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Super mega short

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Iron deficient


Broken 7 bones

Pierced mulitple times

Writing, drawing, music, photography

Cynical, sarcastic, probably ADD

I wear way too many bracelets for my own good

I can speak Russian


That pretty much sums up my life. I live in New Zealand. I want to leave it for somewhere that snows/rains a lot though. Weird, I know. I love the Mentalist, Castle, NCIS and Grey's Anatomy


I need to re-write old stories.

peace out

The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on. - Robert Bloch

be who you are and say what you feel, those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind- Dr Seuss

I'm suffering from severe JDDS (otherwise known as Judgement Day Denial Syndrome) JDDS is an epidemic among us JIBBS shippers. Those of you in denial about Jenny's death, copy and pate this to your profile.

••) .•) .•.•) .•) Pass the ribbon around if you know someone that has survived, DIED, or is living with cancer

я тебя люблю Jessie

Ship whore (I ship EVERYONE with EVERYONE)

Quotes and such that I cannot bring myself to remove

Patrick Jane: sniffs Mm. I smell dead people.

Mrs. Elkins: How can you be so cold?
Jane: Practice.

Jane: She fooled me.
Lisbon: The ultimate sin.
Jane: Yes, it is.

Patrick Jane: Honestly, it's not as bad as it looks.

Teresa: Tell me the truth.
Patrick: Truth. Darth Vader? Luke's father.

Kristina: Yeah. Calling, gift, as you like. There's no doubt that you have it. Why did you give it up?
Patrick: It's the suits. Chafing. Horrible.

Patrick Jane: She couldn't kill anyone unless they told her to in a firm voice

Cho: No, of course not. But I mean if dark forces did exist, it stands to reason there could be people who control them for their own ends.
Patrick: They're called investment bankers and they don't live around here, I assure you.

Patrick Jane: Oh, come on, guys. I just robbed a Russian mobster. You can't call Lisbon?

Patrick Jane: I did it, and the seas didn't boil and the sky didn't fall.

Patrick: All you need is a basic understanding of the evolutionary psychology of women, rigorously and fearlessly applied. You gotta know what buttons to press.
Teresa: Like we're toasters.
Grace: Like men don't have buttons too.
Patrick: Men are like toasters. Women... a little more like uh, accordions. (Teresa and Grace walk away) (To Rigsby) I thought that was a compliment.

Freddie: How are you feeling, Goldilocks. Feeling lucky?
Patrick: I'm sorry, are we here to share our feelings or to play cards?

Patrick Jane: Ah, yoga. Because standing on your head listening to flute music is definitely the answer.

Patrick Jane Quote: Yeah, you guys go find out. I'll find the couch. (Gets up.) Oh, there it is.

Patrick Jane Quote: Teenager: Yeah. Screw the cops.
Patrick: Even for a midget villain like yourself, that's an untenable ethical position. Every modern society has some kind of police force. It's like saying "screw the public transport system".

Teresa Lisbon: Get lost, Fluffy.

Teresa Lisbon: bite me

Teresa Lisbon: Things are getting weird, we're off to see a witch.

Teresa Lisbon: (talking about Patrick) No excuses. I mistakenly treat him as a responsible adult.

Jane: I have a pretty good idea where Cody Elkins is.
Lisbon: Sharing is good.

Jane: It's a worm. It's a fossilized worm.
Lisbon: I'm happy for you.

Teresa: Like you don't know you have major trust issues.
Patrick: I trust people. I trust you.
Teresa: No you don't, and I don't trust you either.
Patrick: It's upsetting to hear that. Really? You don't trust me?
Teresa: Of course not! How many times have you lied to me, misled me, tricked me? Is that trust? No

Teresa Lisbon: Oh, in the context of someone letting himself get hypnotized, nearly throwing his colleague off a building, and then finally being able to overpower a small crazy woman to retrieve the situation? You did okay.

Teresa Lisbon: This is a simple plan. It's when you start getting costumes and props that I get nervous.

Teresa Lisbon: Is there a word for uncanny and irritating?

Teresa Lisbon: You get me sick and I'm putting you on stakeout for a month!

Teresa Lisbon: Patrick: Oh, that sounds horribly tedious. Shout if you need me.
Teresa: Go ahead, relax. Enjoy yourself. God forbid you should do anything tedious.

Teresa Lisbon: Let's put a pin in that, shall we?

Teresa Lisbon: If he does anything wrong... if he jaywalks, shoot him!

Teresa Lisbon: Go to hell. Take a toothbrush!"
Teresa Lisbon: Is that a useful aha or and irritating aha?

Wayne Rigsby:
Grace: I don't like it.
Wayne: Me neither. What's the alternative?
Grace: It's immoral.
Wayne: I don't know about that. Say your brain gets cooked if you use 'em a lot. Make you infertile, too.
Grace: What are you talking about?
Wayne: Microwaves. What are you talking about?
Grace: The séance this evening!
Wayne: We were looking at the microwave!

Rigsby: Huh. We'll never get that lucky. Nope, we're gonna be talking to the hand for a long while.
Patrick: Why so glum? A case is a case.
Rigsby: We're in the middle of nowhere, windy as all hell, I haven't eaten anything. Dismemberment's are a bitch. You spend months assembling the victim, and there's always a piece missing.

Wayne Rigsby: Teenagers. I hate questioning teenagers. It's like talking to mud

Grace Van Pelt: I say we bring him in anyway. For creepiness.

Ben Machado: I didn't know you guys were cops.
Kimball Cho: You thought we were selling magazine subscriptions?

Mr. Wallcott: Are you sure about that, Agent Cho? Because I can make one phone call and your career is toast.
Cho: That's impressive. The best I can get with one call is a pizza.

Patrick: Vibes. Really? Vibes?
Cho: That's where he stares at the back of her neck for several hours. Women love that.

Cho: There's pineapple on it.
Grace: You can take it off.
Cho: I'll know it's been there.

Teresa Lisbon: We're looking for someone who doesn't like orange rabbits.

Mr Winston: How am I supposed to know who you are? You're banging on my door, CBI, CBI. Like that's supposed to mean something?
Cho: Yeah, we do need better brand awareness.

Rigsby: You have any plans for tonight?
Van Pelt: Home. TV.
Rigsby: Well...have fun.
Van Pelt: You too. (Leaves the room)
Cho: (to Rigsby) You're gonna die alone.

Kimball Cho Quote:
Rigsby: (On entering the lawyer's office) Jimmy marks on the door knob.
Cho: I doubt that was part of the original décor.

Cho: Bosco's team calls us Bert and Ernie.
Rigsby: You knew that, and you didn't say anything?
Cho: It would bother you.
Rigsby: It doesn't bother you?
Cho: No.
Rigsby: Why not?
Cho: Ernie's the clever, handsome one.

Teresa: It's not funny.
Patrick: It is a little.

Patrick: That's interesting. Look. Look at her eyes.
(They all look at Scarlett's eyes. Neither Teresa nor Rigsby notice anything. They wait for Jane to explain.)
Teresa: Hello! Use your words


Never let suspects stay together.
Gibbs (to Kate)Rule number one: Never let suspects stay together."
Never screw (over) your partner.
Gibbs: "Number one supersedes all of the others."
Jenny: "Never screw your partner?"
Gibbs: "Never screw OVER your partner."
Always wear gloves at a crime scene.
Gibbs (to Kate)"Rule number two: Always wear gloves at a crime scene."
Don't believe what you're told. Double check.
Gibbs "Rule number three: Don't believe what you're told, double check."
Kate: "Should I write these rules in my Palm Pilot or crochet them on pillows?"
Never be unreachable.
Ziva (after trying to reach McGee) "Rule number three..."
Tony: "Never be unreachable."
If you have a secret, the best thing is to keep it to yourself. The second-best is to tell one other person if you must. There is no third best.
Jenny: "It's your fault you know."
Gibbs: "For what, leaving or coming back?"
Jenny: "For teaching me your rules. Best way to keep a secret, keep it to yourself. Second best, tell one other person... if you must. There is no third best. (walking away) That's rule number four isn't it?"
Never say you're sorry. It's a sign of weakness.
Gibbs (to Kate) "Never say you're sorry. (laughing) You don't have to crochet that one."

Tony (to Gibbs): I broke rule #6. Never say you're sorry.
Gibbs: It was covered by rule #18.

Always be specific when you lie.
Gibbs (to Kate) "Rule number seven: Always be specific when you lie."
Never take anything for granted.
Abby (to McGee)"Rule number eight is gonna save you McGee!"
"Never date a co-worker? "
(to Tony) "Never go anywhere without your knife. "
(to Ziva)"Thought that was nine."
"Never take anything for granted."
(to Gibbs)"Correct El Jefe. But then again you did make up the rules."

Ziva: "I assume Gibbs would have checked that out last night."
Tony: "Rule number eight: Never assume anything."
Ziva: "To be precise it's, ah, never take anything for granted."

Never go anywhere without a knife.

Gibbs (while handing his knife to Tony) "Rule number nine:"

Gibbs & Kate (in unison)"Never go anywhere without a knife."

Tony: "Rule nine."
Atlas: "What?"
Tony: "Ya know those rule they teach you guys in the Marine Corps."
Atlas: "What rules?"
Tony: "Huh, I always suspected the fact that Gibbs was making that stuff up. Well... rule nine is, ah (undoing his belt), never go anywhere (pulling out his knife) without a knife."

Abby: Rule #9 'always keep a spare'.

Tony: I thought Gibbs said nine was 'always carry a knife.'
Abby: Not Gibbs' rules...mine.
Never get personally involved in a case.
Gibbs: You okay?
Tony: Not really. I broke rule number ten. Again. Never get personally involved in a case.
Gibbs: Yeah. That's the rule I've always had the most trouble with.
When the job is done, walk away.
Gibbs: "Rule number eleven, DiNozzo."
Tony: "I would never date a co-worker boss. Trust me. I mean, why would you even—that's twelve. Eleven... when the job is done, you walk away."
Never date a coworker.
Kate (to Tony)"Not my style, Tony. I would just shoot you."
Gibbs (just walking in)"That would be the reason for rule number twelve."
Kate: "Rule twelve?"
Gibbs: "Never date a co-worker."
Never, ever involve lawyers.

Tony: "Which means you've been here one day and already broken Gibbs' rule number thirteen."
Dwayne: "Rule number thirteen?"
Tony: "Yeah, rule number thirteen: Never, ever involve lawyers. Things are bound to turn nasty."

Always work as a team.
Jenny: "I heard your agents are pitted against each other. Wasn't that Gibbs' rule number fifteen? Always work as a team."
Gibbs: "Not on this one."
It's better to ask forgiveness than ask permission.
Jenny (to Gibbs) "Number eighteen: It's better to seek forgiveness than ask permission."
Never, ever interrupt Gibbs in interrogation.
Tony (to Ziva) "Rule number twenty-two: never, EVER bother Gibbs in interrogation."
Never mess with a Marine's coffee if you want to live.
Kate (to Tony) "Maybe next time you should remember rule... twenty-three..."
Marine (laughing)"Never mess with a Marine's coffee if you want to live."
There are two ways to follow.
1st way - they never notice you;2nd way - they only notice you.

Your case, your lead.
Gibbs (to Tony): "Your case, your lead. I think it's a rule."

There is no such thing as coincidence.

If it seems like someone's out to get you, they are.
Gibbs (to Abby): "Rule forty."
Abby (to Gibbs): "If you think someone is out to get you, they are."
First things first, hide the women and children.
Gibbs (to Camila Charo to tell Mike Franks)Tell him Rule 44"

Shannon (to Gibbs): "Forty-four. First things first, Hide the women and children. You're actually writing these down?"
Clean up your messes.
Tony (to Gibbs): "Where are you gonna be?"
Gibbs (to Tony): "At the mess I gotta clean up."
Tony (whispers to Ziva): "That's 45 ... basically."
Sometimes - you're wrong.
Gibbs (written after reminiscing about his wife and his rules)

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