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Hello my name is Anna!!

This is my first profile here. That was random, but i don't really care :) As you might know Bones is my favorite show ever and I am in LOVE with David Boreanaz. I have to meet him before i die or i will be a very angry ghost. Yes that was random too.

And I have a story writen in my honor that was written by one of my best and closes friend. Her name is Haley, but you all know her as The Lost Chapters. I have read a few of these stories and that are really good.

She just stated to watch Bones because of me and i am very proud about that ;) She hates that when i bring it up, but i that it is funny to she reaction to it.

I guess that i should tell you about me, well i have a sister and two brothers. I am one of the middle childern, but i get by with anything with my dad becuase i am the baby girl ;) I LOVE Buffy and Angel and Bones. I have all of Buffy and Angel and i what all the seasons of Bones too.

The kind of music that i like is not normal at all. For example, i lkie Queen, The Eagles, Aerosmith, AFI, Akon, All-Amercian Rejects, Backstreet Boys, The Beetles, Blink-182, Britney Spears, and a lot more that are uncommon. I know that they really don't gor together, but that all really good and i like them.

I have an obsession with David Boreanaz!! I know that he is like twice my age, but age is just a number and i really don't care. My friends make fun of my because of it and i don't really know why? Its not like i want to marry him i just what to meet him and talk to him, and maybe be his friend. That would be AMAZING to do!! I heard that he was cheating on his wife, but i don't believe that. He would never do such a thing to anyone that he loves. Everyone should just leave him alone and him and his wife can get through this together. A lot of people are giving David a lot of grivef about this and they don't know anything about it. I will only believe this if he comes out and tells the press himself about the whole situation.

On the other hand if it is true then i might just start to hate him; that is a big maybe. He is still my number one and will be until he says that he did cheat.

Last nights Bones was amazing!! That sheriff guy was trying to do Booth's job for some reason though. That pissed Booth off, i would be angry if some guy just started to do my job, and was butting in to my work life. When Bones sreamed that was so funny. I loved that scene and watched it like four times in a row. Then Booth's gun fluw from his hand that was embarrasing, but funny too.

When Hodgins found out that Wendel and Ange were dating that was soooooo sad!! He looked like a cruched little puppy. It was the sadest thing that i ever saw. He even takled to Sweets about how he felt about it.

Haley aka The Lost Chapters did not watch last nights episode of Bones and she is very upset about that. She was mad and sad about it, while i laughed about it. It was really good!! You can all tell her about it and she will react very badly to it. I will have to put up with it, but if it makes me laugh then i will be fine with it.

I cant wait for the new eposides of Bones to come on and when they do they will be on Mondays now. That is good and bad really. Good because I will like Mondays more and bad because Mondays are my sleepy days.