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Poll: I am going to write another fic, about time travel. Ichigo will time-travel, with all the characters below as companions. Vote for your favourite characters! The characters with the most votes will go on their adventure first! The others will go next :D Vote Now!
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Author has written 5 stories for Bleach, and Harry Potter.

Hello! I'm a teenage guy from South East Asia, 17 years old in 2010. I'm a bored student, so to pass the time during the holidays, I decided to start writing fanfiction. Before you check out my stories, here are some essentials you might want to know. I usually only write for Bleach, and this is mainly because there are many aspects of Bleach that can be easily changed in my stories (like the characters' personalities, and certain aspects of the show that were not explained properly by the manga and are thus good material for writers to start from). That said, Bleach is not the only anime/manga I have watched/read. Some of the other titles I like are:

Soul Eater


Angel Beats!


Gyakuten Saiban (the manga adaptation of the game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)

This list isn't complete, but I've not listed the remaining series because some parts of those series contain adult-oriented themes.

Information on my stories

Cruel to be Kind 1 - Ichigo is trained as a Shinigami by his father from the day his mother died. Watch as he, his family and a few close friends, join forces to wage a secret war against Aizen, unknown even to the Gotei-13. This story is being rewritten, as Black Moon Rising.

City of Adventure - Ichigo joins an anonymous group on Twitter, hoping to pass his time after losing his powers in his final battle against Aizen. Unknown to him, others, including Nel, Grimmjow and his own father are also in this group, along with many members of the Underground of Karakura Town. After facing the denizens of Soul Society and Hueco Mundo, Ichigo is about to realise just what kind of people reside in his own town, through online and physical platforms.

The Dark Prince - Kurosaki Ichigo is not just any Shinigami. He is the Second Prince of the Royal Family. The Dark Prince, who has been dead for a century, now awakens, regains his memories, and takes up the fight against Aizen.

Kurosaki Ichigo, Master of Time and Space - During his fight against the rogue Zangetsu during Muramasa's Zanpakuto rebellion, the spirit of Getsuga teaches Ichigo the Final Getsuga Tensho. After using it, however, Ichigo does not lose his powers. Instead, he evolves to a higher dimension, and sees the whole of time and space, and learns how to travel through it. With a fellow time-traveller who calls herself Rose (not an OC) who has lost her memories of being a human or a Spiritual being, Ichigo goes on several adventures, seeing new places and meeting interesting people from all walks of life. But how will this affect the war with Aizen? Is this war really worth worrying about, when there's a much bigger war looming over the horizon?

The Next Great Adventure - Crossover of Harry Potter and Bleach. When a Shinigami from England named James Potter suddenly appears in Seireitei to announce that Aizen has returned and is in hiding in Britain, the Gotei-13 is compelled to take immediate action. Yamamoto decides to hit two birds with one stone by making the expedition to Britain into an improvised Captains' Examination, and a team of Shinigami including three Captain Nominees are sent to England. There, they encounter the strange world of Magic, discover how Aizen is linked with the dark wizard named Voldemort, and get in a hell of a bad situation with the British Soul Society.

Other Story Ideas

Those of you following my stories may have noticed that I write very little, or no, romance. I don't really like writing romance, but I do enjoy reading some romance stories, as long as they are not overdone. Ideas float into my mind occasionally, and some of them include ideas for romance stories as well. Since I am unwilling to write stories with those ideas, I'll just type out the ideas here, and any of you visiting this profile can just use the idea to write your own story. But please send me a PM about it first! I would really like to be informed if any of you choose to use any of my ideas for your story, and I would like to read the story you come up with as well :) However, I don't like male x male or female x female pairings, so please use these ideas only for straight pairings! Thanks :D

1. A bleach story based off The Time Traveler's Wife. Any pairings will do, as long as the basic idea of the unwilling time traveler is there. I'm not sure if anyone has actually written such a story yet, but I would like to read such a story. The Time Traveler's Wife was a really awesome book and movie, and I would love to see it applied to the bleach context.

2. Bleach, based off From Russia with Love (The novel, please! Not the film!). What if Inoue Orihime was not kidnapped by Ulquiorra acting under Aizen's orders, but actually was sent to Las Noches as a spy from Soul Society? What if her specific mission was to learn more about Aizen's operations through forming a relationship with one of the Espada? And Ichigo and the others were sent to Hueco Mundo to give Aizen the impression that his plans were succeeding, when in reality, our heroes were there to retrieve Inoue after her mission is over, and to finish off as many espada as possible...oh the possibilities! Pairings may be onesided Orihime x any of the Espada, although Orihime might end up really falling for the Espada in the process, if you want it to go that way...And the name? How about From Soul Society with Love? :DD

3. A crime story based on Science and Ethics, involving the two scientists, Kurotsuchi Mayuri and Urahara Kisuke. Mayuri has been imprisoned for unethical Scientific practices, but Police-detective-turned-Scientist Urahara has him freed, so that he can work for him. Urahara gives him a strict warning not to do anything unethical, but Kurotsuchi ignores it and secretly performs horrifying experiments on live test subjects. Urahara soon finds out and starts chasing him down. The crime genre has been particularly appealing to me recently, and I got several ideas for crime stories, like this, and The Organisation, which I have already posted.

4. The Ark of Stars - The basic idea is that Aizen wins the war and decides to obliterate the earth. In order to secure a brighter future for the Shinigami and the humans, Soul Society creates an ark and makes Ichigo its leader. Now the reluctant Ichigo's job is to travel among the cosmos with hundreds of humans, find another world to settle on, and to save the human race and the Shinigami. Along the way, they inevitably run into new enemies and friends. Sounds a bit far-fetched? Well, if people can write stories about Ichigo becoming a Captain, I'm sure someone can write about him being the leader of the ark and being humanity's last hope, quite literally. Note: Shadd999 has decided to use this idea for one of her stories. She has not uploaded it yet, but she will some time later. Please do give it a try!

5. I thought of another story idea for the lovers of the romance-with-a-dash-of-angst type stories, based on Doctor Who! Here's the idea - Kurosaki Ichigo is a man who fights evil monsters and keeps helping people, saving their lives, and who lives a life of adventure. However, his people, the Shinigami, can be very corrupt, and when one of their schemes goes wrong and threatens their existence, they decide to sacrifice the whole of creation to save themselves. Ichigo cannot bear to let that happen, and stops the Shinigami from having their way with the rest of the universe. Now, a bitter man with painful memories of his actions, and the knowledge that he is the last of his species, he goes to earth and lives there, known to everyone as a young man strangely without a regular job, but with a good house and lots of wealth - and without any friends. But will the appearance of a young woman change all that? Will Ichigo find love, or will he be forced to leave this woman with a shadow of himself? The pairing is undecided, and I would personally prefer reading a story where the young woman is Rukia or Tatsuki. Of course, I would really like the writer to choose a straight pairing. As for the 'shadow of himself', I'll not say who it is here, because of spoilers, but if you want to write a story with this idea, I'll tell you who the 'shadow' is. But it'll be sad for Ichigo, so pick carefully!

So what do you think? If any of you reading this wants to write a story based on the above ideas, feel free to do so, just make sure you PM me about it first. Thanks everyone :)

TsukiakariNoMichi's personal rules of writing

Many of you might be wondering what kind of stories I write. In order to give you a rough idea as to the nature of my works, here's a list of rules which I try my best to abide by.

1. Start with a decent plot in mind - Never start if you have no idea what's going to happen at least 5 chapters later. Even better, map the story out from beginning to end before publishing! When I started writing, I never paid attention to this sound piece of advice, and so I ran out of enthusiasm for some of my stories quickly.

2.Write in good, standard English - Need I even mention this rule (Not a guideline, a rule!)? Use proper English in your stories, people! Just for your information, I use British spelling, so I type 'realise' and 'colour' instead of 'realize' and 'color'.

3. Don't be too serious, but at the same time, too much humour is bad - well, for my stories anyway. I do enjoy reading humour stories written by other writers though.

4. A story mainly about Romance is likely to turn out bad if I write it - I try to play to my strengths, and romance is certainly not a strength. But all options are on the table (well, almost all, if you look at the next rule).

5. Only straight pairings. No male character x male character, or female character x female character. Enough said (No, I'm not homophobic, or prejudiced against homosexuals. I'd just rather not write about it, that's all).

6. No M-rated stories, and no major swear words. I'm really sorry if this sounds high and mighty, but the swear words I don't use are left out of my stories for a reason: They're rather uncultured and there are better ways to show anger or frustration. I used to swear all the time, thinking it was a mature thing to do, but thinking back, it just seems so childish now.

7. Try to go against the flow. Don't just follow what everyone else seems to be doing, do something entirely new, or at least very rare. Don't do it as a joke, do it seriously, and deliver a stunner. This was the reason why I started stories like The Dark Prince and Kurosaki Ichigo, Master of Time and Space. There are few of such stories out there, and I wanted to contribute more to this small but brilliant group.

8. Non-content details are to be handled seriously - The story's title is to be chosen well, the summary is to be a good, informative one (Do not write: 'Story is better than it sounds in the summary'), and the chapter titles are to be chosen well too. Each of the above three is to describe the story or the chapter well, unless there's a good purpose in doing otherwise. If these stories are worth typing out for long hours, they're worth doing well, so that the readers can appreciate them.

And there you go - that's how I write my stories. Of course, I don't expect everyone to follow these rules, they're simply what I follow myself, and they're just here to give readers a rough idea of what my stories would be like.

20th June 2010

5th chapter to Shi no Seifukusha up! Sorry, but I won't be able to update for a while cos of exams (Thanks for the well wishes, wind daffodil kyuuketsuki-san!). For now, there's a chapter 6 preview - Just in case anyone was wondering, Hitsugaya's Advance Guard (the ones set to appear in C6, who appeared in the anime's arrancar arc) will be Hitsugaya Toshiro, Matsumoto Rangiku, Kuchiki Rukia and Abarai Renji. Madarame Ikkaku and Ayasegawa Yumichika were also part of the squad during the arrancar arc, but will not be making appearances in the next chapter cos Ichigo requested Kido users. So, Hinamori Momo will go in their place. Hope that clears up any confusion about exactly who's going. (Ichigo thought that Hinamori bore a grudge against him for killing Aizen, but was reassured by Commander Kyouraku that she respects and admires him for killing the man who deceived her and Soul Society)

16th July

Under other circumstances, I would have uploaded the first chapter of the Darker than BLACK-Bleach crossover tomorrow night. However, I found out that the new OVA is being released on the 21st of July. I want to write the story after finding out what exactly happened to Yin first, so the first chapter will most likely only come out next Saturday or maybe even after that (The previous OVA, number 3, took several days to release the English subbed version.). So there. I would upload faster, but I want complete information first :)

2nd August

Important Notice: I am rewriting Cruel to be Kind. I am not satisfied with it, and I am going to make major changes for the better. For the full explanation, please go and read the latest chapter (Chapter 10) of my story Cruel to be Kind: Shi no Seifukusha. There's a message from me to the readers there, and details of the rewritten version may be found there.

6th October

Many of you might be wondering what happened to some of my stories that haven't been updated in a while. You have my apologies for not adding new chapters for stories like Agent Destinacion Oscura, The Gates of Death, etc. The reason for this is that I simply jumped into writing these stories because the idea seemed great in the beginning. I started writing without thinking up of a good plot line, or even a good way for the story to end. That immature writing style of mine caused me to run out of good ideas early in the story. Once again, I apologise, but don't worry, I'm not thinking of scrapping these stories (scrapping stories completely and forgetting about them is something I can't stand to do, especially if it is without good reason). For some time to come, I shall most likely only update The Dark Prince and Black Moon Rising, and at the same time, start writing detailed outlines for the stories that haven't been updated in a long time. Once these are done, I'll start updating all my stories. Until them, you can consider them effectively on hiatus. Not that it hasn't felt that way already though :(

27th December

I have some news for all: I'm going on a year-long hiatus starting from January 2011. Next year is my GCE A-Level year, so I have to study hard for it. I'm really sorry about this, but there's nothing I can do. So...no fanfiction from me for 2011, until the beginning of December.

21st February 2011

So! First update of 2011! I may not be writing anymore for a while but I'll still update my profile now and then with news. First of all, let me tell you that I'm keeping a word document in which I document new ideas, so when I start updating again, you can expect many months' worth of new ideas and refinement. I've already worked out how to end The Dark Prince and I'm also thinking of starting a new story that revolves around Ichigo and Toshiro - this takes place in Cold War Japan and the two main characters are very closely linked to the real world rather than Soul Society. Ichigo and his friends are going to be secret agents who work hard to prevent nuclear bombs from falling on Japan again. That's all I'm telling you for now, but there might be more teasers sent down in the weeks and months to come.

Also, you might be wondering why I don't write romance. Some of you might get the impression that I'm some faceless cold-hearted guy behind a computer screen who doesn't care about love lives and stuff. WRONG. I don't write romance simply because I just can't see it happening in Bleach. If there were some normal social interactions between the characters in Bleach (everyone seems rather unsociable, really, only fighting and never doing normal stuff like going out as friends and all that) then I would consider it, but I don't see such meaningful interactions. It would help greatly if Tite Kubo could give us some special manga chapters that focus on everyone's normal lives and interactions rather than their battles and other serious stuff. So far, of the manga/anime that I have viewed, I think the only one for which I would write romance is Fairy Tail. There are no actual relationships, but there is some hinting here and there, and there are many special manga chapters that focus on everyone's regular life. On top of that, Fairy Tail is really light-hearted and I love that quality.

So, bottom line, you shouldn't expect any romance from me for Bleach. Just expect the same old plot-driven stories (I'll try to add in more end-of-chapter specials!) and fresh and creative (hopefully) thinking from me. Oh, and those who have read/watched Fairy Tail, you could expect a story on Natsu and Lucy in December from me as well. If there're any points you want to raise, just PM me. I'd love to talk to you and hear your opinions. Thanks for reading this section on my thoughts, and goodbye until the next update!

14th March 2011

I've already mentioned that I'll pen down any new worthwhile idea I get, and quite fortunately, I've been having some good ideas recently! In December, I'll be starting two new stories, one is a cold war espionage story involving Soul Society and a secret agency in the real world in which Ichigo and Toshiro are members (and the main characters). The second story is about Inception (Yes!!), and the main characters will be Ichigo, Rukia and Yoruichi. And what sets these stories apart from others is that there may be romance. I've finally decided to give Bleach romance a shot, and I've chosen Ichigo and Rukia to be the pairing. But, mind you, it won't really be that obvious, particularly in the spy story, and romance will only be a side thing. I hope you guys understand, since romance is kinda hard to blend into a serious spy story after all.

25th November 2011

Alright! My A-levels are going to end in 4 days time (I'm writing this because the remaining exams are pretty minor, so I can relax a little)! I'll be busy for the next few days after the 29th of November (celebrating lol) so don't expect an update on the very day the exams end, but an update will be coming very soon. I'm still undecided, but most likely, The Vampire's Assistant will be the first to be updated. I haven't actually written much the past year, but I've been thinking much, and here are some things I'll be doing regarding some of my stories. The Dark Prince and Kurosaki Ichigo, Master of Time and Space will be completed. I think these were reasonable efforts, and I can see a clear end in sight (meaning that the remaining portion of the story has more or less been established. All that remains is working out details and typing it out).

As I've already stated prior, I'm dropping Shi no Seifukusha in favour of writing a new Bleach-Harry Potter crossover. I'm really sorry, those who wanted to see the story continue, but unfortunately, it was a poorly-planned story that was born of many bad decisions. However, I'm properly planning out the new story I want to write, and I think it'll be a much better attempt than my previous venture into the Harry Potter-Bleach crossover section. I think the new story has a pretty good premise, and I hope it is received well. It's based on the idea of a captains' exam in the form of an overseas mission to, yes you guessed it, Britain.

That's all I have, for now. Any one (or more!) of my stories will be updated within the next two weeks, and I look forward to hearing from all you fantastic reviewers once again!

29th July 2012

Hello dear readers! It's been quite a while since I posted any new material to this site, and there's a good reason for that: I've joined the army for my compulsory two years of National Service (NS). I'm required to stay in camp from Mondays to Fridays, and so I'm not as free as I used to be. I can't even use the internet in camp, so that makes things even worse. I just made my first update in 12 or so weeks - the 17th chapter of The Next Great Adventure. Also, as some of you might have noticed, some of my older stories have been deleted, and now, only The Dark Prince, Kurosaki Ichigo, Master of Time and Space, Cruel to be Kind, City of Adventure, and The Next Great Adventure remain on this site.

I'm sorry for abruptly deleting the other stories, like The Vampire's Assistant and Black Moon Rising, and for not giving notice until this many weeks later. But I feel that I had to delete these stories as I'm no longer able to continue with them. For one thing, I have practically run out of ideas for these stories, and furthermore, I hardly have time to manage this many stories. It's quite likely that I will be staying in camp for the next two years until I finish my NS. It'll be too hard to have a life during the weekends while still being able to update all my stories at a halfway decent rate. In fact, it'll be a challenge to maintain the remaining five stories too, over the next two years. And then I've got to deal with University too! Oh well.

But whatever happens, I'm going to try my best to complete the stories left. You, the readers and reviewers have been very supportive ever since I began writing on this site, and I hope to continue hearing from you. Until next time!

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