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I'm Tyche Nemesis, I'm British, and my favourite food is Phish Food ice cream.

At the moment, my sole purpose on this site is to offer constructive criticism to authors, though I may choose to publish work here later on. My current stories are stored elsewhere, and I shall not say where until I feel I have some fics I deem good enough to publish.

Honestly, at the moment, all I am here to do is help other people improve. I try to offer constructive criticism in the politest way possible, but I do tend to be awfully blunt at times. Please don't take offence if I come across as rude - I really don't mean to.

Just a note; most stories I review will be in the Harry Potter fandom, as this is the fandom I am most familiar with, though I may review other novel-based fanfictions. Also, I personally tend to enjoy OC fanfictions more, as a) an OC tends to showcase a writer's talent of characterisation better than a canon character does, and b) because these OCs tend to give interesting and fresh perspectives on other characters, which can often give more depth to canon characters which could be, in fact, rather more lacking in the original storyline.

However, I adamantly despise particularly Sue-ey Mary-Sues and will not hesitate to bring it up in a review. Again, I do not mean to offend or upset anyone with a less-than-happy review tone, or in fact if my language choice was pretty rubbish and my reviews poorly-worded; I will always attempt to bring up good points, and also how to improve on what to improve on.

Also, this profile was originally made by my friend, who is currently sitting beside me, playing guitar and demanding a mention. This afore-mentioned mention is to appease her stubborn wishes for a mention. She also demands I mention that she says "hi".

Until next time,