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Hi! I just joined this awesome website!


Name: NOT TELLINNNNNNNNNN Kuz I hate my nameee...(growls)


Fav color: blue,sliver,hot pink,red

Crushes-Sonic The Hedgehog, Shadow The Hedgehog, HOPE ESTHIEM, Sora(KH), yUGI Moto, AND LINK THE HERO OF TIME, Inuyasha,and Kuzune-kun!!

So, I'm not as good at stories but..I write really good ones...I HOPE YOU ENJOY MY STORIES! AND ONE DAY...I'LL BECOME A FAMOUS ATHOUR MYSELF! I will not write any lemons kuz dats just NASTY & not on my mind! Nothin nasty like that!To tell you all! I ONLY MAKE STORIES WITH NEW CHARACTERS AS IN GIRLS! Kuz, I'm not a guy(As you can tell) and so...I really dont know, how to think like a guy to much? If I do write a guy its neither POV or something really hard I had to come up with? Anywho...I may make a new story with a guy(IDK) if i'll be good at it but, I appreciate it if ya read it!I do read lots of books(witch will be very helpful as a writer)! Like Twighlight, Pigman, Diary Of Middle School Year, Diary of a Wimpy kid, Harry Potter, AND MAGNA!!

Me: I love to write all different types of stories but my two main are ROMANCE & ADVENTURE!! I am a christian(baptist) Yes, I am 13, yes i do have a lot of crushes on fictional characters but WHO CARES??

My fav couples:












MexHope hahahahahaaaaaaa

I am a new anime fan so far I like

twin princesses of the star planet


full metal alchemist,


cardcaptor sakura


,sonic(if it is an anime),

H2O:Feet In The Sand

,A.I. love you,

Love Hina,

Kamichama Karin,

Avatar The Last Air Bender,

Mamotte Lollipop(save me lollipop)


I love to write romances and adventures!!

My fav games are kingdom hearts

,Modern war fair

r,shadow the hedgehog

,sonic unleashed,

Sonic riders,



super smash bro.


My powers-a really good ninja and fights with dual bladed sword!!


O--uysyanding guy

P--uts life for friends

E--very girl wants in a guy!! COPY THIS IF YOU LIKE OR LUV HOPE!

You know what I hate, long profiles! But what the hey! I have to tell a little more about myself right?

Mt Fav quotes


"What did ya just say?"

"I love you Vincett Martella(don't know him, don't care)

And "Kawaiii"

Okay so for one more thing you'll always know it's me reviewing you because I do this"I lOve yOuR StoRy" haha!

I so love to watch cartoons. One day I'm gonna be an author or make my own magana!! But really everyone has time to think about their life's job! I usually get down because of that because a lot of people are like

"Sweet heart what High School are you going to?

Or "You know seventh grade is very important in your life."

Some what like"You need to study more to get your grades up!"

Well what I say is," I don't know I have a lot on my mind." "Yes I know"

But what I think is...Im only 13?? I'm not near it! I still have two years!!

Anyways, more about me(no, Im not a love myself person! But this is my profile!) I pretty much fall in love easily and have crushes A LOT usually like every month I change who I like. But you know what they say..."There are a lot of fish in the sea." I also am not afraid to die. No, Im not goth or EMO. OR GAY!!! Or bisexual! I am just a girl with a dream and to much free time is what I have. Well, not a lot of free time because Im a cheerleader,basket ball player, video game-attic,Plus I luuuuuuuuuuuuv to make CARTOOOOOONS OR ANIME.

Other than that, Im just your everyday "loser" known at school. But I know Im not a loser. In fact, one day I'll be the so called,"Popular" Kids will be working for m e. But, until that day comes...Im just me. Also, I do not get beat up. Never! Kuz I know I can kick butt wholes any day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It doesn't matter! Anywho...I love to talk more but like I said I hate long profiles!! So, thanks for visiting my profile!!

D _ D Music guys wants to take over fanfiction! To help him spread, copy & paste this to your file! ESPECIALLY IF YOUR AN ANIME FAN!

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