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It's been a long time , but I'm writing for Dragon Age again. I don't have any real plans for regular updates--just writing when I have the chance. I hope to make it at least once a week, but going into this again, I know better than to make any promises. That only causes shoddy, hurried writing that I hate even more than my readers do.

I figured something out the other day... I have spent more than ten years bullying poor Alistair to convincingly turn him from bumbling, blushing templar to king. I put less work into my husband.

As for me, I love goth, but not gore. Dark fairies, skulls, bats, full moons, etc. I currently have to work full-time at a job that I'm lukewarm about, but writing and art is what I do in real life. Oh, I'm also learning to tattoo.

Warnings and Apologies

Oaths and A Dark Promise are gone. For good. I'm not even positive I have a copy anymore. Oaths was just a practice draft for Shades of Grey, as far as I'm concerned. It was bad writing, with some salvageable moments. Those moments are now included in Shades.

This is important: I am going to post the chapters to finish Shades of Grey and Time After Time for my readers, but once they are posted in full, I'll give it six months before both stories along with Here Without You will be deleted for good. I will offer PDF downloads, for free from my site. I just have to get them set up. I'll be sure to post reminders with updates.

Current Projects:

Shades of Grey (in progress): My second, yes second, play through story. This was intended to be a full novel of the Origins story, so I should warn that the first few chapters are heavy on the game dialogue. It also contains all major plot points and game advancing scenes, though I did add a whole bunch of my own interpretations as well. It clears up on the game stuff a bit and becomes slightly more original after the Ostagar plotline.

Time After Time (in progress): Our rose-bearing hero takes a backseat role in this story while I decide exactly what Elissa was up to in Amaranthine for five years. Mostly original characters with a couple of familiar faces and a scattering of cameos. Mild plot – setting the stage for the events in Here Without You and exploring Elissa's character a bit as she deals with the after effects of the Blight and maybe takes a few years to grow up a little.

Here Without You (complete): Five years after the fight with the Archdemon, Dasque decides that she hates the ending where Alistair dumps Cousie for no good reason and seeks to rectify the matter, taking great delight in punishing him for it along the way. (Okay, maybe he had a good reason in my version, but torturing him amuses me anyway.) Elissa Cousland and (gasp!) Morrigan are the primary plot runners for this one. Mostly from Alistair's POV. Dark Promise ending, Old God repercussions, and a handful of original characters. *This story is currently undergoing a full re-write to fix the inconsistencies that arose once I started it's prequels. It currently doesn't match up with SoG and TaT, but it will.*

Older Projects:

*In Dreams (complete) This is a one-shot written for those who didn't want the fluffy ending to Oaths. That story is gone now, but yeah, my warden died. Alistair's walk into the deep roads. It's angsty, it's sentimental, and it's generally miserable. Much more melodramatic than my other fics.

Always (complete): One shot unrelated to either of the other stories – my exploration into the “secret companion” ending, though it takes place years after the fact, because, you know... all my stories are about Alistair. The Warden (any fem PC) answers The Call. Angsty.

Surrender (complete) I took up a challenge from the Cheeky Monkey Board and explored the Mahariel character in this one. Playthrough setting, but I ignored the actual plotline, assuming everyone knows it, and focused on the relationship between Alistair and Lyna. More of a character-driven story. It's pretty short, too, but I had a lot of fun trying to get my head inside of the Dalish Warden rather than Cousie for a change.

Questions and attempts at answers

I love getting PM's and notes, so feel free to drop me a line with suggestions or feedback any time. But, here's some answers to questions I get asked a lot:

1. Yes, you can repost/link my story as long as proper credit is given, and please just let me know first so I know where it's going.

2. Yes, I got the title for Here Without You from the 3 Doors Down song. I suck at titles.

3. I do mention music a lot, but I don't write songfics. It's not my style, and I think I'd be really bad at it, anyway. Indulge me while I give the long answer: Music is a major part of my life, right up there with writing. I listen to everything, and I mean everything (except techno – screw techno) from metal to rap to utterly cheesy crap that no one but me would ever admit to. I've always got my headset on while I'm writing to help get my head in the right place. As a result, sometimes I'll be listening to a song when a certain line sparks my creative process and starts to evolve into scenes flashing through my head, and thus a new story is born. Whether or not it turns into anything is always in question. It's less about lyrics and more about the overall mood the music sets.

4. I'm absolutely open to song suggestions and quotes for chapter headings--I've gotten quite a few from readers already and each song suggested to me so far has ended up on my writing playlists. So by all means, drop me a note. I'd love to hear it. --And just for recent updates--this is still true. I have tons of songs now sent to me over the years that my readers suggested, and I love to hear them.

5. No, I don't have any original work posted online, and I don't write for a living, unfortunately. If only I could make money off of writing massive, convoluted fanfics. I am working on original projects, though, and if I choose to try to do the self-publishing thing when they're finished, I promise you all will be the first to know.

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