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Hello, the fandom! Thanks for those of you who followed me over from my previous penname. For those of you who are new, check out my first story, LOST, a dark and creepy little tale of kidnapping and captivity, featuring three boys with a tragic past. IN THE CLEAR LIGHT OF DAY is my second story, something completely different -- see below for some comments about that.

About me: I'm in my mid-late-twenties, I warble for a living, and when I'm not frittering away my life reading silly stories on the internet, I read books and bake pies and knit things and dream about being a real live writer some day. I've been fascinated by vampires since I was 13 years old and saw Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in a tv trailer for Interview With The Vampire. I grabbed Dracula off my mom's bookshelf and have never looked back. The Cullens were just the sparkly icing on the vampy cake.

So girastelle, you may ask, how do you pronounce your name, and what does it mean? Ok, say it: jee-ra-stell-lay. Now say it faster, and with an Italian accent. The Italian word for sunflower is girasole, which literally means "turn toward the sun," and I love that because I'm rather a heliotrope myself. But I tend to be a traditionalist when it comes to vampires, even though I loves me some Edward, so on some fundamental level I feel that vampires and sunlight just don't mix. So I substituted stars, "stelle," for sun, "sole." Ta-da! girastelle.

A few words about IN THE CLEAR LIGHT OF DAY. When I first read Twilight I was completely enthralled by this crazy love story, the relationship between predator and prey, the unbelievable sexiness of it all -- appetite and vulnerability and self-control and incompatibility and delay of gratification. And then, as far as I was concerned, SMeyer (as much as I love the world she created) veered away from the most interesting part of the story. Everything between Edward and Bella became so easy, and instead of this fascinating and impossible relationship, we got bogged down with werewolves and Volturi and Renesmee (ugh shudder ptui.) I was so disappointed that -- even though I had never been moved to write fanfiction before, and believe me, I've been similarly obsessed with fantasy worlds my whole life -- I started to create an alternate storyline, and found myself writing it down. That, friends, is what you have before you now. No werewolves and no Volturi, because I said so. Perhaps my Bella is a little more attached to her earthly life than the strict canon Bella. Perhaps my Edward is a little less flawless than his counterpart. That's how I like them, because stories aren't interesting unless there's some conflict and difficulty. In any case, I hope you'll give my little story a try, because I think it's going in some pretty crazy and cool directions.

And now, an unsolicited plug for my very favorite vampire book ever: Sunshine, by Robin McKinley. It's nothing like Twilight, and it's so damn good. Go read it. Go.

And for those of you reading CLEAR LIGHT and have gotten to chapter 13: here's the link to the Radiolab show I was talking about:

You can scroll down and just listen to the section called "The Scratch," but the whole thing is amazing and totally worth it.

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