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Go: Hey there’s lovies! Took us long enough to do this, neh? XD Anyways~ I be HappyGothChan, or Go as I’m called these days. I also answer to HG or Goth

Haya: Heh, yeah. Forever… Even longer than when Go-chan typed all her stuff up cause this got buried in my computer and got forgotten about… *whistles* ANYWAYS! I’m Hayate, Haya, or Jem x3


Go: 17... Still can't drive -3-

Haya: I’m 16 and learning how to drive ;D


Go: As I do with many things I’ll answer in terms of my ethnic background >.> I’m half-Hungarian, fourth-Welsh, fourth-German, with random Irish and French possibly mixed in (I refuse to accept the latter -_-;) Where does this leave me? I’m damn shy and anti-affection IRL, but also really random and loud and violent. I don’t think I own an inside voice… It ran away. I’m quick to anger and have a pride that's frankly way too big. As much as I hate it I cry way too damn easily and am a sucker for good endings and refuse to acknowledge bad ones. Meaning? If I don’t like something I just plain out ignore its existence and get pissy if its ever brought up. I hate being forced to do things I don’t want to do, especially if it’s with food or losing my much needed sleep. I’m majorly paranoid about people touching my back, specifically the back of my neck. I jump at loud noises and sudden movements. Whatever you say I can manage to find something perverted about it… But then not understand some of the simplest jokes because I’m a stupid blonde

Haya: I’m Prussiatastic. Enough said ;P


Go: Lesse… Long, long, LONG list y’all. Hetalia, Kyo Kara Maoh, DNAngel, Her Majesties Dog, Noein, 1/2 Prince, Kurohime, Skip Beat, Loveless, and Hot Gimmick have got to be my top favs

Haya: HETALIA. Obviously. XD I have such a long list of stuff I like, but some of my favfavs are Skip Beat, One Piece, Kimi ni Todoke, Loveless, Eyeshield 21 (I know, I’m a dweeb x’D), Ouran High School Host Club, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Tsubasa/xxxHolic, Cardcaptor Sakura, Air Gear, FullMetal Alchemist, Lovely Complex, and D.Gray-man.


Go: Tales. Tales is beeping amazing. With the exception of Tales of Symphonia 2 XP Tales of Legendia is pretty annoying as well, but better. Persona 3's cool, but PERSONA 4 OMFG I LOVE YOSUKE WITH ALL OF MY BEING. Fable will forever be a series I am constantly returning to. Harvest Moon ish my childhood and bestest friend in the entire world. Pokemon is right there with it, man. As sad as it is, I’m epic fail at Kingdom Hearts, but I still love it. Same with Baten Kaitos… LUX-PAIN, I’M ONE OF YOUR VERY FEW FANS

Haya: -3- I don’t have the patience for video games really. I’m one of those types of people that has to be doing tons of thins all at once AKA MULTITASKER! XD Video games take up too much attention! But, when I do get in the mood to play and not cheat and watch all the cutscenes online *coughItotallydon’tdothatcough* I like the Kingdom Hearts series, FFVII and FFXIII.

Fav chars?

Go: As our first fic on this account was GermanyPrussia, it may be hard for y’all to believe, but Germany actually wasn’t even in my top ten favorites for Hetalia for a while o.o You see, I have this thing for liking the underdogs, so despite my love of Germany and it’s culture he was placed below Hong Kong, Greece, Canada, and Hungary. Now he’s up there with them. Love you, Luddy! Spain has been moved up there with you as well, because he ish love. And even if he technically hasn't shown up yet I love Scotland from what I've seen in fan depictions that all show the same thing. Red hair+smoker+asshole+earring+gloves= LOVE on my end. As for the others… KKM would be Wolfram. DNA, Krad. We homicidal blondes hafta stick together. Her Majesties Dog? All of them~ Noein… Karasu. Love, love, love

Haya: Well, if I sat here and listed all of my favorite characters from all of my favorite series, we’d be sitting here for a while. Sooo, I’ll just settle with “I am extremely ambivalent (oooooooo SAT word! XD) and go through moods of which characters I like the most.” But Prussia is always at the top of the mood list. Because Gilbo is amazing. Yao is pretty close to Prussia-level as well… Hitachiin twins as well. And Kyoko is my idol. God I love that psycho girl xD


Go: Hmmm… Lemme think… I’m a stickler for old books >.> Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, Fahrenheit 451, Lord of the Flies. Past that is my adoration of Frank Peretti with House, Monster, and so forth. Then fantasy… The Last Dragon ish my love~ And Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan is like a dream come true for me QwQ

Haya: I’m a random fantasy reader xD I’m pretty sure y’all won’t know a single book I’d list. I also love Lord of the Flies though. Such an awesome book


Go: Anything and everything you can think of. My dad listens to country. With my mom I grew up with Meatloaf, Phil Collins, the Drew Carey Show soundtrack. My aunt was the Phantom of the Opera and Barry Manilow. My uncle all the wonders of the Who, Queen, and on. As long as it’s not rap or unintelligible screamo, I like it, basically

Haya: VOCALOIDS! =D J’aime les Vocaloids! I’m currently on a Luka spree at the moment~ When not in a Vocaloid mood, I like other random Japanese songs… Have pretty much every single Hetalia song in existence *ish a dork* When in a non-Japanese mood I like alternative and techo stuff. Some of my top favs are Lady Gaga, Shiny Toy Guns, Train, My Chemical Romance, etc. etc.


Go: Crimson ish the best color in the world. Dogs are epictastic. Cheesecake is delish. Snow is a blessing. Sleep is the just freaking awesome. Archery is very enjoyable, even if I’ve lost feeling in most of the tips in my left fingers. HISTORY IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE

Haya: Prussia is the shiz. JUST SAYING. I love the color rainbow (aka too indecisive to choose one color to like the most so I like them all). Sushi should be a food group. Fanfics are awesome and writing actual stories is even better. Roleplaying is a great creative release. I love cosplaying and hope to do more and get better. Horses occupy a large part of my life~


Go: Sun and heat >.> They kill me. Too much chocolate is disgusting. Roses shall burn. I can’t keep cheap, greasy pizza down. Whipped cream and mint are gross. Finding nothing for left handed shooters is damn annoying. WHY IS MY BEAUTIFUL BLONDE HAIR GETTING DARKER!?!? T.T

Haya: … Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yeah.


Go: ‘You like people for their good qualities, but you love them for their defects.’ ‘Live, laugh, love.’ ‘Live for today, but look forward to tomorrow.’ ‘It’ll all work out.’ ‘Humor is tragedy, plus time.’ ‘It’s all fun and games until something gets hurt. Then it’s just fucking hilarious.’ 'Every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back.' 'Sometimes it is not choosing between apple and orange. Perhaps it is to enjoy the sweetness of apple and juiciness of orange.' 'Even if a life is just a drop in the bucket, every drop of water leaves ripples.'

Haya: -3- I make my own quotes, bitches.

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