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"Go chase a donut!" - Percy Jackson

"Your pretty smug Lord Ares, for a guy who runs from Cupid statues." -Percy Jackson

"You drool when you sleep." - Annabeth Chase

I nodded, looking at Rachel with respect. "You hit the Lord of the Titans in the eye with a blue plastic hairbrush." - Percy Jackson

"Humans see what they want to see." - Chiron

"Knowing too much of your future is never a good thing." - Chiron

"Remake the world, a little at a time, each in your own corner of the world." - Someone from the Battle of the Labyrinth

"Wow," Thalia muttered. "Apollo is hot."
"He's the sun god," I said
"That's not what I meant."
— Thalia Grace and Percy Jackson

"Die human! Die silly polluting nasty person!" - Grover Underwood

"That's right, you smelly bucket of nose drool!" Percy Jackson

She's (Sally's) funny that way, celebrating special occasions with blue food. I think it's her way of saying anything is possible. Percy can pass seventh grade. Waffles can be blue. Little miracles like that.-Percy Jackson

"With great power, comes the great need to take a nap. Wake me up later."- Nico di Angelo

"Because I'm your friend Seaweed Brain. Any more stupid questions?"- Annabeth Chase

"Let us find the dam snack bar."-Zoe Nightshade

"Don't I get a kiss for luck? Its kind of a tradition, right?" - Percy Jackson

I am obsessed with Percy Jackson and the Olympians!


1. Since when can Poseidon show up outta the water really huge and MADE outta water, then shrink?
2. Why did Zeus and Poseidon have that meeting?
3. Since when does Yancy have a pool?
4. Yancy's name isn't mentioned.
5. Why's Grover black? (no racism)
6. Why's it high school?
7. Where's Nancy Bobofit?
8. When is Mrs. Dodds an ENGLISH teacher?
9. Since when is she a SUBSTITUTE teacher?
10. Don't they start the book at the field trip?
11. Since when can Percy read Greek like *snaps fingers* that?
12. When is Grover such a perv?
13. How come he's not a scrawny little kid?
14. Why does he have crutches?
15. Mrs. Dodds wanted to see Percy because he used his powers. In the movie, she just randomly does it.
16. Chiron throws Percy Riptide.
17. Riptide's not a clicky pen, it has a cap
18. Mrs. Dodds is supposed to turn to ashes and monster dust.
19. Chiron is supposed to take Riptide back.
20. The mist is supposed to affect everyone into thinking there's someone called Mrs. Kerr.
21. Percy's supposed to have a Latin exam.
22. Percy's supposed to eavesdrop on Chiron and Grover.
23. What happened to the Fates?
24. Isn't Yancy a BOARDING SCHOOL? Meaning he doesn't go home at the end of the day?
25. Grover hasn't met Gabe yet
26. When the heck did Percy turn 17?
27. When did Gabe do THAT??? (I will not say what THAT is for the children . . . *shudder*)
28. What happened to "Gabe's private study"?
29. What about Montauk?
30. What happened to the cabin at Montauk?
31. Grover doesn't reveal his goatliness until the cabin at Montauk.
32. Gabe's car's supposed to get totaled by a lightning bolt.
33. Since when does Percy enter camp with Grover?
34. Isn't Grover supposed to pass out?
35. Why does Percy still have Riptide?
36. Isn't Percy supposed to snap the horn off the Minotaur? It gets stuck in a tree.
37. Doesn't Percy pass out AFTER he drags Grover into camp?
38. Why does Grover drag Percy to camp and not the other way around?
39. Isn't he supposed to see Annabeth and Chiron before he blacks out?
40. Isn't Annabeth supposed to be taking care of him?
41. What happened to Argus?
42. Doesn't Annabeth interrogate him?
43. What about nectar and ambrosia?
44. Even though the deleted scene DID have nectar and ambrosia, Annabeth's not supposed to be there.
45. What about Dionysus?
46. The Minotaur horn?
47. Chiron explains everything, not Grover.
48. Isn't Chiron the only centaur at camp?
49. Isn't Grover supposed to be getting judged?
50. Why's everyone older than they really should be?
51. Doesn't Chiron show him the cabins? ALL the cabins?
52. How does he just automatically know Percy's a son of Poseidon?
53. Percy's supposed to stay at the Hermes cabin.
54. He's supposed to be introduced to Luke by Annabeth.
55. What happened to Clarisse?
56. Why didn't Percy become "the supreme lord of the bathroom"?
57. What happened to the barbecue dinner? Percy's FIRST dinner?
58. The sacrifices?
59. Magic goblets?
60. He's supposed to be on Annabeth's Capture the Flag team.
61. What happened to him pwning the Ares kids?
62. What happened to Annabeth's invisibility Yankees cap?
63. Why'd Percy pwn Annabeth?
64. Speaking of which, why'd he gawk at her while she was fighting?
65. What's with Grover flirting with the Aphrodites?
66. His pan pipes?
67. Whoa, what's with the really odd dinner?
68. What's with the nymphs flirting with Percy?
69. Since when does Hades come outta the fire like that?
70. What about Percy's dreams (the one at Montauk)?
71. What happened to the Oracle?
72. Percy doesn't sneak out, he gets assigned with the quest.
73. And why'd he play Capture the Flag right away? He's supposed to be at camp for a few -what, days, weeks? -to train.
74. And he's supposed to get claimed by Poseidon during Capture the Flag.
75. But first get attacked by a hellhound.
76. And since when do they go to Luke for help?
77. What happened to Thalia's pine?
78. Half Blood Hill?
79. Also, now that I'm on the topic, why'd Grover tag along on the car ride?
80. Didn't they already receive drachmas when they set off?
81. Grover's supposed to wear the winged shoes Luke gave, not Percy.
82. Don't they take a taxi to the Greyhound or some train like that?
83. Aren't they supposed to see Gabe on TV THERE, in a store window, not in some hotel?
84. When did Luke give Percy a shield?
85. Or a map?
86. Persephone's Pearls?
87. What happened to the Fury attack at the bus?
88. Aunty Em is supposed to feed them and make 'em drowsy and stuff.
89. Aunty Em's Garden Gnome Emporium is supposed to be OPEN, not abandoned.
90. Since when would Annabeth and Grover suggest nicking some free sodas?
91. Where'd that mortal come from?
92. They don't split up, they get offered a "photo op"
93. Percy's . . . kinda poor ish, how'd he get an iPod?
94. Why isn't Riptide's name ever mentioned?
95. Why isn't the Mist either there or explained?
96. Didn't Annabeth save Percy from being turned to stone?
98. HOW the frick do Grover and Annabeth drive that car through the wall? They're supposed to be 12!!
99. What happened to Percy's dream AGAIN? (this time about Kronos)
100. Didn't Percy send Medusa's head to Olympus?
101. Didn't he steal the drachmas and address from her office?
102. What about Gladiola the poodle?
103. That train ride?
104. Since when do they drive to a motel?
105. And Percy swims in a pool?
106. And they keep Medusa's head?
107. What about the Arch at St. Louis?
108. And the Chimera?
109. And the Echidna!
110. And Percy jumping off into the Mississippi?
111. The whole quest isn't about finding Persephone's pearls anyway.
112. What about the Nereid?
113. And meeting Ares?
114. And going to the Waterland park?
115. And Aphrodite's scarf?
116. Hephaestus' trap!
117. And the Kindness International truck?
118. And releasing a zebra into Vegas?
119. And the Lotus Hotel and Casino didn't have some lotus flower things.
120. It wasn't gambling or an actually "casino" casino, it was a kid's heaven.
121. And they didn't drive a car through the wall (AGAIN).
122. Or get attacked.
123. What happened to the cash cards?
124. And the taxi drive to the ocean?
125. Or meeting that Great White to the Nereid?
126. And REALLY getting the pearls there?
127. Where'd Crusty's Water Bed Palace go? How else do they find the DOA address?
128. The Underworld isn't behind the Hollywood sign.
129. Where'd the DOA go?
130. And Charon's supposed to be in a waiting room wearing Italian silk suits, not just standing there.
131. He doesn't burn some money.
132. He doesn't even GET money, besides being bribed by drachmas!
133. They're supposed to run into Cerberus.
134. Since when is Persephone a total pervert and a flirt?
135. And has pet hellhounds?
136. Heck, she's not even supposed to BE in the Lightning Thief!
137. Annabeth's supposed to use a rubber ball and distract Cerberus.
138. They're supposed to go to Tartarus.
139. The shoes that GROVER is supposed to be wearing are supposed to be cursed.
140. And try to drag him into Tartarus.
141. When Percy meets Hades, he's supposed to have a robe of souls. ('What HORRIBLE things did you have to do in your life to get woven into Hades' underwear?')
142. Hades' Helm of Darkness is supposed to be stolen too.
143. Hades doesn't really want the lightning bolt.
144. Or Persephone (who, again, is not supposed to BE there!)
145. Grover doesn't stay back.
146. Sally's supposed to stay back.
147. The bolt doesn't show up in his shield (which he isn't supposed to have anyway . . . )
148. It's supposed to show up in his pack.
149. Which was given by Ares, who, again, was NOT THERE.
150. They don't go directly to Olympus.
151. Percy's supposed to fight Ares.
152. He is not supposed to have an air battle against Luke.
153. Where the frick is Kronos mentioned anywhere?
154. Percy is supposed to wound Ares.
155. Percy is supposed to have a curse put on him by Ares.
156. Percy is supposed to get the Helm of Darkness back from Ares.
157. Percy's supposed to hand it over to the Furies.
158. When does Percy make a water trident and (supposedly) kill Luke?
159. He (Luke) is supposed to be under Kronos' control, not want revenge on Hermes.
160. Luke is supposed to still be at Camp.
161. Percy's supposed to fly on a plane.
162. He's supposed to go to Olympus alone.
163. He finds out his mom is back.
164. Not Grover, since he wasn't supposed to stay back in the first place.
165. Percy's supposed to go see her.
166. He's supposed to give her Medusa's head.
167. Sally's supposed to directly give it to Gabe as "meat loaf", not hide it in the fridge.
168. When Percy goes back to camp, there's supposed to be a celebration.
169. They're supposed to burn their shrouds.
170. They're supposed to wear laurels.
171.Gabe is supposed to have "disappeared off the face of the Earth".
172. On a completely unrelated note, Sally is supposed to have sold a "sculpture".
173. Then use that money to put a down payment on a new apartment and a semester at NYU.
174. At the 4th of July fireworks, Grover's supposed to say good bye to search for Pan.
175. Annabeth's supposed to explain the fireworks.
176. He's supposed to get his first camp necklace and bead.
177. Luke is supposed to try to kill him again with a pit scorpion.
178. Percy's supposed to almost die and then wake up in the infirmary again.
179. Annabeth's supposed to visit him with Chiron.
180. Annabeth's supposed get angry at Luke.
181. She's supposed to have sent a letter to her dad.
182. She's supposed to leave camp, not spar with Percy.
183. Annabeth doesn't flirt with Percy yet (though, if you squint, maybe)
184. Percy's supposed to leave Camp and go back home.
185. Annabeth has blonde hair.
186. Curly blonde hair.
187. And grey eyes.
188. Percy has green eyes.
189. Grover's supposed to be scrawny.
190. And have curly brown hair.
191. And a goatee (oh, the pun).
192. And acne.
193. And wear a floppy rasta cap.
194. With fake feet.
195. Why doesn't Annabeth act like she has a small crush on Luke? Or at least is really close to him!!
196. Where's her dagger?
197. Luke's scar?
198. And his quest?
199. And since when does Annabeth start shooting at people with sleep inducing arrows?
200. And since when does she roll with a bow and arrow?
201. Since when do they go to the Parthenon?
202. And fight a hydra? That's book two!
203. What the frick happened to the Great Prophecy, huh? Answer me that!!
204. Yo -where is the Iris Messaging??

And remember . . . musicloveer99 wrote this entire thing Their self. In an hour.

'"Braccas meas vascimini!"
I wasn't sure where the Latin came from. I think it meant, "Eat my pants!"'
-Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief, pg166 (actually, that means "my fly is vascimini". If he wanted to say "Eat my pants!", it's "Vescere bracis meis.")

"I'm not saying hello to a pink poodle. Forget about it."
"Percy, I said hello to the poodle. You say hello to the poodle."
The poodle growled.
I said hello to the poodle.
-Percy and Annabeth Chase, Lightning Thief, pg195

"Annabeth . . ." I stammered. "How did you . . . how long have you . . ."
"Pretty much all morning." She sheathed her bronze knife. "I've been trying to find a good time to talk to you, but you were never alone."
"That shadow I saw this morning-that was-" My face felt hot. "Oh my gods, were you looking in my bedroom window?"
"There's no time to explain!" she snapped, though she looked a little red-faced herself."
-The Sea of monsters, pg23

'Before I could figure out how to apologize for being such an idiot, she tackled me with a hug, then pulled away just as quickly. "I'm glad you're not a guinea pig."
"Me too." I hoped my face wasn't as red as it felt.'
-Sea of Monsters, pg183

"Hubris? You mean that brown stuff you put on vegetables?"
"That's hummus. Hubris is much worse."
"What could be worse than hummus?"
-Percy and Annabeth, Sea of Monsters, pg199

'He went on asking questions. Did I fight a lot with Thalia, since she was a daughter of Zeus? (I didn't answer that one.) If Annabeth's mother was Athena, the goddess of wisdom, then why didn't Annabeth know better than to fall off a cliff? (I tried not to strangle Nico for asking that one.) Was Annabeth my girlfriend? (At this point, I was ready to stick the kid in a meat-flavored sack and throw him to the wolves.)'
-Titan's Curse, pg36

Zoe:"Where is the dam snack bar?"
Grover:"The dam snack bar?"
Zoe:"Yes, what is so funny?"
Grover:"Nothing, I could use some dam french fries."
Thalia:"And I need to use the dam restroom."
Zoe:"I do not understand."
Grover:"I wanna use the dam water fountain."
Thalia:"And I want to buy a dam T-shirt."
-Titan's Curse, pg208

"New lesson, class. Most monsters will vaporize when sliced with a celestial bronze sword. This change is perfectly normal, and will happen to you right now if you don't BACK OFF! . . . CLASS DISMISSED!"
-Percy, Battle of the Labyrinth, pg201

'I nodded, looking at Rachel with respect. "You hit the Lord of the Titans in the eye with a blue plastic hairbrush."'
-Percy, Battle of the Labyrinth, pg307

"With great power . . . comes great need to take a nap. Wake me up later."
-Nico di Angelo, Last Olympian, pg128

"I'm so cool I wanna date myself, but I can't figure out how! You wanna date me instead?"
-Leo Valdez, Lost Hero (he's my fave in the new series)

Jason scratched his head. "You named him Festus? You know that in Latin, ‘festus’ means ‘happy’? You want us to ride off to save the world on Happy the Dragon?"
-Lost Hero

"I can't summon any more gas!" Leo warned. Then his face turned red. "Wow, that came out wrong. I mean the burning kind. Gonna take the tool belt a while to recharge. What you got, man?"
-Lost Hero

"Can we just call them storm spirits?” Leo asked. “Venti makes them sound like evil espresso drinks."
-Lost Hero (Oh, Leo. And Starbucks [GO STARBUCKS!!!] has Venti sized drinks . . . coincidence? I think not.)

'The snake-haired ladies were starting to annoy Percy.
They should have died three days ago when he dropped a crate of bowling balls on them at the Napa Bargain Mart. They should have died two days ago when he ran over them with a police car in Martinez. They definitely should have died this morning when he cut off their heads in Tilden Park. No matter how many times Percy killed them and watched them crumble to powder, they just kept re-forming like large evil dust bunnies. He couldn’t even seem to outrun them.'

'The most horrible thing about her? She was still holding her big silver platter of free samples: Crispy Cheese ’n’ Wieners. Her platter was all dented from all the times Percy had killed her, but those little samples looked perfectly fine. Stheno just kept toting them across California so she could offer Percy a snack before she killed him. Percy didn’t know why she kept doing that, but if he ever needed a suit of armor, he was going to make it out of Crispy Cheese ’n’ Wieners. That stuff was indestructible.'

Percy stepped back. Six more inches, and he’d be tumbling through thin air. “Look, ladies, we’ve been over this. I don’t even remember killing Medusa. I don’t remember anything! Can’t we just call a truce and talk about your weekly specials?"
Stheno gave her sister a pouty look, which was hard to do with giant bronze tusks. "Can we?"

"Heroes!" Euryale said in disgust. "They always bring that up, just like our mother. 'Why can't you turn people to stone? Your sister can turn people to stone.' Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, boy! That was Medusa's curse alone. She was the most hideous one in the family. She got all the luck!"
Stheno looked hurt. "Mother said I was the most hideous."

"You dimwit!" Euryale screeched. "You're not supposed to tell him that! He won't eat the wieners if you tell them they're poisoned!"
Stheno looked stunned. "He won't? But I said it would be quick and painless."

'He put the platter behind his butt, said a silent prayer to whatever Roman god oversaw stupid sledding tricks, and jumped off the side of the hill.'


You like being in charge. You often wish you could just zap someone with a thunderbolt. You were voted Class President. You do what’s best for everyone. You think you have what it takes to run for President. You think every problem has a solution. You love showing off. You like plane rides. You are hydrophobiac



You feel at home in the water. Your favorite vacation place is at the beach. You enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, etc. You want to do something about the marine species being abused today. You visit the local pool on a regular basis. You swim professionally. You hate seafood. You never get seasick. You’d rather ride a boat than a plane. You are acrophobiac



You’re not that much of a people person. You like staying in the dark and writing poems (or stories). You experience bad moods on a regular basis. You like listening to loud, angry music. You spend most of your time alone. You think parties are sometimes loud and annoying. You like to keep to yourself. All your closets are padlocked. You write in diary/journal. You feel most active at night.



You own a garden. You like the great outdoors. You have a green thumb. You’re an environmentalist. You have a special connection with animals. You’re a vegetarian. You like going hiking, camping, and looking at the natural wonders of the world. You always check a product if it’s environmentally-friendly. You love going to flower shops. You think global warming is a threat that must be dealt with.



You often start fights. You’re a very aggressive type of person. You like watching wrestling. You’re competitive.You like reading about war. You don’t take crap from anybody. You have anger management. You never back away from a fight. Everyone does what you say. You don’t always think before you do something.



You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. You’re probably the only person who visit the library on a regular basis. Half of your Christmas presents last year were books. You like reading about war, mostly about the reasons and controversies behind it. You’re the valedictorian in your class. You’ve never gotten a grade below 90 in your report card. You get political jokes without asking people to explain them. You think it would be better if you were the President. You have a huge shelf of books at home. You think vinyl pocket protectors are useful.



You’re very creative and artistic. You like listening to all kinds of music in general (with a few exceptions) You always feel sunny and optimistic. You are talented at drawing. You like writing poetry. You can play at least 3 musical instruments. You like going to art museums. You almost always win 1st Place in Art Contests. You have straight As in Art on your report card. Your school notebook has more doodles than notes.



You dislike boys in general. A deer is one of your favorite animals. You can shoot targets. You like silver. You like the moon better than the sun. Zoe Nightshade is awesome. You love wild animals.You spend most of your time outdoors. You love to move around the place. Hunting is not cruel, if it's to hunt down monsters.



You have a way with tools. You build awesome things during your free time. You’re the best at Woodshop in your class. Metalworking is your forte. You have your own toolbox. You often search the Internet to look for pictures of robots. You’re a techie. You often have carpentry projects. You dream of being a carpenter. You aren’t afraid of fire.



Every guy/girl swoons for you. You like putting on makeup.You naturally smell good. You never experience a bad hair day (bursts into maniacal laughter). Your favorite activity is clothes-shopping. You’re always at the front of every trend. You’re the popular girl/guy at your school. You’re often invited to parties. Your motto is ‘It’s never a party without me.” You look at yourself in the mirror on a regular basis. (only in the morning and to get ready for bed at night)



You like pickpocketing your friends. You’re a prankster. You’re a speed demon.You consider yourself restless. You’re the best speaker in the class. You like thinking on your feet and using your wits. You’re inventive and resourceful. You often start arguments. You’ve never lost a debate. You like making witty and sarcastic statements.



You’re the life of the party. You like wine. You’ve probably tasted every alcoholic drink out there. You can finish a martini in less than a minute. You have a happy, cheerful disposition. You’re a foodie. You like going to social events and mingling with people. You like trying out new food. You feel that you’re abundant in life. You think that too much of anything is bad.


So, I'm a Daughter of Poseidon and a Hunter of Artemis, cool!

Meaning of Color and Birthday.

1. Which is your favorite color out of: red , black , blue , green , or yellow?(blue)

2. Your first initial?(A)

3. Your month of birth?October

4. Which color do you like more, black or white?black

5. Name of a person of the same sex as yours.Shaelyn

6. Your favorite number?(5)

7. Do you like Flying or Driving more?(Driving)

8.Do you like the Lake or Ocean more?(Ocean)
9. Write down a wish (a realistic one)

When you're done, scroll down. (Don't cheat!)


1. If you choose:

Red - You are alert and your life is full of love.

Black - You are conservative and aggressive.

Green - Your soul is relaxed and you are laid back.

Blue- You are spontaneous and love, kisses and affection from the ones you love.

Yellow - You are a very happy person and give good advice to those who are down.

2. If your initial is:

A-K You have a lot of love and friendships in your life.

L-R You try to enjoy your life to the maximum & your love life is soon to blossom.

S-Z You like to help others and your future love life looks very good.

3. If you were born in:

Jan-Mar: The year will go very well for you and you will discover that you fall in love with someone totally unexpected.

April-June: You will have a strong love relationship that will not last long but the memories will last forever.

July-Sep: You will have a great year and will experience a major life-changing experience for the good.

Oct-Dec: Your love life will not be great, but eventually you will find your soul mate.

4. If you chose:

Black: Your life will take on a different direction, it will seem hard at the time but will be the best thing for you, and you will be glad for the change.

White: You will have a friend who completely confides in you and would do anything for you, but you may not realize it.

5. This person is your best friend.

6. This is how many close friends you have in your lifetime.

7. If you chose:

Flying: You like adventure.

Driving: You are a laid back person.

8. If you chose:

Lake: You are loyal to your friends and your lover and are very reserved.

Ocean: You are spontaneous and like to please people.

9. This wish will come true only if you re-post this in one hour as "Meaning of color and your birthday!" and it will come true before your next birthday

You Know You're a Book Addict If:

You can randomly open to a page and know exactly what's going on

Read the book until 4 A.M., then get back up at 7 to continue reading.

You write fanfictions about the book.

You try to get all of your friends (and everyone else) to read your favorite books

You accidentally call everyone by the character's names.

Everything reminds you of the book.

You quote random lines all the time.

You try to do things that the characters do, even though you know you can't.

You've gotten incredibly bored in class, and debated on doing something your favorite character can do to escape the class.

You have pictures of your favorite characters on your iPod.

You've got a book memorized.

You've read a book more than five times.

You've read a book with 400 pages in less than two days.

You've planned and prepared a siege on a writer's house because he/she killed a character you like.

You've plotted to murder a character and steal her boyfriend.

You hate it when someone calls your favorite character fictional.

You blatantly deny it when someone calls a character fictional.

You check your back every morning in the mirror to see if you've sprouted wings and can join the flock.

Your idol is a character from a book.

I am a book addict and proud of it!!!

"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

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This story takes place in Eclipse when Riley goes to Bella’s room to gather her belongings for Victoria. This is what could have happened if Bella had arrived while he was still there, and the events following.
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This is a major crossover between many different stories with a huge twist and the histories of certain characters are a bit different. it may sound weird but please give it a try. The stories in it are: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Vampire Academy, Mortal Instruments, The Darkest Powers series, Maximum ride, Twilight, and My Blood Approves. ABANDONED
Crossover - Harry Potter & Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 4,605 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 7/18/2012 - Published: 6/5/2012 - Harry P., Percy J.
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