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I deleted my bio because I hate you. All of you.

:) Just kidding! It was just so freaking outdated it probably had cobwebs on it. Cyber cobwebs! Did you guys know, that I have no idea what to put here? That I'm just totally bored out of my mind. I can't believe I'm back on Fanfiction.net after all this time. Maybe I'm just going completely insane.

I don't like yaoi...I wrote it, on a dare.Blah. (Hehheh...) You're an idiot. (You're a...) THIS IS RATED G...so without further adeu...um, bye, I think?

I'm keepin' that up there because it amuses me...but...I'm really going to do a bio now...hm, now I'm not sure what to do.

Well, I've written fanfiction for awhile now, but I just started doing it again. I left a lot of stories unfinished, and I really do intend to get back on that! SEROUSLY!

Me: Well, I'm fifteen years old, I live in boringville USA, I play a lot of sports and am not the type of person you would think would write fanfiction. Normally, I'm against yaoi, but I just seriously got into because of this story I'm writing, fancy that?

Favs: Hm, well..my favorite all time anime/show is DBZ. And I'd have to say my favorite character from that is Vegeta, I absolutely adore him, mainly because he's a badass and that just seriously turns me ON. Yepyep... My favorite video game would have to be: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, I like Sonic and Shadow from that game. Thus, my new yaoi obsession. =P I also like Knights of the Old Republic 1 or 2. God, Carth and Atton are so freaking awesome.

Erm...random: Well, other than DBZ, I like Yu Yu Hakusho, InuYasha, and that's all the anime I really like, save Pretear. My favorite movies are Constantine, The Matrix, Phantom of the Opera, Lion King, Grease 1 & 2 and that's all I can think of.

All my fanfiction is not going to be under T rated, because I think most of the characters I write about are just going to cuss now and again. Not to mention, I don't want to entertain a 2-year-old audience.

I swear I'm going to finish my stories. Really, I do. And if I occasionally use parenthesis, and start talking to myself! Don't be alarmed, that's just me talking to myself. Seriously...it's totally normal. (No it's not.) Shut up, not now.

Well, once again, I feel as if I've taken the bio thing too far? Honestly, why are you reading my bio? Shouldn't you go read my stories or something? C'mon, give me a break!


"Now that's something I could laugh at."-Daddy (After Brett tripped and fell through the kitchen.)

Dad: "Now give me a hug, sweetheart!"
Mom: "I'm busy!"
Dad: "That's no way to treat someone who wants to give you a hug!"
Mom: "Fiiine!" -hugs-

"He enjoys pretending to be cool. He stalks her!" -Sarah(My bestest friend ever!)

Nathan: "Does anyone die in the story? I don't want to read it."
Me: "Yeah, Billy..."
Nathan: "-tear- He was a good man!" (You don't understand how funny that was!)

"Oh my God, blood everywhere!" (He wasn't even bleeding) -Brett(Little bro.)

"Wow, I'm sorry! I somehow gave you the wrong impression I actually cared!" -Me

"Man, he's such an asshole, a pain in the ass! Gah, he gets on my NERVES...I love him." -Me again

"When I grow up I want to be one of those people on TV where they talk reallyreally fast at the end of the commercials because they don't want you to know that you could die from trying to prevent hair loss!" -Jimmy(A friend of mine, he's so funny. He said this all very fast.)

Nathan: "You freaking loser!"
Me: "Yeah, well, no one likes you."
Nathan: "Really? Dang, I'm gonna go kill myself..."

Nathan: --Pretends to pull out gun--
Me: "Nathan! I thought you had stopped this habit!"
Nathan: "...oh! I'm sorry! I take it back!" --Pretends to put gun back in jacket--

Sean: And it depends on the movie...my parents flip out about movies I see.
Me: It's the Pink Panther...
Sean: Oh, well that outta be alright! ...is there any sex?
Me: Yes!
Sean: YES!

Just because I know I need to do it:


My Kryptonite- Sonic the Hedgehog- Sonic and Shadow. This is my primary focus right now, I guess Shadow the Hedgehog has me on a Sonic fandom right now. It's yaoi, my first ever yaoi, actually, but I actually like it. The darn thing is turning me into a slash fangirl, and THAT IS BAD. REALLY BAD. Well, now I'm finished with it...:( I'm gonna miss writing that!

Hiding The Truth- This is a DBZ story, the main character is Vegeta.Yeah, this was my focus for a long time, but right now, I've lost interest, the next chapter will be the ending. It's not gonna be great, but I have most of it written. So yeah. That's good.

Shadowed by the Past- DBZ-Goten. This is just a story I thought of randomly, I wanna finish it, but I'm not real sure if I'm going to.

Newcomer- I finished this. This was my first story, and the prequel to Hiding the Truth, I actually liked it. I couldn't write worth anything...but yeah, it's okay for a first I think.

Falling for the Enemy- DBZ Bulma/Vegeta fic. I liked the originality, or what I thought was, I put into this, hopefully I'll finish it one day.

My Son- First person varying POVs. Really angsty, DBZ. I dunno if I'll finish it.

Rose Blood- New, angsty ShadAmy. Yes, I was BORED. You're just gonna have to get over it. It's just a really angsty thing about Amy dealing with rejection. Blah.

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