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Hi everyone who has found this profile! One thing. I love pokemon humans and Chao! If I could, I would post my own pictures... But I will use possibly better pics I find randomly on the web...OH! Let me introduce my self!

Name:NintendoFan (I only will tell select people my REAL name.)

Age:Only creepers wanna know that! (But if you go through the trouble to e-mail me I might tell you.)not... OH! did I say that out loud?

Race:... call me AMERICAN

Stories:I just posted my brand new story! I hope the pokemon human community accepts me...

Gender:GIRL you weirdos better not send me weird and creepy emails!

Forget about me..(my e-mail is

I will say this. My first story mostly revovles around...

Name:Sara (but pronouced like Sarah)


Speices:Pokemon Human:Lugia

Moves:Gust,fly,extreme speed,areo blast, and glare. And she's a blackbelt in karate

Sciencetist Group: Team Atom (Just to be clear there are three Groups, Atom Shadow and Moon. Okay,Evil,good in order.

Any way... I have a new found love for Chao.(In the SADX game cube game. it may be oldish but it's soo FUN!) My favorite is Smile, my white monotone swimming chao!(...)Ya know.. I'm gonna wright a story about my chao. I'm acepting OCs. And this is a couple of my trandmark phrases:

1. 'my cherry pie will shoot you'

2. 'nuts know they're nuts'

3. (this one was made by me and my big sis) '5. 5 dollar. 5 dollar poop log.'

4.(still me and my sis XD) 'When life gives you lemons in your stocking, you squirt it in somebody's eyes. That's what you do when life gives you lemons."

5. 'You have 5 dog treats, and I have a dog. My dog runs alll the way to your treats. He eats it up. (NOM-NOM)He eats your treats.'

6.'How many shoes can fit in a unbrella, if a unbrella can fit in a shoe?'

7.' Wrong. A for Q#1 was 13, A for Q#1 was 1!'

Recap: new story, OCs welcome, I love chao, kirby, pokemon, pie, and corn bread.

And now, by 'inpiration' from other users am doin' THIS (includes famous video game characters in SSBB!)

1.Mario 2.Pikachu
3. Kirby
7.King DeDeDe
8.Pokemon Trainer (Charzaird Squirtal Bulbasaur)

What if (1) stole all your food?
Man I shouldn't of bought all thoose mushrooms...I hate mushrooms...
You are gettig

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