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Author has written 10 stories for Chrono Crusade, Twelve Kingdoms, Now and Then, Here and There, Fullmetal Alchemist, NANA, Blood+, Harry Potter, and Loveless.

READ THIS FIRST! I am in the process of moving from my old account, hanjuuluver, to this account, Rio Azules. I'm moving accounts instead of just changing names because I want to leave my early works up, just not with all the newer things since my writing has become so different over the years (4 of them). So this is a new account for my new works. Because I am moving over, I am going to cross-post my favorite stories from my old account to this one. There is no act of copying going on here. Please do not report me for it! I will try to remember to put that warning in the summaries, but just in case, I've put this warning bother here and on my hanjuuluver account. Thank you!

Brief bio about me:

Penname: is spanish and translates to Blue Rivers.

Gender: female and proud/gloating about it!

age: old enough to be close to done with my undergraduate degree (environmental engineering: it's like tree-hugging for money)

What I am doing here: this is a new account for an old user. My other penname is hanjuuluver, but I feel like I've outgrown that account, much of that work, and, sadly, that name. So I'm starting anew here under the name of "la Rio Azules".

What I write: as "hanjuuluver" I wrote a few chapter fics. They almost killed me. Actually as I write this there is one of them that is continuing to kill me called "Waiting For You" which I might post here as well--depends how I feel about it when it's all over and done with. For the most part, you will only be seeing oneshots, drabbles, and possibly three-shots from me.

Fandom: I'm between fandoms at the moment. I used to be stationed in Fullmetal Alchemist, and because of that I feel it's probably my strongest area, but I write for many fandoms, which you will see here and can also see under my "hanjuuluver" account.

Pairings: I have little overall preference--het, yaoi, yuri, whatever. Usually I lean towards yaoi because of the stark lack of female characters I actually like, but usually if there is a strong, competent female lead for the cannon I'll write het for it, excepting for the occasions that I prefer yuri. As of now, the only things I plan on writing yuri for is Blood, NANA, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Kiddy Grade. All of these are actually available for viewing here, except NANA which I am working on now-- it will be published both here and in my "hanjuuluver" account as A Little Pain (named after the closing (?) song for the anime. G rated, post manga).

Favorite Themes: Lately I've noticed I tend to write things that deal more with character development than plot development--which rather fits my one-shot style.

Sample of writing style (taken from "Homecoming", a Twelve Kingdoms fic):

The truth was that she had just begun to accept that her old home was truly lost to her and it was better that her parents think her dead, but the previous night, peering into the silver blade of Suiguu with that thought in her mind, what she had seen had nearly broken her heart. Her parents were crying over her photograph—a version of herself Youko almost didn’t even recognize anymore—and asking no one in particular why their daughter had run away from them.

What to expect from me: mostly Flangst. I tried writing extended fluff before, and it made my brain explode and implode simultaneously. It is a sensation I do not wish to relive, although that does not mean I don't write pure fluff every once in a while. Just--not much of it. I don't have much time to write, so updates tend to be rather... uhh... dispersed, to put it lightly.

Stories that will be moving here from my hanjuuluver account:

Unremarkable (Loveless fic from Shioiri's POV. No real pairing other than Shiori's imagined romance with Yuiko)

Painted Porcelain(Loveless fic. 2 part drabble with same prompt, one from Ritsuka's POV, and one from Soubi's POV. Obviously they love each other.)

Never Look Back (FMA fic, anime based. post anime, pre movie. Ed's POV. Ed/Roy)

Black and White Roses (100 word drabble for Black Knight manga, which is a yaoi manga to begin with)

Regarding Elegance (100 word drabble for Kiddy Grade, yuri-esque tone with Eclaire/Lumiare)

Together Again at Last (Spirited Away fic. post-movie one-shot)

Smiles and Encouragement (Blood fic with Saya/Kaiori one-shot from Kaiori's POV)

Reviewing: I LIVE FOR THEM! FLAMES WARM MY SOUL, PRAISE MAKES ME FLAIL IN GLEE, UNOPINIONATED REVIEWS THAT JUST SAY "HI" MAKE ME BEAM BECAUSE SOMEONE TOOK THE TIME TO WRITE IT. DID I MENTION THAT I LOVE AND APPRECIATE FLAMES?! CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM IS MY BESTEST FRIEND. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT OFFENDING ME, MY BETA IS MEANER THAN YOU ARE, I SWEAR (unless you think boiling me alive in a vat of oil and then striping me of my flesh which is then fed as a rare delicacy to passer-bys is thought of as a kind, heart-warming gesture, in which case I may be a bit worried)! I DO NOT OFFEND EASILY!!

The only way I can ever improve is if readers like you help me by pointing out all my flaws to me. I revel in it. It's how I've gotten this far and hell, it helps my grade in school too! Improved essay writing! I kid not! so please give any feedback you can, positive or negitive. if you have none, just leave a little note to make me feel all proud that people are actually reading my stuff. It's all I could ever ask for.

On that note, I'll leave you to your reading! Many thanks for your time and patience, and I hope you all enjoy reading what I've written, and what I will write!

Rio Azules

Note: Since college sucks my time, soul, energy, and life, I haven't really written anything for a long while--if you are waiting for an update to one of my stories, it's probably not going to happen. If you are waiting for something new, send me a PM and tell me you miss my work and I might feel appreciated enough to come back, but till then, assume this count is on haitus untill 2014 or so.

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