Love Spelled Backwards is VD
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"Love Spelled Backwards is VD" Anonymous One-Shot Contest



Copy and Paster/Anonymity Keeper:


Alright Twific authors, time to break out your tin foil hats made of Hershey’s kisses for this Valentine’s Day. We want your cracktastic plans for the wonderment that is Hallmark’s greatest creation. We’re talking… Edward gets smoke inhalation poisoning from copious candles in the bathroom and spontaneously combusts. Or, an embarrassing trip to the ER because Bella’s tight snatch broke the vibrator and it’s lost somewhere in pink taco land. Hell, you could even have Jasper get the whole Cullen clan in the Valentine’s Day mood by emo-izing the house, resulting in a giant orgy only to have Harry Clearwater show up, as a zombie, unwelcomed and unannounced to drop off flowers then decide to film the extravaganza, thus becoming the next YouPorn sensation. So, climb aboard the failboat people, because the world is your oyster, in your sandbox, with the glass half full. Now, run along you crazy kids and write us some crack! We’re itching for it. Literally. :twitch:


We will be accepting entries from January 15th through February 7th.

Entries must be emailed to vdaycrackfest (at) gmail (dot) com in Word doc format.

You cannot post your entry to any FF account (either on FF’n or other site) until winners are announced on February 14th, 2010. If this rule is violated, you’ll be automatically disqualified.

YOUR ENTRY MUST REMAIN ANONYMOUS. This means if your identity is revealed, even through no fault of your own, your entry will be disqualified. Keep those lips sealed. Same goes for your beta.


All entries must be between 2,500 and 10,000 words in length.

All pairings are welcome, AH or AU.

No incest, pedophilia, rape, bestiality, clowns… etc. (Okay, maybe not that last one, but please, just because this is crackfic doesn’t mean we want to read that stuff…)

USE A DAMN BETA. We will disqualify based on grammar and overall writing style. All entries will be read prior to judges reading to ensure quality of work. If the entry does not meet up to basic standards, the submission will be sent back to the author to edit their work and re-submit. Don’t have a beta? Contact Project Team Beta.

All entries must be stand alone one shots - no continuations from current stories.

Lemons are NOT required, but if an entry is marked as rated M, please make sure you’re old enough to buy porn. If you’re discovered to be under 18 and your entry is rated M, it WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

Please include the following header with your submission:

“Love Spelled Backwards is VD”

Penname: (will be deleted before the story is copied and pasted into the document for the judges)

Title of your story:

Short summary we can post to the contest page when we upload.


Primary Players:

Disclaimer: (if you don’t put one, entry will be returned)


All entries will be placed into a word document with author info removed prior to judges' viewing.

Judges will score based on grammar, overall writing style and level of crackfic-ery.

Top 25 will be put to public vote on February 7th through February 13th.

Winners will be announced on Valentine’s Day aka February 14th.


The top three winners for both public voting and Judges' pick will receive personalized banners made for their stories and a Valentine's Day "Crack" basket.

Questions, concerns, praise or flames? PM us or send an email to vdaycrackfest (at) gmail (dot) com.

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