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Greetings, I am not much of a writer when it comes to fanfic, I am writing my own personal story about a dream I had a few years back about dragons and whatnot. Although if anyone asks me, I would be happy to write a story about characters, provided I know who the characters are and a general background of said characters. I haven't really had much inspiration about countinuation stories from series, other than just a sinister remake of Labyrinth. But that involves coming up with plot and stuff, and I really want to work on my current story right now. I may write fanfic in the future if something just pops into my mind, for that is how many of my great ideas occure.

I am in fact, female. (if you hadn't caught on from the name) And no Kara is not my real name. It is the name of the main character of that story I mentioned earlier. And I have always been atracted to dragons and fire since elementary school. Fire in the second grade and dragons in the fifth. I, in fact, collect dragons as a hobby. I am approximately 95% tom-boy and have the personality of a guy, and come off as very guy-ish apparently. I am also about 40% goth. (two different scales of course) I should probably also mention that I am a sucker for mischief and subtle hinted feelings. What many people don't know about me, (even some of my closest friends) is that I am actually a romantic at heart.

I am always the villian and just love movie villians, provided they are done properly. Villians always have the best outfits, as well as some of the best songs. I am actually more portrayed as an evil and maniacal person with a lack of fellings. And truthfully, I do find joy in the harm and torment of others. I love dark, spooky things and choose not to show my true feelings to most people. I usually do come off as emotionless for that fact, but only my closest friends can actually tell what I am feeling as any given moment. Although, I am actually a fairly happy person. I just happen to think differently than "normal" people.

I realize all of this is in horrible grammer and whatnot. Plus the fact that I can't spell. If it bugs you that much, just send a message and I might fix it. Emphasis on might.

Have a great day!

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