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Welcome to MutedWhispers' Profile

Well where should I begin...this is actually my third account on in about six years. First I was sugarsnowdroplover (age 13 go figure) Back then I was addicted to Fruits Basket and wrote a lot of Kyou/Kagura fanfiction and kept it all pretty innocent and light. Then I started writing Pretear fanfiction for Sasame/Mawata, including a six chapter story for them with a bonus lemon. It got reported and although a reveiwer mentioned it to me I didn't realize it until it became too late to change it and that account got deleted. Sooo I added a new account Ryouki's Slave (I was a huge Hot Gimmick fan at the time) as a sophomore in high school and reposted all my old stories. As high school went on I became busier with AP classes and preparing for college so that I stopped writing for a while. Finally bordering on my sophomore year in college I decided to start writing again. Needless to say I couldn't remember the password for my old account and had long since changed my e-mail (You can probably find my old profile still xD) But since I've changed a lot over the years I thought it would be appropriate to start over with a new account especially since old fans of my work probably wouldn't enjoy my current works - now that I've become a yaoi addict xD

Favorite Anime


Fruits Basket


Ouran High School Host Club

Rurouni Kenshin

Tenchi Muyo


All of Miyazaki's classics : Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Howl's moving Castle etc. ( They're just timeless!)

I also love all of the above as manga, but other favorite manga include...

Other Favorite Manga

All Of the Shojo Beat manga series: Absolute Boyfriend, Kaze Hikaru, Nana, etc.

Favorite Couples By Series

Kenshin x Kaoru, Sano x Megumi, Yahiko x Tsubame, Misao x Aoshi

Tenchi x Ayeka

Kakashi or Sasukex Sakura,

Sesshomaru x Rin

Mawata x Sasame (or anyone else, she's my favorite character)

Kagura x Kyou

HaruhixTamaki (or Kyouya)

All starred pairings in Miyazaki classics - Howl x Sophie, San x Achitaka etc...

Favorite Yaoi (Yes they deserve their own category)

Junjou Romantica

Haru wo Daite Ita

Junk Boys

Junjou to Furachi

Raspberry Crisis

(mecha of yaoi online scans!)

Favorite Yaoi Couples (Whether or not the series is yaoi xD)

Kyouya x Tamaki

Kyouya x Kaoru


Misak x Usagi

Hiroki x Nowaki

Shinobu x Miyagi

Iwaki x Katsu

Kyou x Yuki x Haru

Randomness xD

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Dare To Be Yourself reviews
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