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Hey guys, so you don't need to know my name, but I'll go by Fnick. I'm 16 and I've been writing for almost a year now. I draw too. I sketch my OC characters and Maximum Ride people. Ummm, I'm a tomboy, no question about it. T-shirts, sneakers, not a trace of makeup. I'm a welder too, haha not that you guys would guess that.

Yeah, I weld and run machines. And I'm taking an engineering class in school too. I'm a non-traditional kid, and I'm one of the best. ;)

If any of you guys have any questions feel free to leave me a note.


Hahaha this isn't my survey, I got it off a friends journal from Deviantart. ;)

And please, if you're gonna copy this survey, PLEASE re-write the answers, even if they're the same. I don't need another me out there.

Basic Info

Gender: Girl.

Hair Color: Dirty blonde.

Eye Color: Light brown, borderline hazel. My friend says they're orange...0.o

Height: 5'3.

Weight: You care about this why?

Location: A state.

Birthday: December.

Birthplace: A hospital.

Scars: 46, I counted ;)

Astrological Sign: WTH??

Dominant Hand: Right.

Religion: Catholic.

Dominant Brain: I have more than one brain? Haha uhhh, no idea. Left maybe? Right?

Major/career: Welder/machinist/engineer. Yeah, I'm that good.

Race: White.

Relationship Status: Working on that...

Glasses: Nope.

Braces: Few years, ugh. Off now though, woohoo!

Piercings: Psh, never.


Color: Black.

Letter: I love writing t's.

Ice Cream flavor: Chocolate and Vanilla all swirled together, mmmm.

Food: Chicken and chocolate. Not together though...eww.

Drink: Soda and water.

Number: 36

Sport: I play softball, I watch football and baseball.

Subject: Anything but spanish.

Month: December


Book: Maximum Ride!! And The Host.

Movie: Why is this question always hard?

Season: Winter/summer


Cartoon Caracter: Does Sora count?

Word: EPIC

Argument: Special treatment for girls. AKA Sexism. I put my workboots on one foot at a time, just like any other boy. =/

"Let's eat Grandpa!"

"Let's eat, Grandpa!"

Punctuation saves lives. Check twice, save a life.

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