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Hey, I'm Adrine.(pronounced like a-dream, 'cept instead of an 'm', it's an 'n' in dream. so a-drean kinda...yeah I'll stop talking now...) Or Rachel, you can call me either, I really don't care. I have some of mah own fanfics here and some that I love. I'm better at one shots, so yeah... not really an updater kinda gal. I might be posting a fangirl halo fanifc,(and yes it involves me and my stupid little friends, so if you don't like, then don't read!!) but it's quite a rough draft at the moment, so idk...

I love to read and so I was introduced to this site and I love it. One of the first things I should say is that I'm a girl. A gamer girl to be exact. Assasin's Creed, Tomb Raider, Halo, Black Opps, L. A. Noire, Portal 2, Bioshock, Bioshock 2, Skyrim, Dead Island, Gears of War (3), Red Dead Redemption, Batman Arkham City, Mass Effect (2) and Dragon Age: Origins. You name it and I've either heard of it or played it. . I love coming here and reading all of the wonderful gamer fanfics, makes my heart proud to see so many, *tear* but on with the show.

I especially enjoy series, and fantasy at that, my fav series would have to be,(hold on there's a lot);

Halo series of books

Inheritance Cycle

Redwall series

Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

Kane Chronicles

Harry Potter series

Chronicles of Narnia

The Farie Path

Nobody's Princess and Nobody's Prize



Mortal Instruments Series

Assassin's Creed novels

Dark Gaurdians

Heir Chronicles

Septimus Heap series

Forgive My Fins and Fins are Forever

Maximum Ride

Caster Chronicles

Oh and I LOVE Doctor Who. Like seriously. TARDIS and all, I love it to death and am completely obsessed.

And a lot more. If you think I might have read a book that you love or whatnot, PM me and we can chat the day away! My favorite color's blue, my favorite Greek god(ess) is Artemis and I wanna be a hunter of Artemis.(For all you Percy Jackson fans out there!) I love to write and draw, and I love chocolate. I love to swim and to listen to music, I also enjoy dancing. I really wish I could live in the world of one of the books listed and I want to be an; actor, author, artist or dancer. Remember that on all of my stories, reviewing IS OPTIONAL so if you don't care then that's okay. So far I really love this site and all of the authors, you guys rock my socks! So I just want to be able to get stories and chapters in on time, and I'm newish so please go easy. Well that's it, I know it's a lot but there's a lot about me.

Have you heard if CORD? It's a rare disorder, and symptoms may include;

-reading often

-visiting the library often

-enjoying reading

-making random references to books no one else has read

-keeping a book with you at all times

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"Destiny writes your story,you fill in the details." -m

"It's not work if no one makes you do it."- Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Waterson

"Penguins, lovely." -Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Twilight Saga, Stephine Meyer

"Hoo-Rah!" -Sergeant Johnson, Halo 3

"Are you insane?"
"I like to call it creative, but there can't be much of a difference anyway" -Bionicle Chronicles

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"Never believe a bad guy is dead until you see a body. It only leads to unhappiness and surprise ambushes." Simon Lewis, City of Ashes, Bk2 of the Mortal Instruments Series, Cassandra Clare


adrine R.227 =D

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