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So this is a section about me . . . . . . . . . well i suppose i should write a little. . . . . . ok here it goes.

My nickname is Zorn, I'm 20 and from England.

I'm a fan of Naruto anime and manga, fullmetal alchemist (manga) and fma brotherhood, Pokemon (yes I know, but I grew up with it and it does kick ass), Digimon, Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Bleach, One Peice.

I'm a drummer and I love almost every styles of music.

For my Naruto story (All you see is light) I choose Naruto and Hinata, mainly because it makes more sense than any other coupling, well that and sakura is a bitch.

I appologise for the wait but the next chapter will be up as soon as my beta reader gets back to me.

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OC : Zorn Namikaze

Zorn Namikaze is male and is at the age of 20. He stands at the hight of 6 foot 1" and has a sturdy build.

His hair is bright yellow and shaped similar to Minato's, however he has shorter spikes down the sides of his face, and his hair at the back reaches down to his shoulder blades.

His eyes are a dark blue and are deep set. He has an oval shaped face, shich is slightly angled at the chin, his ears are of average size.

Zorn has many ability's which most I have not yet shown, but will be coming up shorly in my story. I have had queries about how strong he is, and I will say this. He is not as strong as Minato or Jiraiya but could give Kakashi a run for his money.

Although Zorn has shown wisdom and tries to view every situation with logic, he still retains a care free atitude similar to Naruto (just not as bad).

Known Abilities: Shadow Clone Jutsu (Kage Bunshin no Jutsu), Light Clone Jutsu (Hikari Bunshin no Jutsu), Wind Style : Patient Storm Jutsu (Fuuton - Kinaga Arashi Jutsu).

For those interested in the abilities of the Namikaze line and their Dôjutsu. Here are a few facts

Hikarigan = light eye, also known as the shuriken eye (Based upon looks, not abilities.).

Bloodline clan = Namikaze

Description = The pupil has been elongated into an oval shape, and is still at the centre of the eye. The Iris has been separated into two different parts. The first has formed around the Pupil, and is in the shape of a dark blue shuriken with the points in the shape of an plus sign(+). The second part of the Iris is joined to the first by the tips of the throwing stars points. It is in the shape of a circle and has its own points at a 45 degree angle away from the centre of the shuriken. This part is coloured a lighter blue. The Cornea has been extended outwards from the iris and now covers two thirds of the eye giving the Hikarigan a silver backing.

Abilities = The Hikarigan is a complete Dôjutsu and has no other levels. The eye provides the Ability to increase the top speed of the user up to a point where they move at the speed of light (This however requires a lot of training to accomplish). The reaction of this ability is that a flash of light is created whenever the user moves(This is how the 4th Hokage used the Flying Thunder God Technique, it was a bloodline ability) The eye uses a lot of chakra which is why the Namikaze clan has such high chakra amounts. Another ability of the Dojutsu is that it has telescopic power, allowing the wielder to view anything up to 2 miles. There is a limit to this since the eye cannot see through any object nor can distinguish chakra or heat. The final ability of the Hikarigan is that it allows the user to see normally no matter the time of day or the environment.

Because of this bloodline, every Namikaze born has blue eyes and due to the light abilities of the clan they always have blond hair.

Namikaze clan techniques:

Wind style - patient storm Jutsu : Fuuton - kinaga arashi Jutsu

Hand signs – sheep, rabbit, pig, snake, dragon, ox, rat. (Hitsuji - U - I - Mi - Tatsu - Ushi - Ne)

Affect – slowly gathers chakra from the user which remains undetected. It is similar to when people add their chakra to there muscles in order to power up speed or deal more damage. When the charkra build up hits a certain level, the wielder pushes out the chakra from any limb and shapes it to becomes a crescent moon. These are powed by the movement of the limbs allowing them to be thrown at the opponent and easily cuts through rock and steel weapons.

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