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cA/N: Hi there! YukiHimeChaan here! I'd just like to thank you all for viewing my profile, and reading at least one of my stories (which I'm assuming you have because...how else would you get here?) It means alot to me that your here! Thanks guys! Currently, I'm a high school student in England, and am in the middle of my GCSE's, so I do hope you'll forgive me if updates take a little while. I lead a pretty hectic lifestyle, you see! I'd just like to thank you all again, and now I'm off! Bye!

(In other words, sod off, or read one of my stories!)

Songs mentioned in 'Finders Keepers' (I really recommend you listen to them!)

Chapter One- 30 Seconds To Mars, 'This Is War'. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zcps2fJKuAI

Chapter Two- Nickelback, 'Saving Me'. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JQiEs32SqQ

Chapter Three- RED, 'Breathe Into Me'. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnhQjI3EV-8&feature=related

Chapter Four- Coldplay, 'Fix You'. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JI-o25K6B-E

Chapter Five- Architects, 'Heartburn'. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2_CTHii4qE

Chapter Six- Thousand Foot Krutch, 'Phenomenon'. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2_CTHii4qE

Update Schedule: I can't promise anything, but updates should take no longer than three weeks, and at the earliest about a week after the most recent chapter.

IMPORTANT: I am currently putting 'Finders Keepers' on hiatus. I seriously have no inspiration for this fic at the moment! On top of that, no time= slow updates. I promise I will pick it back up at some point, but I can't give you any exact dates as of yet. Sorry about that. I will inform you all as to when it will be re-continued, though :)

Mini Punch: Okay, so in chapter five of Finders Keepers, I mentioned a game called Mini Punch, and it seemed to cause some confusion. Basically, it's used as a way to pass time while on long car journeys! To play, you just have to spot any kind of Mini Cooper (here's a link--http:///wp-content/uploads/2009/07/mini-cooper3.jpg) and shout "Mini Punch!". It's really easy! :D

About YukiHimeChaan.

Name: Megan. One of my best friends has the same name. It gets pretty confusing.

Age: 14.

Hair: Blonde-ish. (Yes, I'm sure you have some fascinating jokes about that.), straight and about an inch past the shoulders.

Eye Colour: Hazel. Leaning more towards the green than the brown.

Weight: 46kg.

Height: 5"1. I'm the smallest in my class.

Location: England. Not saying any more than that, you sodding pervert!

Personality: Sarcastic, competitive, and shockingly pathetic when it comes to being on time. Honestly, if the Queen invited me for lunch, I'd be half an hour late at the least.

Orientation: Straight, and proud. :D

Fashion sense: Am seriously loving the vintage look right now. But mostly shorts and t-shirts if it's over -2 degrees.

Fave Colour: Teal or a pale lemony colour

Fave Ice Cream: Hazelnut. Dear lord, that stuff is mind blowing.

Fave Food: Anything Italian, they sure know how to cook.

Fave TV Show: Call The Midwife/Sherlock. Or Made in Chelsea...

Fave Song: 'Chapel Song' by We Are Augustines, 'Spaceman' by The Killers

Fave Pairing(S): Ulquiorra Schiffer x Orihime Inoue from Bleach(Come one, have you not read my stories at all?) Kyon x Yuki from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (NOT from the anime/manga. I'm talking about the actual light novels written by Tanigawa Nagaru), Sasuke Uchiha x Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto, America x England (USUK). I love this pairing. Seriously, it'sthe only 'popular' pairing I can stand! However, my OTP must go to Prussia x England from APH. It's just too perfect.

Fave Character: Arthur Kirkland (England). It biased due to my nationality, but whatevs.

Likes: Tea, scones, drawing, moisturizer, bouncy mattresses, pugs, watermelon, smiley faces, sweet and sour chicken balls, sleeping, bright colours, the 'snooze' button on alarms, pillow fights, hazelnut truffles, baking, laughing, spring weather, rain, Pocoyo, lemonade.

Dislikes: Anything remotely spicy, frost, moths, McDonalds, rap music, prejudice, religion, when your favorite character always gets killed off, hairdryers, keys, dark colours, liars, lumpy pillows, creaking floorboards, horror/gore, ghost stories, haunted houses, little sisters, Blonde jokes, bullies, face wipes. Meh, I'm entitled to be picky.

Okay, so I am officially taking requests! If anybody wants a fanfic (Be it one-shot or multichaptered, I'm not really bothered.) Don't hesitate to PM me with your ideas!

BUT- It has to be under one of these catagories...


Axis Powers: Hetalia

Gakuen Alice


The Saga of Darren Shan/ Cirque du Freak


The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

Fruits Basket

Death Note

The Bartimaus Trilogy

If there are any others you want to ask about, just say so, 'coz you never know! I MIGHT have read them. It's a big might though. :D

'Chapel Song'- We Are Augustines

Well there goes my girlInto the chapelNow she's walking down the aisleAnd it feels just like a mileAnd I shake shake shake like a leafAnd I'm lyin' lyin' lyin' through my teethI got a pocket full of handshakesAnd it don't mean nothin'There goes my girlInto the chapelNow she's walking down the aisleAnd her man begins to smileAnd I shake shake shake like a leafAnd I'm lyin' lyin' lyin' through my teethI'm a bowl of bruised fruitInside a chapel of shiny applesTear up the photograph!'cause it's a bright blue skyTear up the photograph!'cause it's a bright blue skyTear up the photograph!'cause it's a bright blue skyTear up the photograph'cause it's a bright blue sky



sama-chan: Seriously, your like, my favourite cyber person right naw. Apart from being an amazing BETA, randomly discovering me on facebook(I still have no idea how you did that:P) and totally nice, thanks for all the laughs you've given me in our emails! BETA/AGE BUDDIES UNITE! Love you long time!

gothchan:You're the first person here to have ever reviewed one of my stories! Thankyou so much! Lots of love !

Q u e e n V a m p: You actually reviewed every chapter (apart from eight!) of Finders Keepers! Cheers!

nypsy: Thanks for all the ideas and insight on how Finders Keepers would progress! You're brutally honest with me, and it's helped so much! You're reviews always make my day! :3

Andr3w R0b3rts0n: You didn't sign in, but it makes my day that you wanted to marry my fanfic. Thanks alot! :D

Seisakusha-sama: Thanks for the brilliant idea! It has now become a major part of the storyline!

Selena Estella: The first person to review Finders Keepers, it meant so much to me, and I never expected the story to do as well as it has! Thankyou!

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