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Author has written 5 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Soul Eater, Legendz, Kingdom Hearts, and Pokémon.

I am all romance! and im into like all couples! XD I love all the cute sweet passionate feelings between a boy and a girl. I ONLY READ ROMANCE FICS. And I ONLY MAKE romance fics. It's ok if it has action or drama or even weird things like horror. It just has to have that special word ROMANCE in it.

(not yuri or yaoi wise though) XP

I support nearly every couple under the sun that are GuyxGirl related. My absolute FAVE couples are:

Ulquihime (Ulquiorra and Orihime from Bleach)

HitsuHina (Hitsugaya and Hinamori from Bleach)

ShadAmy (Shadow and Amy from Sonic)

Silvaze (Silver and Blaze from Sonic)

Gaasaku (Gaara and Sakura from Naruto)

Mina and the count. (From Mina and the count. XD) Look it up I'm sure you will remember it

And I like pokephilia pairings too but only because I'm sure you can tell from my pairings but I am a Beauty and the Beast shipper. I LOVE stories where the guy is a monster or isn't really human and a young pretty Human girl falls in love with him despite his horrible condition or the plain fact he's not human.

I have LOADS more pairings but these are the ones I love the MOST. And if you don't know what pokephilia is it's basically PokemonxHuman. I HATE female pokemon with male humans... BLEGH. I really love lucario, Zoroark and Mewtwo. As such I expect them to be MALE. HOWEVER. I do like female zoroark with male lucario. Thats not too bad really. Nobody makes enough of those though. I also like female mew with male mewtwo and female mew with male lucario. I've seen such cute stories from those.

To make things simple. Male beast x Female human = FAVES. So yeah

My biggest pet peeve is people who assume I'm stealing something when I wouldn't steal anyway because I like to use my OWN imagination thank you very much! I dont need your crap to make mine look good. XD I hate when people hate my pairing ideas. SERIOUSLY. DONT READ WHAT YOU DONT LIKE YOU WEIRDOS.

I also would like to state I have both a Deviantart AND a youtube account.

Deviantart: MadamDraega (note that I am not a good drawer I just fave others works really. But I do have some stuff there)

YouTube: SuperCouplesChan2 (I'm not that bad at making videos. I only make couple vids.)

So yeah I'm just a huge fanshipper. :) basically.

Also I have had this terrible story where I made all my fans yell at me for disappearing on a fanfic I made for a whole year.. " It was a hectic year. SO I made it clear that I will not abandon a Fic like that again. However due to my lack of time and I have to do online Spanish everyday I will update slowly and I will only work on ONE FIC at a time. So until I finish Blood Drug I'm not finishing anything else. Thats an example and a fact XD

ANYWAYS if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, reccommendations...blah blah blahhh... If you need me I'll be here. XD send me a message! I can check those on my phone too

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