly deal with the contradictions and problems that destroyed their friendship back in the day. At the same time, Lily is forced to grow up and get in terms with the contradictions within herself, and Severus depressively reflects on how much his past has shaped the person he eventually grew up to be. But it's mostly a Lily-centric story, a coming-of-age story of some kind, if you may.

I originally came up with this story when I started thinking that it was pity how Lily never got to witness all the incredible sacrifices Snape made because of her. I was also heavily influenced by least favourite tropes of SS/LE fanfiction, so consider this fic a half-hearted attempt to desconstruct some of them.

...Now I'm making it sound much more intellectual than it is. It's basically just pure melodrama from A to Z. Melodrama and crude sex jokes. And frustrating sexual tension which drags on foreeeever.

Lily's characterizion here is partly based on the impression I've gotten of her based on her few appearances in the books, and part of it stems purely from me being tired of the way she was often represented in fanfiction. I had devoured a huge amount of SS/LE fics by the time I came up with this story, and I had gotten tired of seeing her written as this incredibly perfect person who only makes wise and mature decisions and has neither flaws nor a personality. I much preferred the stories where Lily was a bit of a spitfire and has actual character flaws. Besides, Lily was only roughly twenty-one by the time she died in the books, and most people are idiots at that age. She's often depicted being wise beyond her years - which isn't wrong or anything, but I personally prefer her to act her age.

So, my response to that was coming up with this Lily who makes horrible decisions and is just as immature as a person can be at nineteen, and I've had an absolute riot writing her. I thought it would be more interesting - and more fun - for her to have major character flaws she could overcome during the fic, and I also kinda liked her being a bit of a firecracker in contrast to Severus's moody, brooding emo boy.

I also tried to rebel against some of my least favourite Snape-clichés with my portrayal of Snape by not making him the fourty-year-old virgin, by not ignoring the darker side of his character in favour of his romantic side, and by not overlooking the fact that his obsession with Lily is sorta sad and creepy and has perhaps more to do with his own lack of self-worth & his fear of taking emotional risks than with Lily actually being that awesome. I've tried to imply that he uses the unattainable Lily as a shield against potential emotional pain; being hopelessly hung up on someone he cannot have means that he has a lovely excuse to avoid getting out of his comfort zone to actually try to form meaningful & lasting relationships, which would also inevitably mean running the risk of getting his heart broken again. He's wise and mature in many ways, but he still has a shy fifteen-year-old's ability to process emotional agony, partly due to his painful experiences with Lily

I did some heavy rewriting on this fic when I brought it back after a very long hiatus in 2016. The plot remained the same, but I edited almost all of the chapters to get rid of some typos, repetition, needless padding, and others things I considered unnecessary in hindsight. Some chapters were simply retouched, and some were rewritten almost entirely, depending on how much self-loathing said chapters evoked in me when I reread them. I felt like the story needed to be streamlined because it was already long enough as it was, and I also thought that the tone was off in certain chapters. So, if you read this story a while back and feel like something has changed since then, you're absolutely right. This is Ananke 2.0. Or more like Ananke 15.8, because I've revised the story in waves.

There's a Spanish version of this fic. Aquí está la traducción al español de Andy Black Riddle:

Push, Pull (Harry Potter):

I wrote this miserable SS/LE fic as a knee-jerk reaction to "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". Get your welly boots on, because there's deep angst ahead!

In retrospect, I'm not particularly happy with this fic. It's too weepy, and while there's fortunately some humour to balance out the overly emotional content, I think that the narrative of this fic could have used some more irony, since the plot is kind of cruelly funny if you really think about it.

Some of the reviews I've gotten for this fic critisize Lily's lack of logic and self-righteous behaviour, and I agree with this. That was actually mostly intentional; she is contradicting herself throughout the story, and projects many of her own flaws on Snape because that's what people often do - they blame each other for their own mistakes because self-preservance, vanity, and stupidity keep them from seeing fault in themselves. I guess Lily comess off as an unrelatable character here because the story is told solely from Severus's point of view, and Lily's thoughts and feelings are never really exposed to the reader. She does explain her behaviour herself, but I think she's an unreliable source because she's obviously not really that good at self-reflection.

I don't think that this is a particularly romantic story, even though the focus is on a romance, because I was more interested in writing extreme angst by giving Snape snippets of what he desires the most and then immediately taking it away & making things even worse for him every time he thinks that his luck is about to turn. Perhaps it's the sadist in me, but I just can't help but think that Snape is at his funniest when he's horribly miserable.

The Stink of the Street (Les Miserablés):

This is a Canon-compliant one-shot about Éponine desperately offering herself to Marius before the rebellion begins. Wrote this back when I was really into Les Miserablés, haven't really looked at it since. Les Miz is another fandom I got in and out of rather quickly. I still like the book, but not enough to immerse myself in LM fanfiction anymore.

The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet (Romeo and Juliet):

A short AU fic about the unhappy future of the Romeo and Juliet who never died. Crikes, I've actually written Shakespeare fanfiction! How nerdy can one person get?

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