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O hai everyone.

Here's a little bio thing:

Name: People call me Kat.

I have a deviantArt account. You should check it out, add me if you feel like it. I don't update it as often as I should, however.

UPDATE (2016)

My god, it's been so long already. I'm back with better news than my last two lame updates. I've pretty much re-worked the beginnings of The Warden Twins. Same idea will still be there, but I've changed the chapters quite a bit just to make it better in a literary sense. I've also slightly tweaked the 'mind reading' thing, which would be explained better once I've updated chapters. Now, I'm in my last semester of school (which makes me feel hella old after reading my 2012 update), and I'm not even taking full time credit hours. My schedule feels so free, the most it's been in the past 4 years. I plan on rolling out the updates slowly over time as I eventually get to posting new chapters. I'm also going to focus on less filler, ain't no one got time for that. I have no idea if anyone even checks up on my profile anymore. Regardless, I never like leaving a project unfinished. Most of my readers have probably moved on, it's been five freaking years. Expect updates within this next month to the chapters already up.
TLDR; I'm going to finish this damn story because the shackles of college have finally loosened its grip on my sanity.

UPDATE (2014)

Hey guys! It's been forever. Actually, literally forever. Right now, I'm going through and reworking the story. It's a work in progress kind of thing, and I think from when I started the story, I've grown a bit as a writer. Though, I still struggle with action scenes, so those may still be limited. There's some immature things I want to address in the earlier parts of the story and I would like to keep it moving steadily. I'm at like over 10 chapters for my DAO story and hardly anything has happened. I'm planning on reworking and tweaking slightly. I had a bad time trying to make it super close to the game, but where's the fun in that? You'll see some slight tweaks, since this is still a work in progress.

Sooo.. (2012 update)

I'm kind of on hiatus right now, I just have had much going on. I'm getting ready for college, which is an exciting time in my life, and is also somewhat hectic. To be honest, I had no time to update. Heck, it's been exactly a year since I updated my profile. So many things have gone on, and I'm sorry to anyone that waited on me or checked for updates. It wouldn't surprise me if this story is well forgotten by now. I make it a goal to work on chapters more often now, if my schedule allows me to. It doesn't help that once I do have freetime, I just chill and do nothing, and that's just the procrastination part of me.

Just so you guys know, I will be going through and making edits to the current chapters. No big changes, just simple edits, fixing grammar errors, word things differently, etc. If anything big does change, I would let everyone know, and will be sure it does not interfere with other chapters in the story.

Thank you guys!

So I figured I should clear this up, I had an account before. Forgot the password to it.
But long story short, I recovered the password for it, but since I started a story on here already, I will be continuing the story from it by rewritting everything, reposting on this account, and going from there. It's a Roy/Riza FMA story, it is currently up! :)

Be warned, the first version of that story has so much awful grammar, cause in middle school I had no care for grammar. Ah, my youth. So foolish.

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