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Author has written 5 stories for Pokémon, Fairy Tail, Persona Series, and Nurarihyon no Mago/ぬらりひょんの孫.

Hey everyone! I'm a high school soon-to-be-senior who is really interested in writing. I live in Asia, so I'm not a native English speaker.I really love manga and anime! A lot of my friends say I'm "kiddish". I also love to read novels!

I'm a HUGE Sakura Haruno fan, and I mostly read Sakura-centric fics. I'm one of the few people who liked her from the very start! She was a little annoying at some times in the original anime, but she improved a lot in Shippuuden! Even though I'm a Sakura fan, it doesn't mean that I hate Ino. She's really pretty and is cool at times. I loved the fact that she supported Sakura during their childhood. I don't hate Karin that much anymore either. She's a good kunoichi. Her powers are useful and her analyzation skills are good. Now that I know why she was clinging on to Sasuke, I can't really blame her. She's a good person...

I am also a HUGE May Maple fan. (Pokemon.) I've also grown to love Dawn. Basically, I love all the coordinators, even Harley. A lot of people prefer Misty to either May or Dawn, but I like the newer girls better, even though I did like Misty when I first watched the original series. May and Dawn just interest me more. = ) Now there's Iris too. She's one wild girl! I love her too! I also love Touko/White/Hilda. Basically, I don't hate or dislike any of the Pokemon characters!

Another character I'm a fan of is Kana Ienaga from Nurarihyon no Mago. Many people think she's annoying or useless or acts like a bitch. Yes, she can't do anything, but who can blame her? She's a human, not an Onmyoji like Yura or a yokai like Tsurara. Personally, I think she's a sweet girl who's just really scared of yokais. I'm also a huge supporter of the RikuoxKana pair =3.

If anyone wants to contact me, you can just send me a PM. Now, let's move onto my thoughts on pairings.

Thoughts on Pairings


NarutoxSakura (At first, I thought they had more of a brother/sister relationship, but I came to like this pairing a lot in Shippuuden.)

SasukexSakura (I really like this pairing, even in Shippuuden, though Sasuke really annoys me now.)

ShikamaruxTemari (This is one of my top pairings. Even though Temari is 3 years older than Shikamaru, I still think they would go pretty well together.)

ShikamaruxIno (I don't really mind this pairing. I can't really see hints between them, except for Shikamaru catching Ino's body when she uses her jutsu, but that's just his job. It's not that I don't like it, but I don't mind reading it.)

NarutoxHinata (I don't mind this pairing either, in fact, I used to like it! That was before I started to like NaruSaku, though. I love this pairing in the original series, not so much in Shippuuden.)

SasukexKarin (I can't stand this pairing! Karin gets on my nerves! Ugh...)


IchigoxRukia (This is the first pairing I fell in love with when I first started reading Bleach. They are so cute together! Ichigo really looks like he cares a lot for Rukia. I love them together!)

HitsugayaxRukia (I had never thought of this pairing before, but when I started reading HitsuRuki fics, I got attached! The two shorties together. Kawaii!)

HitsugayaxHinamori (I used to like this pairing at first, but now, I'm neutral. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either.)

IshidaxOrihime (I really like them together! Not as much as IchiRuki, though.)

IchigoxOrihime (I can't see them together! They look like siblings... Even though there are some IchiHime hints, I still love IchiRuki much much much more!)

KisukexYoruichi (These two adults would make such a comical couple! XD)

Sode no ShirayukixSenbonzakura (Their wielders are in-laws, but I still love the Zanpakutous together! It was hinted that Senbonzakura cares for Sode no Shirayuki too.)

Sode no ShirayukixHyourinmaru (After reading a couple of SodeHyou fics, I came to like this pairing, just like HitsuRuki!)


May/HarukaxDrew/Shuu (Contestshipping is my OTP pairing! Drew may look like he's a jerk to May, but to me, it seems like he really cares about her and her progress as a coordinator.)

May/HarukaxAsh/Satoshi (Advanceshipping... I like it! Even though I love Contestshipping, I also love Advanceshipping. There might not be too many hints, but they still look cute together.)

Misty/KasumixAsh/Satoshi (Pokeshipping... the first shipping I ever liked in Pokemon. In "Misty Meets Her Match", I really liked how Misty decided to motivate Ash instead of side with Rudy. That was really cute!)

Dawn/HikarixPaul/Shinji (Ikarishipping... even though there weren't actual hints, they would make a cute bickering couple!)

Dawn/HikarxAsh/Satoshi (Pearlshipping... I really like this ship. Ash can end up with any one of the girls for all I care, but I like Pearlshipping the most out of all the Ash ships.)

May/HarukaxBrendan/Yuuki (Hoennshipping... I actually like this ship because of Franticshipping.)

SapphirexRuby (Franticshipping is also really cute! At least Sapphire confessed that she did like Ruby during the battle against Kyogre and Groudon. It was such a cute moment! Stupid Ruby forgot all about it...)

BluexGreen ("Pesky girl" XD Blue and Green would look good together! I get confused sometimes, 'cuz the girl is called Green in the manga I read, and in other manga, she's called Blue, and vice versa for the boy!)

RedxYellow (Ahh... even though Yellow's about 2 years younger, her crush on Red is cute, nevertheless. I like them together... not as much as Franticshipping though.)

Touko/WhitexN (FerrisWheelShipping...I'm playing Pokemon Black right now and I'm loving it! I also love the stories on fanfiction about this couple. N is soooooo hot!! I love him! I also love him and Touko together... I am playing the girl character in Pokemon Black.. X3 )

Touko/WhitexTouya/Black (ChessShipping...I'm also reading the Black and White Pokemon Adventures manga, and this pair's not bad either. Although I still prefer NxTouko...)

Nurarihyon no Mago (Nura: Rise of the Youkai Clan)

Rikuo (Youkai)xKana (I have supported this couple ever since season 1, and I still continue to support it, even though there are many more TsuraraxRikuo scenes and supporters out there. The KanaxRikuo idea just appeals to me, even though their child (if they do end up together) will only be 1/8 youkai...)

RikuoxTsurara (I don't mind this pairing, but...there are a huge horde of supporters (and Kana haters) out there that I kind of find some fanfics a tad irritating...I would actually enjoy a couple of TsuraraxRikuo stories IF there is no Kana bashing.)

RikuoxYura (It's quite...interesting. Their kid would have a hell of a hard time trying to pick a side xD)

NurarihyonxYo-hime (! I really love them together. Their past was really good to watch!)

NurarihyonxSetsura (I find this pair hilarious! Setsura cracks me up!)

RihanxWakana (Canon, and Wakana was the only one who could pick Rihan's feelings back up, after Yamabuki Otome left.)

RihanxYamabuki Otome (I don't mind this pair either. They did love each other after all. =D)

Basically, I either love/like/can tolerate the most possible pairings for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd heirs of the Nura clan! =D!

Fairy Tail

LokixLucy (Even though he's a spirit, I think these two would make such a cute couple. Plus, Loki's HOT!!)

NatsuxLucy (My favorite pair's LokixLucy, but I like Lucy with Natsu too. They make an ok couple.)

GrayxLucy (They have very small, subtle, hints, and that's what I like about this pair.)

ErzaxGerad (Don't they just suit each other? They are perfect!)

NatsuxErza and GrayxErza (I don't really mind these pairings. I think Erza thinks of them as little brothers, but these two pairings are ok in my book.)

NatsuxLisana (Childhood friends... not bad. I don't really care who Natsu ends up with. It can be either Lucy or Lisana. Both couples are cute.=D )

GrayxJuvia (These two will make such a funny couple! Juvia stalking Gray and him running. =D )

LokixAries (There aren't many fics about these two. They do look cute together, but I think Loki thinks of Aries as a sister. =3 LokixLucy alllll the way!)

Soul Eater

-Recently I've been downloading Soul Eater episodes and reading bits of the manga, and so far, I LOVE it! Some of my friends think Soul Eater doesn't make sense, but I still love it. =)

KidxMaka (I don't know how I came to like this pairing. I guess it was a mixture of KidxMaka AMVs and fanart, and some 'Kid staring at Maka' cover pages of the manga. They would look pretty good together, I think. Chapter 63, I think, made me squeal! Kid threatening Gopher to not harm Maka... that's sweet!)

SoulxMaka (Their hints are so obvious... KidxMaka is still my OTP, but I also like SoulxMaka.)

KidxCrona (I don't get why this pairing's so popular. I don't mind if Crona's a girl, but still... I think KidxMaka has more hints than KidxCrona.)

Black StarxTsubaki (They are like opposites, and opposites attract. Tsubaki, the cool headed girl, and Black Star, the hyperactive young teen. =D )

KidxLiz/Patty (Relationships between meisters and weapons are possible, right? Maka's mom and dad? I do like their admiration of each other. I don't mind Kid with either Liz or Patty. Wow, I like Kid with a lot of girls... =P )

Sonic the Hedgehog

ShadowxAmy (My OTP pairing for this fandom! I was immediately drawn to this pairing, mainly because I read a lot of fics about them. I also watched some scenes with them in the games, and I really fell in love with this pairing. They're very... appealing. XD It's like SasuSaku.)

SonicxAmy (Although I LOVE Amy with Shadow, I also like her with Sonic. It's cute how she chases him and never gives up on him. True, it's a little annoying to watch sometimes, but she's just a love struck girl. =P )

KnucklesxRouge (As I was playing 'Sonic Heroes', I noticed the small hints those two had, especially at the very, very end. 'Sonic X' also showed a lot of hints with them. They make a comical couple!)

SilverxBlaze (I forgot which game it was, but when I watched the end of the game- the one where Blaze sacrifices herself or something- Silver looked very hurt. This pair's also appealing.)

SonicxSally (I don't mind this pair, as long as Amy's not bashed. -_-' Amy's my favorite character.)

There are many more pairings that I like, but I don't wanna list them all here, as it would take up a lot of space... =P



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What Was, and What Could Have Been reviews
"Ayakashi-sama!" "Nurarihyon-sama!" "Rihan-sama!" "Rihan-san!" "Rikuo-sama!" "Nura-kun." "Rikuo-kun!" This story is collection of oneshots featuring the hetero pairings of the three heirs of the Nura Clan. "Yuuki-onna are not destined for warmth, but Nurarihyon-sama, you did bring a ray of light to my life." Chapter 2: NurarihyonxSetsura
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