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Hellooo There, Welcome To My Profile

I'm CherryBlossomBabeeh, I'm A Teenage High School Girl, Whom Loves To Write.

Okay. Let me put this into perspective for you. You can call me CherryBlossomBabeeh or just Cherry or Blossom. I honestly answer to everything. I'm between the ages 15-18 i wont tell anyone my actual age unless, i actual know you, so get to know me (: . I’m not what you would call "normal" but that’s okay. I think getting called normal is the worst insult you could ever get. I do happen to have a potty mouth at times, so please, excuse my French. I completely love Twilight and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, they're pretty much an obsession of mine. I’m addicted to guys with Brunette/Blonde Hair, Sparkling Eyes, and a Deep Tan. (Y) I’m jealous of little kids because they have such flawless skin. I love watching Glee, Supernatural, House, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, The O.C, The City and Gilmore Girls (huge difference, I know, but they’re all great) And I just had a mental freak out at not knowing how to spell the word ‘great’ because it looked wrong like ‘grate’ But that doesn’t make any sense to you, probably People around me never know what I’m talking about.

Cause I change the subject often to random stuff like: So drop by and say hellooooo!

Music is my life. I don't know where I would be without it. I listen to everything from Britney Spears to Slipknot. From Lady Gaga to A Rocket To The Mooon. From Rise Against to Hot Chip. From Forever the Sickest Kids to Breathe Carolina. From Escape the Fate to Eminem. It's my escape from reality sometimes.

I hope to be an author one day...

I Love Tragedy stories... also! I love Romance stories, Preferably ones that have some kind of Supernatural twist or Tragedy in it... but Romance Novels are a bit hard for me to get into but... some writers can actually capture my attention... If you can write well and keep me interested in your strictly romance novel then you know it's well detailed... i like well written Romance novels...

Just some things you might want to know about me:

I'm the kind of person that believes anything is possible,

if you put your heart & soul into it.

You just have to really want it.

Music is such a big part of my life. It's helped me get through so much.

These Are The Couples I Love The Most:

Buffy/Angel - Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Edward/Bella - Twilight.

Renesmee/Jacob - Twilight.

Rory/Logan - Gilmore Girls.

Marissa/Ryan - The O.C.

Summer/Seth - The O.C.

Jenny/Nate - Gossip Girl.

Blair/Chuck - Gossip Girl.

Donna/Ringo - Neighbours.

Piper/Leo - Charmed.

I'm currently working on these stories:

Heartbreak: Buffy and Angel have many obstacles in their relationship and decide to break it off for a while, while they take a break from their relationship Angel decides he's not good enough for Buffy and moves away without her knowing. Angel needs help in LA and knows Buffy's the only one that can help Buffy arrives in LA as soon as Angel calls her. But will she help him if she finds Cordelia Chase in his arms. Giles finds a spell to make Angel keep his soul after one moment of happiness with Buffy. Buffy is still heartbroken after finding Angel with Cordelia but when she finds out about the spell will she tell Angel they can finally be together without any obstacles or will she be to heartbroken to forgive Angel. (Basically a Buffy and Angel love story.)

I Think I'm Falling For You: Elena a beautiful young girl is forced to move to LA after her mother can no longer afford their house in New York, Elena has always been the girl to never get in trouble or be enemies with anyone but what happens when she get on the bad side of Holly the most popular girl at her new high school, Holly does everything in her power to humiliate and destroy Elena's social life, Elena is now miserable and an outcast and high school but what will Holly do when she finds Elena has climbed back up the social ladder after hooking up with one of the most popular guys in school but Holly has a plan to keep them apart will it work? (This has nothing to do with anything, it is my own story with my own characters and plot just something I came up with.)

You Stole My Heart: Raelene a smart and popular year 11 falls for the irresistible Edward Cullen but what happens when her friends fall for him too, can she win him over before one of her friends do. What if Edward doesn't like her the way she thinks he does will he break her heart and go with one of her friends or will he fall for Raelene like Raelene fell for him. What if Edward turns out to be one of the biggest jerks and Raelene finds out about some of his past will they still like him.

What Lie's Within: Lauren is a normal teenager with a normal life and a loving boyfriend, she think her life will remain perfect and pristine that is until the perfect Edward Cullen comes into her life, he seems like perfection and ditches her boyfriend for him, but is Edward telling Lauren everything she needs to know. (Edward Cullen & O.C Love/Drama Story.)

Darkness Forever: Saffron is a troubled young fifteen year old girl whom wields the power of witchcraft, she thinks witchcraft is nothing but fun and games, and doesn't realize how much trouble and destruction magic can do, when she gets together with her old best friend Starlett, they conjure up a spell they thought was harmless, but then a venture of bad events start to happen, what did they do to the town of Luxondale. can Sapphire and Willow stop the spell from dooming the town forever?

Want, Take, Have!: Faith, Hope & Destiny each hold a power that they can either use for good or bad, they don't know how they got them or what to do with them, so they decide to explore, what kind of event's of trouble could this take them through..? will they choose their powers for good or evil.

Trapped Beneath The Surface: Katie-Lee used to have a wonderful fault free life, what in the world could cause everything in her world to fall apart. Will anything ever get better...? or is misery and darkness her fate..?

Will post them soon, which one do you think i should post first?

Thank You For Viewing My Profile, Please Read And Review My Stories That Would Be Very Much Appreciated.

Peace And Love, CherryBlossomBabeeh!

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If you know you have an unhealthy obsession with any or all of the Cullens, but you don't really care because you don't want to heal quite frankly, post this. (I admit it, I'm overly obsessed, but I don't care! ;) )

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