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previously known as Margot Channing*

Well, there's not much to tell about me, so I'll just give you the basics.

I'm an only child.

I'm shy.

My favourite colour is lime green.

I am in gr. 9

I love to read and make up stories.

I want to be an actress when I grow up.

My current obsession is Shirley Temple.

I left my Thief Lord fic [I know, I know]

I'm working on a Newsies fic.

Favourite Books

Harry Potter series

Hunger Games series

Maximum Ride series

Percy Jackson series

The Clique series

Alphas series

Pretty Little Liars series

Favourite Movies

X-Men movies

Pirates of the Carribean movies

Stand By Me

Jurassic Park movies

The Goonies

Nightmare Before Christmas [gotta love Tim Burton]

Edward Scissorhands



Pretty much any film by Pixar

All of those old Disney movies

Favourite Book/Movie Characters

Iggy from Maximum Ride

Jean Grey from the X-Men movies

Chris Chambers from Stand By Me

Annabeth from Percy Jackson series

Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass [need I say more?]

Peeta from Hunger Games

Favourite Artists


Lady Gaga



The Sweet

The Velvet Underground

The Arcade Fire

The Beatles

Edith Piaf

Hayley Williams [her voice is amazing]

Fanfiction and Me…

1.) Are you active in the FanFiction community?

Well, like yeah! I have an account, dont I?

2.) What's the worst rating you've read (G, PG, PG-13, T, M, NC-17)?

Hmmm...there were some M ones that should've been rated NC-17 if that counts

3.) Have you ever written a fanfic?

Well, yeah!

4.) What was the first fanfic you ever read?

One about Reneesmee and Jacob, it was during my Jacob/Reneesmee obsession

5.) What was the first fanfic you ever wrote?

1st written: Remember Me, a Thief Lord fanfic. I should probably get around to finishing that…

6.) Do you use your real name?


7.) Do you know what 'Lemon' and 'Lime' means?

Only Lemon

8.) What's the worst you've ever read?

It was this really idiotic ChrisXOC pairing

9.) Has your writing improved over time?

I guess

10.) Who's your favorite author to read?

JK Rowling, Lisi Harrison, Cornelia Funke, Rick Riordan, Suzanne Collins

11.) What's the best fics you've ever read?

I really liked Confessions of the Platonic Girl

12.) Have you ever actually cried at a fanfic?


13.) Have you ever gone through a day thinking of nothing but a certain story?

Yup, CotPG

14.) Well written fics or anything goes?

Well written. I will NOT tolerate pointless Mary-Sue crap

15.) Can you name a quote from a fan fic off the top of your head?

Sad to say no, I can’t

16.) Hetro or Slash?

hetro is more my cup of tea

17.) Have you ever read stories over?

Yes, I'm just that cool

18.) Have you ever read a threesome?

No, and I don’t plan to

19.) One Shots or stories?


20.) What's your favorite genre to write?

Romance, fantasy

21.) Do you have a low tolerance for grammatically incorrect stories?

YES! It distracts me sooo much!

22.) If you read slash, what's your favorite pairing(s)?

I don’t read slash stories.

23.) Whats your favorite non-slash pairing?

AnyoneOC. I LOVE Oc fanfiction

24.) Do you bring your real friends into fanfics?

I’ve only ever made 1 fanfic, so no, but I’ll keep that in mind

25.) Have you ever requested to be in a fanfic?


26.) Has anyone ever requested to be in one of your fanfics?


27.) What do you think the most awkward slash pairing would be?

IggyXFang… XP

28.) Are you ashamed of how you used to write?

Not really

29.) Have you ever read for six hours straight?

Yes, but only with a ook. Not in fanfic, though I’m pretty sure I came close to, though

30.) Do you get excited when a good author updates?


31.) Do you get excited when you see a sequel to a certain fanfic?


32.) Have you been introduced to new music through fanfiction?


33.) What's your current pairing obsession to write?

Not writing a pairing fic

34.) What's your current pairing obsession to read?

Chris/OC, Ralph/OC

35.) Have you ever wished that some slash pairings were true?

36.) Have you ever had discussions about fanfiction at school?

Sadly, none of my friends read fanfic

37.) Have you ever read a fic out loud just to hear yourself impersonate what you think the characters sound like?


38.) Does your best friend write/read fanfiction?

I recommended my friend read these, but she didn’t, the traitor XP

39.) Ever talked out loud to a poster in your room about how you’re mad about a story that they were being a jackass in?


40.) Have you ever drawn a couple inspired by a fic?

I suck at art

What I am doing right now:

Mon. August 16th

Hey guys, I'm really sorry I left my Thief Lord fic! I had it as a great idea back in January and I started writing it, but I was unsatisfied with the results, so I stopped. If I do decide to man up and go back to it, I'm gonna rewrite it.

I'm am also currently working on a Newsies fic. It's gonna be a mystery fic, which is weird, cuz all of the Newsies fics that I read so far have all been about Spot Conlon [sigh] and romance :s so I thought that if I were to write a Newsies fic, it would obviosly involve Spot and romance, but no, it's a mystery.

I also have a couple of really good fic ideas for Stand By Me stored up in brain, so I'll try to mold them into great fics for all you Chris Chambers lovers out there!!

New Newsies Fic!

I have just started a new newsies fic titled "Mr. Kelly Lives for a Day" chronicling the passionate love affair of Jack Kelly and a married woman. Here is what my charries look like:

Jane Whitfield

James Whitfield

Elizabeth Olivers

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