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Author has written 3 stories for Tsubasa Chronicle.

My name is Kyo and I’m an almost-college student that frequently get obsessed with things and those things frequently wind up in the form of fanfiction. I also have a meadow for a head that regularly attracts plot bunnies and other woodland muses.

I like usually write romance stories and they’re usually same-sex stories, but there is/will be some het here, too. The only limits I can promise you are that there will never ever be little kids or animals as far as romance goes.

Welcome to my profile!

Other Stories:

Sooo yeah. I’m really bad at updating - sorry about that, I blame my easily distracted brain... ;

But anyway, my distraction is sorta productive because I have other stories I’m working on! They aren’t all set in stone or anything, but I reckon I might as well put up some summaries and what not. You can drop me a message if you like one in particular or for any reason, actually, ha-ha…

If they have an M rating, I’m going to tread softly because frankly, a lot of people on FF are trippin’ and getting suspended would be most displeasing…


I Never Did, I Always Will: Belarus/Canada/Cuba

When Canada rescued Belarus after she tried to commit suicide, he didn’t realize exactly how much baggage she’d been carrying on her walk to the edge. Even between he and Cuba, he’s beginning to grey about whether they’ll be able to carry it. But be damned if they aren’t going to try…

Warnings: Mentions of suicide might be triggery and eventually it’s a romantic three-way relationship. Rated T: No sex, mild language

Can’t: Frying Pangle

Liz can’t choose between them. And screw what society, screw what her family says, she’s never going to even try.

Warnings: Romantic three-way relationship. Rated T: No sex, mild language

Dormant: GerIta x RusCan

When Germany and Italy have a son, the question is raised – by a group of highly paranoid nation-persons – if they should be allowed to keep him, in a world just aching for an anarchic representative. When Canada hears the nations are debating allowing children after just finding out he was pregnant with Russia’s baby, he decides the only way to save their kids is to go Dormant. To drop their status as members of the Union of Nation-People.

Warnings: Eventual polyamorous relationship, slightly dark themes and implied BDSM moments, but no explicit sex. MPreg. Rating: M

Footsie: PruCan

Matthew is a great lover. The best, most beautiful and understanding person Gilbert’s ever been with. All he wants to do is return the favor, but the Canadian is being so freaking secretive about what it is that makes him hor-… happy.

Warnings: Yaoi served straight up. And think about that title real hard. Rating: M for hopefully obvious reasons

I’d Fight, I’d Surrender: GerIta

Italy realized - the moment he dropped his white flag and grabbed a riffle - that he’d do anything for Germany, even if it meant giving up the vow of nonviolence he’d made upon HRE’s “death”. He narrowed his eyes at the soldiers charging his lover’s house, and leveled his gun. He would not lose his heart to war again. / Germany is a fighter. Always had been. He’d fight until he was run into the ground, but… this war was killing his little lover. And Italy is worth so much more than his pride. He picked up the blood stained white flag, screaming at the top of his voice, “I SURRENDER!” [I might break this up into companion stories…]

Warnings: War/violence, but nothing too graphic. Rating: T

Marigold: Canada & OC(Marigold) Friendship or PreSlash

Kumajiro didn’t always have a voice. When America asks Canada about his little talking bear, he’s in for a heartbreaking little tale that ends in lost innocence and the words: “Who’re you?”

Warnings: Character Death (sort of…) Rating: K

Permanence: Ameripam

As Kiku looked at himself in the full length mirror, he realized the scars on his chest were just as permanent as his love for Alfred. It all came down to how he would handle the moment the two of them were sure to collide.

Warnings: Yaoi, Slight gore Rating: M

Even If You Didn’t: PruCan (Slight: GerIta)

Nardocia County is the most gang infested part of the post-apocalyptic world. It’s not a place to fall in love. The fact that they technically fell in love in the neighboring city is irrelevant. Their bosses are out for blood and they’re running out of options…

Warnings: Violence and implied assault might be triggery, Non-explicit sexuality, Rating: M

Fingertips: GerIta

Every touch Germany would eventually give Italy started with just the brush of his fingertips.

Warnings: Copious amounts of fluff. Yaoi. Rating: T (might raise)

Untitled Insofar: RusCan (Timeline/drabble type collection of shorts…)

Since they began a relationship, Ivan and Matthew had given each other many things. Their time to kill, their patience to test, their shoulders to lean on... Even their precious vodka and maple syrup. And now just recently, they had gained total trust from one another.
However, it wasn't until the day that Ivan took off his pale yellow scarf, exposing his scars to all, and wound it around Matthew's neck that everyone truly understood... The Canadian held his heart, too.
It might as well have be a proposal...
It sort of was.

Warnings: Fluff, silliness, and more fluff.

The Fairy Forest: FrUK

Arthur and Francis have finally gotten engaged, and the Englishman wants to prove his trust of the Frenchmen… and that he hasn’t been insane for having fairy doors installed about his house.

Warnings: None really, unless you’re offended by magic. Just cutesy stuff. Rating: K

Promise: Axis Powers & PruCan

The war is over and the Axis lovers are scattered and in pieces and the world wants to punish the persons as much as the nations… But Canada can’t watch these men, in their war torn bodies and minds, be forced to suffer any further. And he can’t just leave his best friend at the mercy of monster. He’ll break all the rules to keep his promise.

Warnings: Darkness, trauma, slight gore, polyamory. Rating: T

After All These Years: RoChu friendship; RusCan, slight IndiChina

Russia is moving to make things right before he marries the love of his life. The first step may be the hardest, but this is the most important, because at one time, Yao was the most important.

We Were Friends: Canada x Belarus

And it was in these moments, when she lay hot and trembling beneath him, as he stumbled through countless French endearments against her neck, she remembered where they’d started… More than anything else, he’d been her friend. He’d always be her friend.

(AAAND I have some stuff I might deanon off of, ahem, the Hetalia “K-Mart” but again, with all the nastiness going on, I’m going to hang off for a bit…)


At the Top of Her Voice: Neji & Hinata (FAMILY STORY, OK? PLATONIC. PLATONIC. PLATONIC.)

Neji was the child Lord Hiashi had always wanted. Hinata knew that all along. She was just finally admitting it aloud… and accepting what that would mean for her.

Warnings: Dark themes Rating: T

Almost Ok: Hinata x Sasuke

(Post – At the Top of Her Voice) He needed the repentance. She needed the release. She beat him with more brutality than her innocent face should’ve allowed and he cried harder than his numb gaze should have been able to hide, but then she held him, tightly and for hours, until the both felt almost ok.

Warnings: Consensual BDSM, D/s relationship. Descriptive. Still kinda H/C fluffy at some points… Rating: M

Limbo: Neji x Team Gai (Hinata, platonically...)

When Neji and Hinata are injured in a fight, they wind up trapped in Limbo. Neji’s Limbo is shaped like a triangle. He’s trapped between three sides; three choices he can’t make. Hinata’s Limbo is all darkness and she’ll let it stay that way so he doesn’t have to.

Warnings: Polyamorous relationship, age gap (Gai), Nondescript mentions of sex Rating: T


Hit Me: KuroFai

Kurogane saw all that Fai went through. He finally knows how tainted he is. Now all the Mage wants is to finally get the abuse he knows is coming and deserved all along.

Warnings: H/C and bad poetry Rating: K

Scarves: KuroFai

Fai had never felt more safe and loved and protected and downright good than when Kurogane made love to him. He wants more than anything for Kurogane to take more for himself, too…

Warnings: Yaoi and light bondage. Rating: M

Wake Up, Kurogane

The different ways Kurogane has learned to wake up.

Warning: None Rating: K

My Master: Tom x KuroFai

Fai had always been worried she’d want him to leave. He didn’t even dare to hope for anything like this…

Warnings: Hierarchy type set up, Polyamorous. Rating: T


Soft Glow: Super Family

The first time Steve leaves baby Peter and Tony home alone, despite Tony swearing they’d be fine, he can’t help but call when the storm outside gets loud.

Warnings: Fluffy fluff. Enough fluff to drown in. Rating: K

Untitled Insofar: Science Boyfriends daughter!OC

After all Delia (and Bruce) had been through, Tony wouldn’t even think of letting S.H.E.I.D. put her in a cage. He invites the Avenger’s new sidekick to live in Stark Towers. He didn’t realize how much she would actually start to mean to them. Now, he’s even more glad they took her… (This summary is crap, but I reeeeally like the story and OC… I’ll think of a better one when I actually post it.)

Warnings: Slightly dark themes, mild-nondescript sexuality Rating: T

Legend of Korra

Operation Mojo: Tahno (xBolinxKorra) and a polar bear puppy

Tahno had lost everything. His bending, his “friends”, his job… And Korra managed to get it all back for him, starting with a little polar bear puppy named Mojo.

Anything you wanna ask, say, request or whatever, leave me a PM! Peace!

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