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Author has written 14 stories for Bleach, Naruto, Once Upon a Time, Pokémon, and Fire Emblem.

"We at this moment head into the decisive battle. Have faith that our blades will not shatter. Have faith that our hearts will not waiver. And even if our paths should diverge, we all share a heart of iron. Swear that even if the ground beneath us should be rent asunder we will live and return to this place again."

(Man I love this quote by my Marido xD)

Hi I'm Luafua but my nickname is Agua the Awesome (Though Agua is ok, I still prefer to be known as the Awesome), aged 23 ;). I'm creative kinda gal. Anime is one of the things I like to watch, but I like fantasy and supernatural genres.

Now, I want to become a full fledged author but I still think that I need to improve *Compares reviews to some stories* … Yeah… I believe I have a LONG way to go.

Sometimes, I follow your work in silence. But if the story gets good enough, I follow it immediately. I’m mostly on my phone so reviews are very rare unless I really love your story (or on the laptop). Favourites come mostly when the fiction is finished or I accidentally clicked favourite instead of follow (IBP is the exception of this rule). Anyhow, I hope this explains my silence.

Also, speaking of reviews, thank you for all the support I get. Reviews, follows, favourites, I just love it (No... it has nothing to do with the fact that I stalk your account to find other stories - I mean... I'm potato woman). Criticism and support helps me as a writer, and I am a bit shy to talk to people consistently, but if its necessary I will give a response. But it means the world to me that some take their time to appreciate my somewhat decent work. (I get all giddy people... I failed classes for these stories... not a good thing, but still...)

I often write long stories as a hobby but occasionally if I feel like it then I'll write a fan fic, just because I like to write what should have been (Or could have either way). I'm a huge fan on romance and humour and sometimes, I can get frustrated when someone doesn’t complete their fic especially when it gets good. (Nothing personal it’s just I’m really impatient). I love Damon Salvatore and Renji Abarai the most, Damon is the definition of sexy bad boy (with those glorious blue eyes that I’ve saved as my screen saver- uh... I mean... my dog is my wallpaper!) and Renji is my Marido :D *Sighs*

I love animals as a passion despite I have no intention of becoming a Vegetarian. I am Portuguese, but I speak very little of it. In fact I speak more Italian than Portuguese. I’m a loner kind of girl (anti-social is a better word), I sort of don’t like company of others because I can never feel good about anything when I’m talking to them. I prefer to mind my own business and look the other way because I hate being hurt... that’s why I like writing and reading. Because I’m not living my life at that moment I’m reading or writing.

Oh yeah before I forget, I draw XD so if ya wanna check out my sad-excuse drawings go to my deviantart which is under Luafua. As far as I know I know two people in Fanfiction, one of them is my friend but she forgets her username (my reaction WTF?) and then there's my one and only cousin, LadyBeri who honestly is terrible when it comes to updating stories. Check out her stories... or you will regret it *Unohana smile*

Another thing is that I'm a tomboy but a really lazy one. I can't stand shopping, anything girly and I don't eat much salads. My friend would always complain that I eat continuously and don't get fat... I think I have a secret stomach hidden somewhere in my body. However I can't stand to play sport, because that requires energy and as mentioned earlier, I am lazy. Also I like to own and not share, and whoever is still reading this sentence and interested in my fics I will officially own. So I own you!... And you! All of you! Especially YOU *Points to screen* :P Now get me a cookie!

Now finally, I am generally a nice person but if you seriously have a problem with me, flame me or just insult me because of my stories then click that fancy little button that sends me a PM. Because quite frankly I have a bad temper and if you want to argue with me then be my guest. But if we don't have a situation, then send me a PM and we'll talk like best buddies! Okay not really considering my shyness... O.o but I'll be nice...

Another profile-clean-up no jutsu! *Smoke covers your screen*

*Fun facts about Agua the Awesome/LuaFua!!!!*

- Since I want to write more original stories, I tend to use OC characters in most of my stories. My most popular style of character is the tough character who suffered a loss in their lives.

- On the point of the OC characters, I tend to base one or two things off me. You will never have a character that is practically me in a story, that I promise you. If you can spot these similarities then I will give you an internet cookie

- When writing the longer stories, I will wait until I've written a decent amount and will not start any new projects until I finish.

- My favourite kind of characters are often the broken characters seeking redemption. A few examples, Damon Salvatore, Killian Jones/Captain Hook and Klaus Mikaelson. Please do not notice the fact that they have blue eyes and look kick ass in leather. That is merely a coincidence (my friend thinks I have a blue eye fetish... which is probably true. Seriously, read my original story and you'll see why xD).

- I have published, due for a release on 19th of May called Reflection of Fire under Ouroborus Books Services

- I hate to admit it, but I have a temper so if you're review sounds a little mean I will reply with the same tone.

- I'm a fan of star gazing, you will see in 90% of my stories will most likely include a character looking at the night sky.

- I'm quite picky with my pairings. I try to be more open about the ships, but its so hard... *Sobs profusely*

- So far, my favourite shows are.

1. Lucifer

2. The Originals

3. Once Upon a Time

4. Bleach (The last chapter does not count here. While I will always love what Bleach and what it stood for, the last chapter made me so disgusted that I'm still in denial mode.)

5. Vampire Diaries (Season 1-3 and sometimes 4. I'll tell you now, I've lost interest and I haven't even seen the recent episodes. I used to go crazy after missing an episode on Friday night but now I shrug my shoulders. But now that Nina Dobrev is leaving... I won't be going near season 7)

6. Fairy Tail (I've only read the manga for this one :D)

7. Friends (JOEY FOR THE WIN! "How you doin'?")

8. Game of Thrones

9. Brooklyn Nine Nine

10. New Girl

- I swear... most of my stories include swearing. But I won't use the See You Next Tuesday word, nor will I drop the F bomb in every chapter. The F bomb is only on there whenever necessary

- I loathe character bashing. If I see a hint of someone character bashing then I will leave the story with disgust. I can accept that not everyone likes certain characters just don't ramble on to how much Elena Gilbert is a whiny character (which I still don't see).

The couples that I want to serve under me- MUHAHAHAHAHA... ok sorry:


Davina x Kol/Caleb (*Watches 02.14* I HATE YOU CRUEL WORLD!)

Other than them two, I don't really ship characters in Originals. I just want them to go about their day :D


Damon x Elena (I could write an entire book about how much I love this couple, but I'm lazy so I would rather not. I love their build up and it was the best thing for Elena - Rose's words, not mine. But. I disliked everything that happened in season 4 and onwards. I hate the fact that Elena was 'sired' to Damon and then the doppleganger nonsense which made no sense. This is probably why I've lost interest in the show I used to enjoy. Now it's a mess.)

Elijah x Anyone that can make him happy

Matt x Rebekah (There's something about Matt that makes everything sweet. No one else can steal Matt! Not Nadia, not Caroline and not that rabid fangirl over there – wait... oh Kami no! She’s attacking me!)

Elijah x Katherine (Okay who doesn't like this couple? Katherine is amazing, I just wanna hug Elijah and tell him to be with Katherine and be all gentlemany with his stylish suits *Cue Suit's song from HIMYM*)

Klaus x Caroline (Warning, the following contains OTP mode: Oh dear, I remember during the second season I read my first Klaus and Caroline fic and I loved it now I'm so cheery because it actually happened! Well... sort of... I would kill people just to have these two together! Klaus is amazing *though he is being a bit soft* and he needs to woo Caroline to be together... again)

Jeremy x Anna (I miss Anna...)

Alaric x Jenna (I accept no one else! Death to Alaric x Anyone else!)


Killian x Emma (Cuddles! I just want to cuddle them both - uh... I mean... Captain Swan is a good pairing)

Regina x Robin (Soul Mates :D Also, I can boast that I met Sean Maguire and fist bumped with him. I asked awkwardly then he laughed and agreed. He's such a nice guy xD... Anyhow... I enjoy Outlaw Queen)

Mary Margaret x David / Snow x Charming (You guys get the picture)

Belle x Rumplestiltskin/ Mr Gold (Between season 1-3 yeah, from 4 onwards I started hoping that Belle doesn't ever get back to him)


Ichigo x Rukia (Dude... For all those people who don't understand why I love IchiRuki, its simple - Rukia makes Ichigo feel better like magic!)

Orhime x Uryu (As I cry on the inside, I am prepared to remember that this is the ship of a life time)

Karin x Toshiro (I know this is a filler pairing, but since manga has been... mangery, it would be fair to say that history can repeat :D)

Isshin x Masaki (I have one word for Masaki - Awesome)

Ryuken x Katagiri (This pairing is cute and because of her I like Ryuken a bit more - he's pretty cool)


Neji x Tenten (OTP HARDCORE NEJITEN FAN *starts drawing Nejiten like a maniac* Headcanon: They are together and have a child together that's a genius like papa!)

Naruto x Hinata (This reminds me of Goku and Chichi but if Hinata turns out like Chichi did... Oh dear KAMI I FEAR FOR NARUTO'S LIFE!)

Sasuke x Sakura (I like this pairing because I've seen how Sasuke is around Sakura, their scenes were epic even though I'm not a Sasuke fan)

Shikamaru x Ino (My first favourite pairing, don't judge me - actually I don't care... but when I saw these two in the third episode I practically fangirled and declared my first pairing in Naruto)


Any slash/ femslash coupling: Okay... I don't like seeing my straight favourite characters being paired up with someone the same gender as them. Look I'm not the kind of gal to be a homophobic - in fact I wrote my last essay on gay marriage, but I just don't reading or writing it. I especially hate it when its incest *Cough* Robb Stark and Jon Snow. I don’t care that they’re half-brothers, they’re still blood related! I find it very disturbing. Please excuse my rant…

Incest Pairings: No… just no, the way I was raised up, I learnt that incest is just... Bleh... I don’t even like animals going through incest! … It’s a bit weird eh?



Rukia x Renji (Bleh.)

Momo x Toshiro (Sibling like relationship in my opinion)

Byakuya x Rukia (Don’t even go there)

Unohana x Kenpachi (Well... its weird in my head because she met him as a kid... But whatever do whatever the hell you fangirls want...)


Neji x Hinata (*Grabs shovel* I will hit anyone that would suggest that couple in front of me)

Tenten x Lee ( I can't describe how much I hate this pairing. Unfortunately it looks like an official canon pairing with hints of the kid *since he has the name Metal - in reference to Tenten's weaponry*. Though can I say, the name Metal Lee does not sound right. But, unlike some certain butt hurt fans, I'm not going to threaten Kishimoto for doing what he did. Deep down, I still have my Nejiten head canon.)

Neji x anyone that isn’t Tenten

Tenten x anyone that isn’t Neji

Naruto x Sakura (Don’t ask why. Too lazy with explaining)

Kakashi x Anko (I just got sick of seeing this pairing and I lost my head... literally)


FAVE PAIRINGS - Well this one is too obvious, but I can be picky with my shippings... as you can see above. Unfortunately, I mostly stick one person with another, but I try to be open about other pairings. Just don't be a jerk if I don't like your pairing random stranger.

CRACK FICS - These are the random kinds because believe it or not... I love it when something unexpected happens like Sasuke starts singing some Britney Spears song or a really shy character randomly snapping at people... OOC FTW! But only when its for humor purposes, and it has to be done in a pretty awesome way... Another reason why I like parodies

AU FICS - I love the different plots some people come up with, but my favourite style is probably medieval, supernatural or a plot completely different... like Living Dead for example... I haven't seen any story like mine...

OC STORIES - I love Ocs... I can't get enough of them... but I'm exceedingly picky with them. For one, I'm over the twin sibling to the protag who hooks up with the protag's love interest. Example: Elena Gilbert has an identical twin so we don't have one 'once every five hundred year' doppleganger but two! The most common pairing with this cliché is with Damon Salvatore or Klaus. Sometimes its a love triangle which sickens me even more...

Anyways, my point is to create your own character and not make them a Mary/Gary sue

ONESHOTS - In my opinion, I will only read oneshots if I'm not in the mood to read a 40 chaptered fic... But some oneshots are pretty good, so I'll applaud you authors for that

DARK FICS - I have no idea on why I love these stories, I simply adore the darker side of characters, maybe Neji being a vampire and he tries to manipulate Tenten into making her suffer... (sort of like Beauty and the Beast...) ... maybe that's why all my characters have some hint of darkness in them

Current Fictions:

The Moon on Ice – Bleach OC Story. Currently written 70 Chapters. Currently writing

The Hidden World - Bleach OC Story. Currently written 70 Chapters. Currently writing

Living Dead of the Night – Naruto AU story. Finished and the future sequels haven't been written yet.

Just a Mask – Naruto OC Story. In a rewriting process. Could take a while - probably after HW and MoI

Mutually - Once Upon a Time AU story. Currently in writing process. Updates when it's possible

Fading Light - FINISHED!

Two worlds Collide - FINISHED! -ish

Too Late - Finished... *Sniff*

Dreams - FINISHED!

The Revisit - Finished... *Sniff*

To Our Second Date - FINISHED!

Babysitting - FINISHED!

Stargazing - FINISHED!

Trapped Within – In production. 3 Chapters done so far... I need to continue writing this one

Always and Forever – In production. Currently written 3 Chapters so far

I should be fair, and give everyone a chance to look at my original work.

Find my original novel at -

Reflection of Fire - Golden Cliff is an isolated town in Wyoming with dark secrets – unfortunately for some they are forced to learn the hard way...

Find my author's twitter -

If that is all then I appreciate you having time to read through, your reward is to see the funky fics I had wrote so far

- Agua the Awesome/ Luafua

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