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Hello Readers,

Well, let's see what I can say here. I've been on Fanfiction for about four years and have written about eight stories but only five have survived so far. I love writing it's something that I do for fun. I have other dreams and goals apart from writing, music is a big one. I actually started youtube videos where I talk about books and stuff and I'm also doing NaNoWriMo. Jackie-Jackie is my username for youtube and on the NaNoWriMo site you can find me at Jackiegutierrez007 so go check those out. If you have any questions for me or my stories or anything at all like the Royal baby or what's my favorite TV show just PM me I'll respond ASAP! AND DON'T FORGET TO READ AND REVIEW MY STORIES!

Favorite Books: (no particular order) The Hunger Games, Divergent, Matched Trilogy, Vampire Academy, Mortal Instruments, Infernal Devices (Will!), Percy Jackson and the Olympian's of course, Hero's of Olympus, also Iron Fey Series.

Check out some of my original stuff on FictionPress at Happyflowers2907

Why I wrote:

Happy Endings- Okay, so Happy Endings was my very first story! I thought that out of all the characters in the Twilight Saga, the saddest loneliest character of all was Leah. She had gone though so much with Sam, her father dying, and then above it all she turns into a wolf! The first and only female wolf. She needed to have someone beside her. She was such a sad character and before Bella had her baby I thought that her and Jacob were going to end up together; they didn't. Then at the end of the book everyone else is happy, everyone had their happily ever after. So I thought she needs something. She needs some happiness. She wants to imprint so if the wonderful Stephenie Meyer wasn't going to do it, then I'll write my version of what I think will happen in the end. So, I did and it was so much fun! I did not want to stop but after the last chapter I didn't have anything else to write. And I gave her a happy ending so I hit my goal there was nothing more I could add. Well, actually I did a couple of months later. I ended up not like the original ending. I got a comment that it was a bit cliché but honestly I was out of ideas. Then I was like wouldn't it be so cute if they had kids. I mean, she said that she wanted that possibility so I gave her twins! I didn't want her to have issues either since she had already had enough. Which is why there is no problem in that story now we can all assume that they have problems like everyone else but also it's a story.

The Beginning: Alice and Jasper- Alice is probably my favorite character in the Twilight Saga. I just like her attitude, her power, and her openness to having Bella in her family. She's the first to accept Bella in and she really cares for everyone in her family. I think that's probably one of my best stories emotionally because her family, then her creator. It's so funny because I just realized I named her creator the same name as the creator Frankenstein, Hector Frankenstein, and didn't even notice until now. Years later, it just a cool coincidence. Anyways, back to why I wrote it, I just had the idea of her in assylum and being created and I want to show my version of how she and Jasper fell in love. It was really fun, I loved writing it and I got the end to tie up everything from the beginning. Even if she can't remember the beginning at least she has her sisters daughter, and she tells her about having the same 'curse' as Alice just the opposite though. It suppose to give her closer and it ends up a happy ending for her. Really ,you can make a story out of any Twilight character from the past or the furture and you would have a million things to write about I hope you read this if you haven't already, and write your own if you want if you have an idea floating in you're head write it down and let it out. That's what I did and I had a blast doing it.

Sunshine and Moonlight- Well, it was all for fun. I wanted to unleash my imagination, and I just thought wouldn't it be cool if Percy did have like a sister? It was hard though to keep going with such negative comments but I truly believe it made me a stronger person in general. Of course I'm no Rick Riordan, and this is Fanfiction so I ignored the comments as best as I could. I thank the fans of my story because they really helped me get through the haters negitiveness. I wrote it right after The Last Olympian so I didn't know there would be more after that! It was suppose to be the last one. I wanted Nico to have a sort of happy ending, if you haven't noticed I like happy endings.:)

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