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Many have wondered why I stopped writing and left serval projects unfinished... Well, I'm here to tell you of an exciting new development! I have started on my first novel and being that this was the beginning of my writing career, I would like my fans of my fanfiction stories to be the first to experience a glimpse of my new novel. Below is a brief introduction into a vast world with many intrigues to keep you on your toes!

Please visit my blog for chapters, character profiles, drawings, and more!!!

Legends whisper of an ancient god, cursed for his greed and atrocities to become nothing more than a beast and bound into a restless slumber for all eternity, never to rise again. His ruin still smote the world, where the righteous gods fought fiercely to stop his carnage and in the wake of these battles between titans left earth scorched with an evil that neither life nor time could veil.

Nothing but relics remained of the heroic battles fought by both man and god alike, nor the carnage and endless despair that had left the world near breaking. Tales of victory still regaled the great halls of kings and traditions were followed every year, celebrating sometimes for months the revelations and triumphs that once meant the survival of humanity. Others were rituals of sanctuary to ward off the evil that slumbered to this day, but it was all hollow traditions, followed blindly by habit alone. They had become mere excuses to hold great ceremonies and pursue jovial memories.

That is the blessing and curse of time… All is eventually forgotten, both pain and pleasure, victory and loss, triumph and despair, life and death.

He would not make the same mistake twice. It mattered little to him how the curse had been lifted, but never again would the world forget his name nor utter chants of sanctuary in vain. He was by right and glory, the Tal’Kenai-- god of the suns and the being that would bring the world to an end.

Revenge would be his at last.

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They say that when you love someone,you love them for their imperfections,but what of a being who has none?Set in the world's last moments,when there is no more time.It's Armageddon...B/V
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