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Name: Laura

Age: 15

Good Habit: um...I'll get back to you on this one...

Bad Habit: I tend not to finish things...

Fun Quotes

"How can you stand to live in a world where M&Ms fall from the rainbow!" - me

"Remember Eyes, you can't catch a moving target by chasing it around and hoping to keep up with it." - Kanone (Spiral)

Zuko: Uncle! Tell commander Zhao what happened!

Iroh: Ah, yes, I shall do that. It was incredible! (turns to Zuko) What, did we crash or something?

Zuko: uh, Yes! Right into an earthbender's ship!

SNEAK PREVIEW: A SAK-Avatar Parody (will this actually be written? The world may never know.)

"AlliKat, I'm feeling cliché...," Senka whined to her half-cat sister. "Huh? Why?" AlliKat asked, raising an eyebrow. Senka pointed to her computer screen, so she walked over and looked over Senka's shoulder to see what she was talking about. "Avatar fan fics?"

"Look at this! Zuko with some OC, Zuko and Katara, and Aang with Katara!" Senka yelled. "I'm an OC and I want Zuko! You know what this means?"


"I'm CLICHÉ!" Senka cried out at last. "Why are these OCs so darn perfect for Zuko, huh! Why does Zuko keep kidnapping Katara and why for the love of god is there not another room so Katara ALWAYS ends up in ZUKO'S BED!" Senka took a breath before continuing. "I haven't even bothered reading Aang and Katara because I just don't like it. The ones that have original characters are either suffering from terrible OOC-ness or they are just plain TERRIBLE! And what's with these tales where our master of evil, Fire Lord Ozai, just dies all of a sudden for like no reason! And then Zuko is all of a sudden like everyone's best friend! I don't think so!"

"Feel better?" AlliKat replied dully. AlliKat never read fan fics, and was not interested in starting now.


"So what are you going to do about it? We've battled 4Kids Entertainment because of their destruction of shows, but this is different. These are actual people's stories," AlliKat responded with surprising intelligence. Senka looked at AlliKat with surprise and then decided to ignore the smartness of her statement.

"We'll find a way. We just need to find Aang..." She started shifting her eyes around wildly and then suddenly jumped up. "OH! You know what else...!"

"Um, no?"

"APPARENTLY, Sokka and Zuko also have something going on, because OBVIOUSLY when Zuko called him a 'water tribe peasant' or when he totally kicked his butt, he was TOTALLY expressing his unwavering love for him!" Senka looked like she was going to spontaneously combust, and AlliKat stood silently waiting for it to actually happen.

SA's Take on Her Own Stories:

1) Wolf Girl - I wonder why I didn't finish this. Then I remember why-my writing style has changed a lot from when I wrote that, so I worry people may not enjoy it as much as it was before...That, and I still have a slight writer's block.

2) Conspiracy for Feelings - Hey, a story I actually finished...! Wow...The ending sucked, but who the hell cares? I actually finished something! Doesn't that count for anything? No? Dang it...

3) The Tales of Senka and Elwood - Since I started posting in script format...w00t! Ironically, my computer keeps giving me errors when I try to upload more chapters. It just hates me I think...

4) A SAK-One Piece Parody - was bound to happen eventually. Don't know how much I'll work on it; probably just everytime I see 4Kids do something horribly wrong.

Original SA Stories I Wish to Discuss:

I actually have two FictionPress acounts...The old one is all crap. The new one only has one story, which I think is turning out quite well so far...Oh yeah, most have less chapters than what were actually written.

1) Scar of Death - Old account, 17 chapters, incomplete. I still can't believe I wrote that much. (2 chapters never posted, started to rewrite but never finished)

2) Painting Starless Nights - Old account, 4 chapters, incomplete. shudders No comment... (1 or 2 chapters not posted...don't remember)

3) Split Confusion -Old account, 1 chapter, incomplete. I don't even know what I was doing with this one... (1 chapter not posted)

4) Fogged Up - Old account, 5 chapters, incomplete. I actually kind of liked this one. Sadly, I wasn't sad enough to be inspired to write more for it! sweatdrop

5) Phoenix Magic - Old account, 1 chapter, incomplete. I had no idea I had posted that until today. Huh. And I was starting to make a new story based off the same idea/characters since it wasn't going anywhere too. Hm...

6) Little Okami - Old account, 1 chapter, complete. I liked this one. It was just a short story, but I liked how it came out.

7) Program: LIFE - New account, 11 chapters, incomplete. I like how this is going, and I think I can get somewhere with it.

8) Kajein - New account, 2 chapters, incomplete. I really want to write this one, I really do! But no one will read it or review it, and then I don't update it...

Other Notes:

Huh? Other notes? What other notes! No one told me about this...! (runs away)

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