Mitchelius Julius
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Author has written 1 story for Land Before Time, and War of the Worlds.

These are My OCs

Lancer evolution X Time Machine (like back to the future)
Cheatolater (What makes the new romans and there allies live for ever not killed by nothing and no aging)This is sheilded and it can't be deafeated.
Tripod spellbergs Tripod it's good!
Normas : a fligter that emits tripods aloo sound and has black smoke and rays.
Trharius : a roman flying tripod
lazer spear a spear that shoots out lazers.
Charter : Mitchelius Julius
Age : 10 (relly 14 billion and ten years old).
Species : Human (also regarded as a Flatthooted sharpthooth)
Job : emperor of the New Roman Empire.
Favorite food : Dohnuts and dead fleah of Trannosaurus Rex
Relatives Wife: Mikala Julius
Mother : Margert Grubb ( Dead)
GrandMother:Bevaly grubb (dead)
Father : Tony Williams (Unknown)
Son: agustus II
Son in Law : Horanus (Trannosaur Rex)
Gender : Male
Charter:Mikila Julius
Gender : Female
Age : same As her Husband
Species : Human
Job : Queen of Both New Romans and New Amazions
Favorite Food : Unknown
Relatives Mother : Unknown
Brother : unknown
Husband : Mitchelius Julius
Character : Clarla
Species : Trannosaurus Rex
Gender : Female
Relatives Boyfirend : Chomper
Aunt : Chalrius
Age : One year Yonger Than Chomper
Character : Augustus II
Age : 35
Gender : Male
Species : Human
Job : Seacond Genarel Of the New Roman Legions
Relatives Father : Mitchelius Julius
Mother : Mikilaya Julius
Character : Drakius
Species : Saroplus
Age : same as Ducky
Job : Legion of the Roman Legion Gunners
Loves Ducky and amberaries
Character : Amberaries
Species : Saroplus
Age : same as Darkius
Character : Mikie
Age : same as Chomper
Gender : Female
Favorite Food : Great Valley Dinosaurs
Relativies Brother : Ravage
Job : Leader Of velcoraptor Archers of Trannosaurus Army
Character : Martanos
Species : Spellbergs Martian
Gender : Male
Fav Food : Human Blood later after Water
These are Characters That I Will let Falcon88 Use In rendeamts
Thaunts Of these Characters
Mitchelius Julius : You wanna play with us
Ravage : Ok
Mitchelius Julius : Say hello to my Little firend while weilding a gun (Explosion)
Ravage : We Take over The Valley and then we Find Nemo!
Mikie : Were relly going to Find Nemo?
Ruby : Who are You
Mitchelius Julius : Mitchelius Julius
Mitchelius Julius : Charge!
New Roman Army : CHARGE!
Mitchelius Julius : Build Gates Towers and Bombs
Other Characters Homer , Bart ,Lisa ,marge and every other characters from the simpions shold Apper in this and the jetsons but Roman Style Clothing

Chomper Works For the Roman Legions and The Sheild Corpation

War of The Worlds reviews
What Happens when Roman Great Vally is under Thert From Mars its a War of the worlds.
Crossover - Land Before Time & War of the Worlds - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 379 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 1/18/2010