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Ok so I was looking around on here and i was surprised to find ONLY 50 IchiNel stories out of 41,000. This upset me greatly. So instead of pouting i decided to contribute and if you are reading this you obviously have the sense to care because it is an outrage!... Ok so maybe i got a little carried away but still. If you are reading this and you have a great idea about IchiNel WRITE IT PLEASE!

About Me:

I'm 17 years old and my favorite anime is Bleach (obviously). I take extensive bicycle trips all around the world. I don't really get to watch much TV so I usually settle with the internet in my tent or hotel room when i tether my iphone to it. I would normally just sit back and message friends I've met on other bicycle trips until I came across this website and thought that it might be fun. By the way I'm an all time Mac user but I'll get into that later... And no i don't ride alone i have friends. So don't think I'm a hermit or anything. There's one more thing too, I make amvs and if you would want to see them just message me I'm very proud of them and no they are not those lame 3 Days Grace, Disturbed, etc amvs I'm talking about well thought out and relevant amvs.

What I hate:

IchiHime and IchiRukia those are the worst pairings in anime history. Inoue is the most annoying stereotypic anime girl I've ever seen and Rukia has a man voice... There i said it! She has a man voice! Bring on the hate mail :). Also don't worry i don't hate the people just the pairing. I will NEVER bash any character in my story... too much...

Why I'm all for IchiNel:

Well for one she already has an obvious crush on him and Ichigo is a secret pervert even though he denies it. Oh and I DO mean the adult Nel. Also she actually has the ability to HELP Ichigo in the future and won't get in his way, and finally Ichigo is becoming more like a hollow as the story goes on and everyone is slowly growing more afraid of him and Nel would understand what he's going through and might even find it attractive in some way.

My Goal:

To contribute to IchiNel and to Inspire others to convert to IchiNel


(Coming Soon) (I'm currently in progress of making a trailer for my story Alternate Reality and don't worry it wont be retarded)

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